A New Jacob Black ‘Twilight’ Doll Is Being Released


In honor of Taylor Lautner’s 18th birthday today (yes, folks, he’s finally legal), I have a fun Taylor-related post to share with all y’all. A new Twilight doll, based on Lautner’s character Jacob Black, has been unleashed upon the world. Modeled after the way that Jacob looks in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (ie. with the haircut), this new limited edition doll is now available for your collecting pleasure … behold:

Last week when it was announced that Taylor Lautner got cast as “Stretch Armstrong,” we made note that with that project (and “Max Steel”) he was “quite literally becoming a boy toy.” Well, we’re back now to reinforce that claim with an exclusive first look at the brand new Jacob Black doll! The limited edition Jacob action figure, which comes a few (long-awaited!) months after Tonner debuted its Laurent, Victoria, James and “Hungry Edward” dolls during last July’s Comic-Con, will be shapeshifting released this summer. The cost of the 17-inch-tall, hard plastic and vinyl figure will be $149.99 and there are only a limited number (3000 to be exact!) being made, so Twilighters, this is a chance to own a piece of cinematic history!

Lessee … I believe this is the 4th Jacob Black doll that has been released. First, we had the long-haired Jacob Black doll, then we got the overly muscled and shirtless Jacob Black doll/action figure, then we got the Barbie doll version of Jacob Black. Now we see the release of a limited edition, $149.99 Jacob Black doll … which you can check out after the jump …

I’m thinkin’ if you’re a Jacob Black doll collector, this is good news for you. Are any of y’all lookin’ to pick up this newest doll to play with? Would you care to share just how you plan on playing with it? Anyone?


  • This is cool jacob is so hot!!!!!!!!

  • Manda

    Wow, they were really kind to him in the nose area lol

  • Isabella Mansfield

    THe doll’s face looks more like Taylor Swift’s…

  • Lulu

    $150!! lol…

  • krissy

    I am not a Twilight/Taylor fan…but doesn’ t he have brown eyes? The doll looks like it has blue.

  • Does nobody else think the face looks more like Taylor Swift?! I think somebody at Tonner got confused!!!

  • Vanessa

    I thought it looked more like Adam Lambert

  • jessica

    this doll makes him look like he’s 15/16 yrs old. Until his birthday I had forgotten how young he is and this just hits it out of the park.

  • Kristin

    Well…until they come out with a life-sized, life-like version of a Jacob Black doll…I have no need for these toys… ;)

  • N

    I think it looks like him. But more like what his female twin would look like…

  • tlm

    #1 — $149.99?? Really?? Seriously??
    #2 — Looks like a girl ,,, LOL!!!!

  • Morgan

    Hahahahahaha! Lame!