Betty White Tells Rue McClanahan To ‘Drop Dead!’


Things have been going very well for Betty White these days … not only did she just celebrate her 88th birthday but was she just honored at the Screen Actors Guild Awards with the Lifetime Achievement Award AND she also has the honor of being in the first commercial shown during the SuperBowl this coming Sunday. Not too shabby, huh? Fellow Golden Girl Rue McClanahan is having a bit rougher of a time lately, as you may recall she is currently recovering from a recent stroke. But, don’t expect Betty to put on the kid gloves where Rue is concerned, Ms. White is adamant about becoming the last Golden Girl left standing and she wants Rue to know it:

Betty White is serious about being the final Golden Girl standing. After the deaths of Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur, Betty and actress Rue McClanahan are the last surviving stars of the beloved television sitcom The Golden Girls. Earlier this year, Rue, 75, suffered a stroke that has kept her hospitalized for weeks. Naturally, 88-year-old pal Betty was there to offer her well wishes for a speedy recovery; she sent Rue a heartfelt message which read: “Dear Rue, I hope you hurry up and die so I can be the last Golden Girl left. NOT KIDDING!” But don’t worry, Rue thought the card was hilarious! Apparently “Drop Dead” is a term of endearment between these two.

I love the Golden Girls ladies more than anything but this is sick and wrong. LOL! I suppose when good friends reach advanced age, they need to really go for the jugular when they razz one another. It pains me to think of Rue in recovery but it sounds like this “drop dead” joke between her and Betty is a dear joke that is very likely good for her soul. I’m hoping for the day, hopefully soon, when we learn of Rue’s full recovery so that she can dish the jokes back Betty’s way. It’s nice to know that these older gals still have the zest of life. I want them both to live forever.


  • CB

    I hope that when I’m old and convalescent that I have a bff who tells me to drop dead.
    Ah, friendship!

  • Tiffany

    Wowza! I guess when you’re that old, you can say whatever you want and blame old age. lol

  • Ruby

    I’m for Team Rue! Hoping for a speedy recovery and outbeat Betty. :)

  • Nancy

    Trent — Your love of all thing GG just tickles me. They’re the best!

  • Sassy K

    Betty White is so hilarious!

  • Manda

    I adore them!

  • Yosa

    Awwww, I love the G.G.’s a lot, too. I think the “Drop Dead” thing might be a joke from the old days, on the show (Rose tells a nasty neighbor to “drop dead” and she does). I love both of these feisty women and hope they are around for a long time! :)

    Get well soon Rue!

  • I love them both, and they better both live forever. Hang in the Rue & Betty…..we love you!!

  • Haha how hilarious. Betty is the bomb.

  • Jenn

    I love the GG’s. The day Betty White passes away I’ll cry though.

  • BLo

    She’s on the Insider tonight.

  • Bagel

    I want them to live forever, too!

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