Prince Michael & Paris Michael Jackson To Appear At The 2010 Grammy Awards


The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, will be honored at the Grammy Awards this Sunday night with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and it has been announced that his eldest children (with mother Debbie Rowe), Prince Michael Joseph and Paris Michael Katherine, will appear on stage to accept the award on his behalf:

Michael Jackson’s two eldest children are scheduled to take the stage this weekend to accept the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for their father, Jackson family sources said. It would be the first public appearance for Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, since their dramatic appearance at the memorial service 12 days after their father’s death. “The whole world is waiting to see these children blossom,” said Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Joe Jackson. Two sources close to the family said the youngest, 7-year-old Blanket, was not expected to appear, although they suggested that might change. Contrary to some media reports, the sources said there was no plan for the children to sing or dance at the show. The Recording Academy, which presents the Grammy Awards, will honor the late pop star with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Special Merit Awards ceremony Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Video of the presentation is likely to be included in Sunday night’s musical tribute to Jackson during the Grammy telecast, the sources said. While Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, is expected to attend, Joe Jackson, his father, decided not to go because of his anger over the behind-the-scenes talks that led to the agreement to have the children accept the award, family sources said. The decision came just this week, after Katherine Jackson, the legal guardian of the children, complained to Grammy producers that no family members had been invited, the Jackson sources said. Two sources in the family said that she was initially told by producers that the estate’s special administrators would decide who would take part in the Jackson tribute. “Can you believe this crap?” one source quoted Joe Jackson as saying when he heard that. The Grammy producers have not responded to a CNN request for comment. A spokesman for the estate administrators said the matter was for Grammy producers to decide.

Aww … poor Blanket. I’m guessing that he’ll be there with his older siblings, too. While I think this is a great opportunity for MJ’s children to step in on his behalf, you know that Grammy producers just want those kids on stage to attract higher ratings for the show (Oh, and Joe Jackson is an ass). Remember, there will be a tribute portion of the show devoted to Jackson that will be broadcast on TV in 3D. I understand that Target is giving away free 3D glasses for the event. The Grammy Awards air LIVE this Sunday night.


  • CoCo

    Michael Jackson definitely wouldn’t have wanted this…

  • CoCo

    It’s really sad. The whole mask thing he used to do… I mean, it was wierd, but really, it made it so their faces weren’t on magazines and they could go out and about without being recognized. They are going to have a COMPLETELY different lifestyle now. :( Poor kids!

  • -ohmy-

    I think it would be more appropriate if his sister Janet, or someone accepted the award on his behalf. Putting these children on stage is not the answer. While I think they are doing it to honor their father they are still very young and are not use to this attention at all from being previously sheltered. I have no intention of watching the Grammy’s but I’m sure this will be in the news for days after.

  • Jenny

    I can only imagine that MJ is rolling in his grave right now. He did everything he could to keep those children out of the limelight and now OF COURSE since MJ isn’t here to stop it, Joe Jackson is going to manipulate them to be puppets similar to how he treated his own kids. This is just sick. And under such an innocent and appropriate guise! What is extra sad is that we as a country will watch it, too. What a hypocritical move.

    The guy is dead. He was wonderful. As far as his kids go, let us honor his wishes and leave them be.

    • @Jenny — To clarify, Joe Jackson has nothing to do with this Grammy thing. I understand Katherine Jackson authorized the kids’ appearance on the show.

  • Ally

    I completely agree with everyone else. This is exactly the kind of thing that Michael would have hated for his children. Janet would have been a much better choice. Hopefully it is at least something that the kids want to do and are not being pressured by the family to do it.

  • krissy

    This is just awful. Exploitation of children. Clearly their father didn’t want them to be paraded around like this, or he would have done so instead of keeping them hidden. Their quality of life will go down the more easily recognizable they are to the general public.

  • jennie

    yep i agree with everyone here, micheal would not have wanted this.. and yes everyone thought the masks and blankets over heads was weird, but it goes to show he truely loved his kids and wanted them to live an annoynmus life and didnt use them for photo ops like some other celebs

  • Ada_1601

    Sucks for those of us watching from outside the United States, there are no Target stores so I guess I will miss it.

  • Amanda

    I agree, MJ would not have wanted this. Maybe it’s something the children really want to do?? In any case, it seems pretty inappropriate and shame on the grammys for doing it just for ratings!


    Yes, hopefully the kids do want to do it. I mean, they have to know to a certain extent of what the press thought about it, right?

  • @ Trent – well Joe Jackson was always the mean one to the public but Katherine is showing her face too now. So they both are despicable human beings and thank GOD Michael does not have to witness this fuckery anymore.

  • Jovanna

    I Love Michael & his Kids <3