Are Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Engaged?


There are reports going around today that Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have gotten engaged to be wed. After splitting in July of 2008, the couple reunited around March of 2009 … and have been going strong ever since. Today we are hearing that an update on Drew’s Facebook profile has sparked news of this supposed engagement — behold:

Looks like little Miss Barrymore just updated her status page! OMG! YAY! And congratulations! What a whirlwind this month must be for her! First the awards, and now the cutest boy in the world!

Yes, as you may recall, Drew picked up awards at both the Golden Globe Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this month … and if this new rumor is to be believed, she’s about to pick up a new hubby, too. While this news sounds great, I’m gonna hold off on totally believing this news until we hear something more official. For now, I’ll offer a cautious congrats to the happy couple. It would be totally fab if Drew and Justin did tie the knot :)

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • N

    Cutest boy in the world? No.

  • Rebecca

    How sweet!! I hope this works out for both of them.

  • nicole

    these two always look so cute together. if its true..congrats to them:)

  • Heather

    That would be AWESOME!!!! I love both of them!!!

  • Kendra

    Whomever’s Facebook that is needs to read some messages!! Clean that inbox up, sucka!! I think these 2 kids are cute together, but I don’t believe it..

  • 2994 msgs? Haha. Could be hers and she’s too lazy to read them fan emails.

    If this is true, congrats to them both. :)

  • A

    Is that Drew’s Facebook? 2,994 messages!!!

  • Manda

    I wish the best for them, but Drew has an awful track record with men :(

  • Amanda J

    @Kendra — I’m sayin’!… What in the heck? Whose FB is that? Damn.

  • Diana

    I read a few weeks ago that at the Golden Globes she was introducing him as her fiancee so I think it could be true.

  • Franki

    I hope cute!

  • jessica

    FYI: I have a gizillion facebook messages that show up as new only b/c I get them e-mailed to me directly and then I reply right from my inbox instead of logging in….. this person probably does the same.

  • Trent is that your facebook?

  • Tracy

    I hope it’s true. I ADORE her and he is cute too. She deserves to be happy!

  • Kendra

    Ugh..Why aren’t my comments showing up??

  • Kendra

    Crap..Now they are! It’s just in the Prince Harry comment section! Strange!

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