Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Her 41st Birthday With Gerard Butler & Friends


Unlike almost every other celeb on Earth, Jennifer Aniston is NOT in Miami, FL for the Super Bowl weekend … instead, she has made her way South of the Border to celebrate her 41st birthday (which is actually next Thursday February 11) with her rumored paramour Gerard Butler and couple of her BFFs. As you may recall, we last we saw Butler, he was mackin’ on a lovely female street performer here in SoCal while Jen was nowhere to be seen. I guess he is back to mackin’ on Jen these days. Here are a few pics and some deets from Jennifer Aniston’s Mexican holiday with her crew:

Jennifer Aniston headed to one of her favorite getaway spots, Los Cabos, Mexico, where the actress is getting a jump start celebrating her 41st birthday – Aniston’s big day is actually Feb. 11 – with a group of friends. But this year, she had a surprise birthday guest: Gerard Butler, her costar in the upcoming comedy, The Bounty Hunter. Last month, the two were spotted laughing and spending a lot of time together at the Golden Globes. Aniston flew a large group of pals including Butler, Courteney Cox, her husband David Arquette and Sheryl Crow, whose birthday is also Feb. 11, to the One & Only Palmilla resort Thursday evening where the group is staying in a beautiful waterfront villa. Friday, there was one thing on the agenda: fun in the sun! Aniston showed off her famously fabulous figure in a bikini as the pals lounged on the patio.

Back with Gerry, eh Jen? I guess we know what she really wants for her birthday … she wants some hot man lurve :) It looks like Jen’s birthday holiday is a lot of fun … it was nice of her to bring along Sheryl Crow, especially since it has just been announced that Crow will be guest starring in future eps of Courteney Cox-Arquette’s ABC show Cougar Town. I wonder if Jen will ever show up in Cougar Town? In any event, there is still a bit of time before Jen’s birthday actually arrives … I hope she and her crew stay in Mexico to celebrate. I’d love to see more pics of them celebratin’ her birthday together.

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  • nicole

    you know Jen was cute before…but after everything with brad…this girl has turned into one hell of a hot piece.
    i wouldnt mind spending my birthday with Mr Butler lol. its about time she had some fun :)

  • artemis

    can i just ask a maybe dumb question? why is it that they have to be romantic for him to be there? it seems like a big group of mixed friends whose company jennifer enjoys. maybe she is getting with gerard, or maybe she just likes him and asked him along since he gets along with her friends too? i dunno…i guess i just don’t like the idea that every male a female celebrity is seen with automatically has to be a romantic interest. it’s too easy…you know?

  • Methinks this is just a friendly getaway. Perhaps Gerard and Jenny turned out to be really good friends after the movie. OR this is a publicity.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    It is so sad to see Jen Aniston so alone.Although she has guys in and out of her life she doesn’t seems to settle on anyone.I believe that she is still in love with Brad Pitt and feels real bad for losing him.Her not wanting to have children when he wanted some I truly believe was the real reason they broke up.In Anjie Jolie he found was he was looking for:a family.I think Jen made a mistake to choose her career over a family with Brad.

  • Catherine

    Jen has said she’s HAPPILY single and wonders why everyone is so eager for her to find someone and settle down. No worries! She and Brad were uber adorable together, but sometimes things just don’t work out with couples. She has said they’re still friends. I think it’s just everyone outside the situation that feels sorry for Jen. I think she looks like a fabulous and happy single woman. :)

  • lyndyloo

    Seriously, why are people going on about this. Maybe they’re just friends.
    BTW Jen is looking amazing as ever.

  • loulou

    I read recently that she said she put on weight and how she didn’t notice until someone told her. Her body is BANGIN’! I’m I hope I look like that at 41.

  • Astrogirl

    Maybe I am confusing Gerard B with someone else, but I thought he was happily married.

  • Eagal

    Well at least their learning how to get some publicity finally, its like you cant go on acting like the elusive Friends stars forever, Aniston and Cox, their hot vibrant women and need to show the world and work that publicity for Cox’s show, Butlers movie, Anistons life. Dont let Angelina steal your man and all the media attention.

  • kelly

    Jenn doesn’t look “alone” or unhappy …. does anyone ever think she might have found marriage to be a suffocating experience – one that she is happy to be free of? … she might never marry again and my bet is, she’s cool with that. Look at all her hot boyfriends.

  • Bu

    Jen never picked her career over having a family! Her husband of 5 1/2 years…7 1/2 years total together bailed out on her for a younger model. Jen always wanted kids…she had a miscarriage with her then husband Brad and the rest is history! She looks great and has her brother and other friends are there with her…she is not alone in her life!

  • A.

    As far as I see it, I think jen will always be happy no matter what. She strikes me as the kind of person who wakes up every morning smiling and thankful. I don’t think she needs a man in her life to be happy; she has her family and friends. But at the same time, I don’t think she has given up on love too and will wait for the right man( or woman, who knows?! lol) to come by. ‘Til then, the only sad thing out there is us trying to decipher whether the hot piece we call jennifer aniston is sad or not. :)

  • Amanda

    @Oscar in Miami Beach: Any woman who doesn’t feel the timing is right for a family, or doesn’t want kids at all, is not sad. It’s not a mistake that she chose having a career over babies, what garbage!

    Brad was banging Angelina Jolie while they were still together. Whether Jen had popped out babies for him or not, he still would have left.

  • l e a n n a

    Isthat sheryl crowe smoking?

  • Truthyisalways

    @leanna…love Sheryl Crowe forever and would hate to see her smoke. But alot of entertainment industry women (kate walsh, jen aniston, etc) smoke in order to stay really thin (I have a secret fantasy that SJP is made to gain ten pounds for a movie role and we all discover that she looks MUCH BETTER). Smoking makes me not want to say that all of these women look amazing…but um, they looking ah-may-zing!

  • Qtpie

    @leanna…I think that’s the strap of her bikini top, not a cigarette.

  • Truthyisalways

    thank you Qtpie! I feel strangely relieved. Sheryl is the greatest!

  • Monica

    I really hope someone marries her soon. Even then I am sure she will be linked to every man she comes in contact with for the rest of her life.