Jake Gyllenhaal & Jamie Foxx Are Best Friends Forever


Jamie Foxx hosed a pre-Grammy party at L’Ermitage here in Los Angeles, CA last night and one of his best BFFs came out for the affair. Here are a few cute pics of Jamie with his bro Jake Gyllenhaal:

As you may recall, it was just about a year ago that we got our first look at Jakey poo starring in Jamie’s music video for his song Blame It. It would seem that the guys have stayed homies ever since. You know, any excuse to post pics of Jake Gyllenhaal (who has been pretty much M.I.A. since his break-up with Reese Witherspoon … tho, to be honest, he kinda fell off the planet for the majority of their time together). Here’s hoping that 2010 will coax the newly single Jake out and about more often :) Seeing him at Jamie’s pre-Grammy party last night is a good start.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Kate

    For God’s sake stop mentioning Jake’s annoying beard, that PR charade is over.

  • correction

    Jake’s annoying EX-BEARD

  • siena x

    he’s looking all kinds of fine :D
    would like to see a smile on that pretty face again though!

  • Maggie

    Trent, they became friends on the set of Jarhead, well before the music video. Just an FYI.

  • 2nd photo is awesome. Jake is always so dreamy.

  • jessica

    I know this is old news but I hadn’t seen the video until now and I gotta say that’s a pretty lame cover up of “I wanted my famous friends aroung to hang out with”

  • he does scruffy very well

  • Diana

    OMG, how come I hadn’t seen this video before?! I mean, I knew the song, danced to it many times too. Ron Howard is soooo dreamy.
    ….JK! I love Jakey-poo, he’s my “dream man”. I love him even more now b/c he is so cool for being in this video :)

  • Trent, im retty sure that it was working together on the movie jarhead that cemented their friendship, and not working on jamies video.

  • robin

    why is ron howard in that video? he just makes it lame.

  • Val 2.0

    Ron Howard is the ish. The only reason I know about the video at all is because he was talking about it in an interview a while back. It’s funny for me to see Opie tryin’ to look all bad-ass. He thought so, too.

  • jj

    Wait Trent are the rumors true the Jake is secretly dating Austin Nichols?? IDK if it’s all nonsense but…..