Alicia Keys & Beyoncé Film A Music Video For ‘Put It In A Love Song’


Madonna and Jesus Luz aren’t the only celebs in Brazil this week ahead of the Carnival celebrations this coming weekend … songstresses Alicia Keys and Beyoncé are also in Rio de Janeiro this week, hard at work filming a new music video for the song Put It in a Love Song which is on Alicia’s new album and features B on vocals:

The official opening of Rio Carnival may be three days off, but Beyoncé got the party started early as she took to the streets to film a new video clip. The pop star put on a dazzling display in the Brazilian city as she paraded around in a sparkling two-piece costume and huge headdress. She was joined by Alicia Keys, who also wore a dramatic feathered helmet with her silver costume. The pair are currently filming a clip for their duet Put It In A Love Song, which features on Alicia’s recently released album, The Element Of Freedom. Earlier, Beyoncé put her best moves on show as she danced on the stairs of a disused bus in a Carmen Miranda inspired number. She took over the Praca Maua square as she pranced around in a green and blue playsuit. Alicia also worked on scenes while surrounded by improvised buildings, washing lines and inquisitive children. She performed on the roof of a house in the shadow of Christ The Redeemer in the shanty town of Morro Santa Marta in Rio De Janeiro. She was also spotted filming one segment in Rio’s Dona Marta slum. It became renowned worldwide after Michael Jackson went there to film the 1996 video They Don’t Care About Us. It’s the first time the pair have collaborated despite being friends for quite some time. Alicia is also close with Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z, and the pair worked together on the 2009 hit Empire State Of Mind.

What a great idea for a music video … and these costumes?! Amazing!! This is just the sort of video I think Beyoncé does very well but it’s not the sort of video you’d expect from Alicia. I’m glad that her collabo with B has brought this out of her. After the jump, check out a couple other photos from the Brazilian set of this music video …

This video sounds really fantastic … I cannot wait to see the final product. Love it!!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • Bubba

    This song is AMAZING and the video is going to be hott. I cant wait to see the final product. Beyonce’ is the BEST and i love Alicia as well.

  • krissy

    I really like the song. When I heard it on the radio, I didn’t know who sang it, and I was thinking, “This sounds like Beyonce but a little less harsh…” I totally shake it to that song, love it!

  • Hot dang, the costume gave me goosebumps! Kudos to the costume people :)

  • J

    Eh the song is the typical stuff Alicia has been doing since NO ONE. Her whole album is just recycled from that formula cause it was so popular. ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything” is a total rip off of No One. Sleeping With a Broken Heart, which is decent, uses the drum work again! and thats exactly what Put It In A Love Song does too. A lot sound exactly like each other. Both need to go away for a few years THEN come back. Don’t mind if Beyonce stays for good tho

  • nicole

    i like the song…but…i have a feeling this video will have nothing to with the song..and i hate when that happens.

  • Looks like this video going to be amazing, hope it is, because here super hero video is just strange

  • Vikki

    I’m so sad; it seems as though Alicia has slowly been morphing into a Beyonce clone. When I saw her perform with Jay-Z, I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. This is not the same soulful, beautiful young artist who brought us “Fallin'” and “Karma,” right? She’s incredibly talented and intelligent. I respect Beyonce’s voice, but she sings pop tunes like “Single Ladies,” and I always thought Alicia was above that.

  • lucile

    This song and Unthinkable are the two songs I like from her new album… excited!

  • Mela

    Don’t put an artist into a box because it satisfies your tastes. I love Alicia for having enough talent and appeal to be in “the scene” without losing her artistic integrity and I think her new album is fantastic. If Beyonce wanted to sit at a piano and play a song alone I wouldn’t really believe it, but Alicia has it in her to be the songbird and the peacock. Go girl.

  • Ummm I’m a huge B fan but they filmed this in the Brazilian slums…..protected by huge security….

  • krissy

    I don’t think it means that you don’t have anymore soul just because you like to do fun songs once in a while. I think most people like to listen to different types of music, why would you fault a musician for wanting to perform different types of music?

  • cetta melville

    I wish B would go away and stay. Now she’s tagging on to anybody’s coat tail. Now Alicia’s is putting herself in the non-singing group.It was bad enough with Jay Z, she’s got real talent not just rap crap or the look at my necked a… Her management needs to take a look at who they’re pairing her with, before they ruin her career. B cann’t sing neither can her husband. I wish they would just GO AWAY. They’ve played out.I for one am tired of looking at them both.B should go get an education badly.

  • cee cee

    where’s chrisette michele?

    she doesn’t get enough exposer in her videos or repeat the live VH1 half hour or hour show again.

    i guess she has on too many clothes, and can really sing. Unlike the a.. shakers.

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  • veritana

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