Behind The Scenes Of Kellan Lutz’s Calvin Klein Photoshoot


Yesterday we got our first look at the new promo ad photos from the new Calvin Klein Underwear campaign that features Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz, True Blood hottie Mechad Brooks, tennis star Fernando Verdasco and footballer Hidetoshi Nakata. Today, we get to check out a few behind the scenes photos from Kellan’s day on the CK photoshoot set and, ahem, they are photos that YOU are gonna wanna see:

Kellan’s behind-the-scenes photos are in full color and, IMHO, that makes all the difference. There’s even a shot of a person, with the BEST job in the world, spraying down his body to make it look all shiny and slick. Lawd. I’m telling you, you wanna see these photos. Also, there are a couple behind the scenes photos from Fernando Verdasco on the set of his CK photoshoot as well. Check out all the insane hotness after the jump …

I’m not gonna lie … I am very lucky to have one of the coolest jobs in the world … but I gotta say, the dude who gets paid to spray down Kellan Lutz’s almost nekkid body is a pretty lucky mofo, too! And how! Are these photos not the hottest things ever? MMM MMM MMM. As promised, here are a couple photos of Fernando lookin’ all hawt and shizz on the set of his photoshoot, too:

And here are his final Calvin Klein Underwear campaign ad photos:

I need to catch my breath from all of this hotness. I’m gonna do my best to find more behind-the-scenes photos from this hot CK ad campaign … and let’s not forget, Calvin Klein promised we’ll be able to see these photos in 3D!!! Bring it on … I can’t wait!!


  • Bee

    Mmmm. He is just so damn beautiful. I mean, they both are. But daaaayum, Kellan!

  • Lola

    I am drooling and I can’t control it…. please do find more pictures from the behind the scenes!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    HOT DAMN!!!!!

  • krissy

    Thank you Trent! ;)

  • jennie

    WOW, just what i needed today!

  • nae

    HOLY CRAP & HOT DAMN!!!! more! more! more!!! =]

  • p



    Kellan’s head looks really disproportionate to his body.

  • Heather


  • Ama

    I’d tap that :D

    Is it bad that I prefer the pale Kellan over the fake tan one?

  • robin

    wow he’s built like a greek statue! gimme some!

  • Danielle

    Phwoarrr! Uber hott!!! **drools**

  • Bruce

    Kellan is too hot for words. The things I’d do for to touch that body…

  • tatiana

    Holey bulge batman…

  • Lynsey

    It’s not a fake tan, he’s from Spain and plays tennis most of the time in the sun, that’s like a shade or two away from his natural colour or natural sports tan.

  • anen

    Yeah it’s not fake It’s Natural and he’s no actor but an athelete ;-)