Kevin Federline Bares His Blubber For ‘Celebrity Fit Club’


Kevin Federline proved that he would do anything to make a buck, including packing on the pounds just so he can lose them on reality TV (which, in all seriousness and honesty, is a step up career-wise for the ex-back-up dancer/rapper). K-Fed made his debut on VH1’s competitive reality TV series Celebrity Fit Club this week and proudly showed off just how much weight he was carrying around last year before he joined the show:

It takes a lot of guts to pose in just a pair of skimpy camouflage underwear — but that’s exactly what Kevin Federline did for his first appearance on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp.” A 232-pound Federleezy took the “before” pics for his stint on the reality show — in which he hoped to shed 30 lbs. During last night’s premiere, Federline told the judges, “I look like a pregnant man.” We’ll see if the show helps K-Fed give birth to a new physique.

Grody to the MAXXX! Ew … the only reason I’m choosing to highlight K-Fed’s K-Fatness is in the hopes that this brush with reality TV fame will inspire the leech to find other work and stop living off the alimony paid to him by his famous and very wealthy ex-wife. The thought of all of this blubber being piled upon K-Fed’s lady love Victoria Prince makes me almost feel sorry for her … almost. Are any of y’all rooting for K-Fed’s success on Celebrity Fit Club?


  • trena

    OMG! moobs!!!! LMFAO!!!! I just vomited.



  • kingmob

    wow! a KFed Bashing! wow!
    saw this posted elsewhere and was just waiting for the obligatory pink kfed bashing and here it is! wow! well, at least you are predictible Trent!

    p.s. rooting for KFed.

    just because he collects alimony from his ex doesn’t make him a bad guy. i’m sure in many ways he’s worked for every dime he’s gotten as a result of his marriage to Brit. she ain’t perfect, he ain’t perfect, you ain’t perfect, nor am i. peace.

  • lil biscuit’s friend

    respect kingmob. respect.

  • heather

    Kingmob is prob

  • kingmob

    LOL Heather!

  • Heather B.

    Kingmob can’t be Kfed. He spelled everything correctly. The lack of capitalization does point to a not so distant relative however.

  • -ohmy-

    It’s wierd he was fit – then flabbed out then it was rumored he was going to be on the show. I don’t see how a former dancer could let it go that far UNLESS he gained the weight for the purpose of being on the show in hopes of winning and winning the $$ and being back in the public eye. Recent pictures of him show he’s lost the weight already – which goes back to my assumption that his weight gain was not a problem to begin with but was planned.

  • p

    I feel kinda sorry for him :S I hope he gets nice and healthy!

  • Kendra

    Meh..I hope he does well..I’m sure he will..Stupid men lose weight easier than women anyways! Jerks.. ;) I don’t love everything this guy has done, but I know what it’s like to be a much larger version of yourself and it SUCKS!! Granted, it seems he did it on purpose, but maybe it really WAS depression..It happens to the best of us.. :(

  • krissy

    He was on KISS-FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning, and he really didn’t sound like that bad of a person. I wonder if he knows how much people like Trent rant about him. I tend to root for the underdog, and it almost seems like the more people trash him, the more I feel compelled to like him. I just don’t see what he has done that deserves all of this bitterness. Lots of women and men get alimony, so I have a hard time believing that that is the source of all of the hatred.

  • Poppy

    I do hope he loses weight and gets healthy. Not because I care about him, but because his children obviously adore him and they deserve to have their daddy in their lives for as long as possible.

  • Jenn

    ee cummings did not capitalize either.

  • N


  • Jan

    Well, I saw him when he was with Britney, and I thought he was very nice!! Ok, get off the junk food and get back with it your face is nice so get the body back dude!

  • Illise

    ewwwwwwww my poor eyessssssssssssssss

  • Lauren

    I am ashamed to admit that I watched this show last night. I just wanted to see if Britney was brung up any. K-Fed still comes off as a douche. It sounds like he has nothing to do with his kids with Shar. He even admited that he would tell them he was coming that day and show up a week late. I have a new respect for Shar. She seems like a good person who got screwed over.

  • robin

    when i read about him being on the show before it aired i assumed that he gained the weight on purpose..but after watching it, it really seemed like he hated himself for letting himself go…i just don’t think he could be that convincing of an actor…so i bought it…but maybe i’m just gullible.

  • Tracy

    I think that he is a nice guy. Honestly. Just a bit trashy.

  • Monica

    I don’t wish success to him or Shar Jackson. They are both only hanging onto their 15 minutes by latching to Britney’s fame. I am sure Britney wakes up in the morning and wonders “WTF was I thinking?”

  • Anna

    He looks less fat with his clothes off. I honestly thought he was fatter on the pap photos we see.

  • lady surgeon

    @Jenn very nice! although i suspect it is lost on Heather B.

    @Lauren “brung” is not now and never has been a word in the English language – you might want to make sure you sound literate before you bash K.F. and call him a douche

  • tanu

    thats one piece of meat even dogs arnt interested in!

  • Lauren

    @lady surgeon…sorry I thought we were on a gossip blog and not in english class. Douche!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He sucks and his personality is just as gross as his physical apperance. I really do like Shar thou…I was suprised how cool she seemed. Good for her, Rock on Shar and I hope K-Fuck loses!!

  • lady surgeon

    @Lauren Ha! i knew that would piss you off! :)
    …. you’re right – being literate is way overrated…the thing is you wouldn’t even use a word like “brung” unless you actually thought it was a word! So there Double Douche! i do give you credit for knowing how to spell douche though…

  • Daaan

    You may want to get your facts. He didn’t receive any alimony from Britney. Just saying….if you don’t know, don’t type.

    • @Daan — You’re kidding, right? He has received thousands from Britney since their divorce. How else do you think he is able to live?

  • Go K-Fed

    Maybe if his dumb, red-neck, crazy-bitch, ex-wife wasn’t flashing her cha-cha all over the news he wouldn’t be getting the huge alimony payments he does. At least he was trying to be a parent when she was shaving her head and getting her crazy on.

  • PixiesBassline

    LMAO@ “Grody to the MAXXX!”…………………………
    I still don’t believe that he DIDN’T gain the weight on purpose. His body just didn’t look like the type that could gain it that easily, that much, that fast.

  • Mary Jo

    As someone who lost their father to heart disease and diabetes at a young age, I hope KFed gets healthy so he has a chance to be in his children’s lives. There is no guarantee that he is or will be father of the year, but at least he will have the chance to be better, and be healthy, and make improvements in his life. No one should wish ill health on anyone. I don’t think he deserves that. I’m not team KFed or even team Britney for that matter (although I am a fan). I’d say I’m more “team humanity.” I’m so tired of people being mean to each other! Good grief! We are all just truckin’ along, doing the best we can! :)

  • kingmob

    you got it Mary Jo. seriously people…stop hating. we are all human. mouthing off about someone more than likely means you have some issues w/yourself. confident people don’t need to go around bashing people. let love rule. peace.

  • Ms…Right

    First of all i would like to say that i am rooting for K-Fed to lose the weight and i am also rooting for Shar to become that strong person that she is and always have been…And for the one who stated that Shar is living off of Britney, No get it right Shar Jackson is a Star of her own right, look up her credits, she was doing the damn thang before any of the crap came up about brittney and kevin…and check your facts because Kevin Federline left Shar Jackson while she was 8 months pregnant with their son when he hooked up with brittney so how is she milkin anything….I feel she is doing what she has to do to get on with her life for herself and her children…So before you comment on something check your facts and get em right….PEACE and LOVE~