The 2010 Recording Academy And Clive Davis Annual Pre-Grammy Gala


Music mogul Clive Davis hosted his annual Pre-Grammy Gala event at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA last night bringing out a who’s who of music big wigs (as well as a very awkward pair of newlyweds who seem to have difficulty with the kissing) to celebrate Grammy weekend as only he knows how to do. Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson were among the performers at last night’s affair (you may recall that Whitney Houston was among the performers at last year’s event, kicking off her stunning musical comeback which took place later in the year). Here are some photos from the red carpet arrivals along with some deets about the soiree:

It was an incongruous group. On one level were Hollywood royalty Barbra Streisand and Jane Fonda, Joan and Jackie Collins. In their sights, on the next level down, were Mary J Blige, Taylor Swift, Maxwell, Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Keyshia, Mos Def, Nelly, Jonas Brothers, Russell Brand and his fiance Katy Perry, the Kings of Leon, Usher and Jon Bon Jovi and many others. They were seated in what is known as the ‘pit’ inside the Beverly Hilton’s international ballroom. The old guard and the new guard of Hollywood movies and rock ‘n’ roll were gathered for the annual pre-Grammy party hosted by music industry mogul Clive Davis, known as ‘golden ears’ for his ability in finding and developing music artists. Some claim the pre-Grammy bash on Saturday night is bigger, and better, than the official Grammy show on Sunday night. It’s certainly a looser affair. Celebrities knock back wine and champagne and table hop. The evening saw Mary J Blige publicly humiliate her band in front of an audience that included recording industry titans and some of the biggest names in rock. The singer lost her cool as, ironically, she was about to sing a song titled No More Drama … Diva she may be but, to be fair to Mary J. Blige, she did sing beautifully and by the time she completed her performance her behaviour towards the band was forgiven and she earned a standing ovation … The night’s most amusing sight was observing Joan Collins and sister Jackie on their feet and waving their arms as Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas performed on stage. At least they moved in time to the music. Jennifer Hudson,who won a best supporting actress Oscar for her performance in Dreamgirls, performed a string of its associated with Barbra Streisand. Beforehand Hudson joked that she was frightened she would forget the lyrics. ‘They kept changing what songs I’d sing so I had to stay focused’, Hudson told the Daily Mail. Clive Davis hailed Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winner Streisand as a ‘unique, singular artist’ who boasted a number one album in five consecutive decades. ‘She’s the movie soundtrack of our lives’, Davis said of Streisand. Other big names at the pre-Grammy gig included Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx and Harry Connick Jr. Rhianna sat at a prime table in the ‘pit’. This time last year she was seated at a similar table with Chris Brown … His name was missing from every Grammy party this weekend. However, Rhianna’s career has never been hotter and on Saturday everyone in the international ballroom queued to hug her.

Yes, as you may recall it was after Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy Gala last year that Brown brutally and criminally assaulted Rihanna. I’m so happy to see that Rihanna had no qualms about attending this event a year later, especially considering the horrible memories it is bound to dredge up. Grammy weekend does not get started until Clive throws his party so … it is now officially upon us. The Grammy Awards air LIVE on the East Coast starting at 8pm ET. Make sure you pick up your 3D glasses at Target so you can watch the tribute to Michael Jackson in 3D:

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  • nicole

    what the fuck is rihanna wearing?
    you know what im gunna have to give a what the fuck is she wearing to J-hud too…that girl usual looks amazing…but…that dress not so much.
    but Mary J – classic.

  • Ju

    Wow!! Jennifer Hudson looks fabulous!! That baby boy must be making her run around a lot, because she looks like she’s dropped some serious weight! Kudos to her!!

  • Ama


    Kevin’s wife looks really disgusted about kissing him XD Or like she is trying to pull away.

  • I agree, Ju. Jennifer looks great!

  • Amanda

    wow, there are some serious 80’s flashbacks going on here with some of these dresses. Not good.

  • Lola

    @Ama BAHAAHA if thats not the most awkward kiss i’ve ever seen i don’t know what is.

  • Kendra

    That Kevin Jonas kiss is almost as awkward as the Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley kiss..And Taylor Swift looked so grown up and..Dare I say..Sexy!!

  • Z

    Ama & Lola, would you want to kiss a guy who told the whole world that sex with you made him think, “Is that all there is? Wow, not really worth the wait…” ;)

  • J

    OMG… 1 year since Rihanna and Chris Brown. And its the same event AND she wears the SAME HAIRSTYLE. What u doing girl?

  • DJWhoop

    Rihanna has a new set of awful memories in that horrid get-up she’s wearing.

  • Sam

    Aw Rhianna is smart, she attached a giant cushion to her clothes so she could sleep thru it.

  • I cant believe you Americans still have the old 3D glasses lol

    • @Here I Go Again — What kind of 3D glasses do you have on your planet?

  • Karin

    @Trent – I don’t know where ‘Here I Go Again’ is from but in Australia we have the nerdy-but-cool black rimmed glasses you see celebs wear when they’re trying to look ironic or something. Ours just look like normal glasses (if you wore them on the street you couldn’t tell they were for 3D purposes) – but it’s cool you guys still have the retro ones!

  • Sam

    Australia does have those glasses pictured, so I guess it depends which part of Australia or what shop.

  • Shazz

    awkward kiss for a jo bro.

  • Nancy

    I live in NY (long island) and i haven’t seen the blue and red 3d glasses since i was a kid ( i mean actually seen a pair infront of me) but at the movies we use the all black plastic ones…. the red and blue look fun tho

  • Nancy

    and yea its always awkward with those two, maybe shes just not that into him :( he is kinda the weird corny one tho haa sry kevin