Whitney Houston Kicks Off Her ‘Nothing But Love’ World Tour


Last week we saw photos of the fabulous Whitney Houston arriving in Seoul, South Korea ahead of the first two dates there of her new Nothing But Love World Tour and today we get to see some video from those sold out performances. From the accounts that I’ve read of her performances, Whitney put on two fantastic (and memorable) shows and she looked and sounded great … tho, it’s obvs she still has some kinks to work out of the show. Here is a photo of Whitney Houston performing on the first night of her Nothing But Love World Tour in Seoul, South Korea last weekend:

Pop diva Whitney Houston kicked off her first world concert tour in 10 years in Seoul, Saturday evening. Approximately 11,000 fans flocked to Olympic Gym #1, Olympic Park for a chance to see the six-time Grammy winner perform in Korea for the first time, as part of her “Nothing But Love” 2010 world tour. A few minutes past 7 p.m., Houston emerged clad in an all-black outfit: a turtleneck, leather pants and a floor-length coat. She sounded shaky at first, performing fast-paced songs “For the Lovers” and “Nothing But Love.” Her entrance was marred by audio and technical problems, with the backing tracks appearing to overshadow Houston’s own voice. “Good evening, Korea. Welcome to the Whitney Houston show. This is the first show of our world tour and we’re starting here. We’re working out a lot of details, but hopefully you’ve come here to hear me sing. I’m going to sing to you from my heart. It’s hard for me to lip synch. I tried to do it, but I can’t,” she said. The 47-year-old singer appeared to need some time to warm up her voice, which obviously was not the same powerful voice that fans remember from her memorable hits in the ’80s and ’90s. But after the slow start, Houston sang the ballad “Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” showing that she can still hit the high notes. “It’s been so long, 10 years since I’ve been on tour … You’ve been so kind to me, so loving, caring and warm, even though it’s so cold. Thank you so much,” she said. Houston still has a charismatic stage presence, giving fans a glimpse of the pop diva that reigned the music world in the late ’80s and ’90s and has sold over 200 million records. However, it was obvious Houston and her concert staff were still trying to iron out the kinks of the tour. There were awkward silences between songs, last-minute changes to the set list and on two occasions, Houston suddenly stopped singing and asked the band to start over. During “My Love,” she stopped to pick up a piece of her shoe from the floor and re-attached it … During the break, the band performed “For the Love of You,” while the back-up singers and dancers got the crowd excited with “Queen of the Night.” Two of the dancers had formerly worked with the late pop superstar Michael Jackson. Houston later re-emerged in a white floor-length coat for the “unplugged” segment of the concert. She reminded the crowd that this year is the 25th anniversary of her debut album. “Can you believe that? I don’t want to tell you this but I’ve been in show business for 30 years now. I can’t believe it myself. It seems like it was only yesterday,” she said, looking emotional. Her voice sounded strong as she performed “Saving All My Love,” “The Greatest Love of All,” and “All At Once,” although the songs had new arrangements. Houston had the crowd grooving to the hit song “Dance with Somebody,” then slowed down the pace once more with the gospel song “I Love the Lord,” from her 1996 film “The Preacher’s Wife.” Houston looked like she was cold on stage, as she tightly belted her coat to keep her warm. “For some reason, there’s a breeze on stage. I don’t like singing in the cold, but for you I will continue singing,” she said. She sang the deeply personal title track from her latest album “I Look to You,” while taking sips from a mug in one hand. Then with renewed energy, Houston sang, danced and ran from one side of the stage to the other for “Step by Step.” The concert would not be complete without Houston performing her trademark song “I Will Always Love You,” and she didn’t disappoint. Throwing kisses and bowing, she graciously thanked the crowd and left the stage. After a nearly two-hour show, Houston returned for an encore, singing her latest single, “Million Dollar Bill,” and receiving loud cheers from the audience. Houston gave another concert in Seoul on Sunday evening, then hit the road again for concerts in Japan, Australia and Europe.

Work out those kinks, girl. I know it’s been far too long since you’ve been on stage performing live in front of sold-out audiences … it’s all good. I know you still got it in you and I know I won’t be disappointed when you finally bring your Nothing But Love World Tour here to the US :) After the jump, check out some video from Whitney’s 2-night stint in Seoul this past weekend — including performances of I Didn’t Know My Own Strength, a medley of Saving All My Love for You & The Greatest Love of All and I Will Always Love You

Mind you, these are only her first two performances … she will hit her stride, find her groove and will be in top form by the time she makes her way back home to the States. I’m not worried at all. Whitney Houston is a DIVA, y’all. She is workin’ it out … and I cannot wait to see her live on stage here at home. Keep on keepin’ on, Whitney!!


  • Steph

    Not to be a pest, Trent, but it’s Seoul, South Korea. Perhaps I’m being nit-picky, but it always bugs me when the South is left out.

    Don’t worry, still got nothing but love for ya! :-D

  • johnboy

    Thanks Pink blog. I believe you. This was only the 2nd day and the most important thing that I wanted to know is if she can still hit her highnotes.

    I’ve seem the clips and heard the medley, she’s hitting her money notes on saving all my love and she looks happy. I’m pleased and thing she will only get better.

    Can you post her new pictures from her tourbook- they look scrumptious.


    It’s a slide show so you have to watch it but she looks so healthy and beautiful.

  • Steph

    heh. You changed it. :-)

  • Manda

    What the heck was that in the first video @ 4:31? A sneeze? LOL Anyway, it still pains me when I hear her voice cracking so often. Hopefully she was just sick…

  • J

    That pic just looks like JLo. Especially with the microphone. Does Whitney dance now?

  • Marcus

    I can’t wait until she arrives in the U.S. as well. With all of the tour dates she is doing, I am certain that all of the kinks will be worked out and the show will be amazing. I personally think that’s why she is starting in Europe and Asia first, so that when she arrives home it will be perfect.

  • estheraman

    Absolutely wretched, what a terrible thing she has done to her voice. Couldn’t make it through “I will always love you”. Can’t see as how her voice could possibly improve by summer.

  • April w

    As a military spouse living in Korea, my girlfriends and I were very excited to go to the first concert. We spent a combind 650 dollars for travel, hotel, tickets and taxi to be completly pissed off. She was horrible! Whitney sang off key, did not do any dancing (except if you want to include a kind of “flat footing shuffle” around the stage). If she was trying to make a come back she failed! Do Diva’s fall? Well, Whitney CRASHED! Next time try rehearsing what you plan to do and make sure you aren’t going to have to stop singing every few minutes to let you fans hear your heaving breathing (think of chain smokers…it was BAD). One fan yelled out during an awkward silence “cheer up” after she had sang one deppressing slow song after another. I am really upset there is a NO MONEY policy when celebs show up for these things unprepared!

  • ClosetFreak

    I was there. Feb 14th Saitama Super Arena. First let me say. I still love Whitney and nothing will ever erase the positive historical contributions she has given the world. Now to move on to the Present.

    Her voice was hurting. She really struggled through her sets. Not to mention trouble with faulty equipment. She is charismatic on stage but I felt she lack professionalism. “I’m so sleepy”. She told the crowd “I’m pissed right now, and I’m gonna go back stage and get unpissed” Sure the Japanese audience might not have fully understood it but was it necessary?

    I felt she had a very supportive group of artists, especially the back-up singers, but they weren’t really back up singers. They were doing most of the work cause Whitney just isn’t what she used to be.

    The crowd really applauded her spirituality. Amazing Grace was nice and so true. The Lord does love us all and can save those who want to be saved. The Lord did not save her voice though. We can feel the holy spirit in her and I love her for that. Amen.

    I would say to anyone who is about to watch her show. Show your love, be supportive, remember why you went there in the first place. Don’t expect!! People change. We lost Michael Jackson last year and we regret that maybe we demonized him so much in the media. Please go see her with an open mind.

    I know this review may seem very mixed with pros and cons, but I’m just being honest about what I saw.

    Deep down, we all know the truth about some things but lets move like she has and lets move with her.