MTV Re-Signs Two ‘Jersey Shore’ Castmembers For Season 2


First we learned that the cast of Jersey Shore were banding together Friends style to try and force MTV to pay them more money per episode to return for season 2 of their show and then we learned that MTV decided that they were not interested in the cast’s salary demands and are willing to pay them each $10,000 per episode and not a penny more. Today we learn that two members of the Jersey Shore cast, Jenni Jwoww Farley and Ronnie Magro, have decided to take MTV’s offer and will return for season 2 … the rest of the cast are still holding out for more money:

Two of the cast members of “Jersey Shore” have agreed to MTV’s offer of $10,000 an episode, but the others are still holding out … sources connected to the negotiations tell TMZ. Ronnie and J-WOWW have accepted MTV’s offer. A well-placed MTV source tells TMZ the network is drawing a hard line at the close of business tomorrow — the rest of the cast members must either accept the offer or MTV replaces them. Earlier in the week we told you MTV’s original deadline was Monday night — but the network continued negotiations and now they say it’s do or die.

I had a feeling that these jokers wouldn’t band together as a single unit when push came to shove. I suspect that now that Jwoww and Ronnie have caved to MTV’s final offer other castmembers will take the deal as well. In the end, they have no choice. If they refuse, they will be cast aside and forgotten … just like original castmember Angelina Jolie Pivarnick. Her dumb ass walked off the show after 2 eps and is prolly kicking herself for being so stupid. I bet she’d return for season 2 for free if MTV will have her. Altho I think other castmembers will take the deal I wouldn’t at all be surprised if at least one of these egotistical morons turned down the deal in the hopes of getting more money from someone else. It remains to be seen what Jersey Shore: Season 2 will look like cast-wise but it sounds like MTV is finished playing around. We should know very soon who is in … and who may be out.


  • Siobhan

    Angelina was offered $150,000 for next season. 15 episodes total. I assume they all were offered that, and IMO would be really stupid to turn that down. I heard this through my cousin who is friends with Angelina’s best friend

    • @Siobhan — If this is true, she will deffo take this money and will be back on the show to annoy us all. Ugh, she is the one person I’d LEAST want back on the show.

  • Siobhan

    I completely agree. She is well known on the south shore of Staten Island and not in a good way. That bar tending job she had was at a strip club, owned by the married guy she was dating.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Why would they offer Angelina that….She wasn’t even on the show and she suck! I agree trent, I don’t want her on the show either. I love how people get all full of themselves and then think they can push around a network based on one season of one hit show. HA!

  • Siobhan

    They want her back for the drama she caused. She begged them to let her back on the show and that was why all of a sudden she started showing up with them everywhere.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think a season two will be worth watching. How can it be reality when they all know their part and are now acting? No thanks! I’m tempted to say I would like to see a new cast, but even those people would be filling the “situation” role or the “sammi” role.. Their is a reason lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice!

  • nicole

    blah, keep angelina away, the show got better once she left.

  • b

    Ugh – Angelina couldn’t even “lower” herself to do an honest day’s work in order to stay on the show the first time. I can’t stand her and will be less likely to watch if she is on. Can we start a petition to keep her off?

    • @b — Well, if Angelina does return I hope she brings back her trash bag luggage.

  • lady surgeon

    wow – her implants look seriously unnatural – check out the upper ridge of the implants…she needs a better plastic suregon!

  • lady surgeon

    oops! should read “surgeon”…

  • CB

    JWoww = biggest YIKES! in MTV history.

  • Amanda

    I’m kinda happy that Jwow will be back, but Ronnie was really pathetic. Hopefully the rest of the cast will follow suit because, really, what else are they going to do? And the thought of Angelia coming back makes me shudder. She was loud and obnoxious and it didn’t make good tv.

  • I seriously have no idea what their show is about but now I’m extremely curious.

  • testington

    Well I thought Ronnie was the only hottie of the guys, so glad he is back. And Jwoww was the coolest of the girls

  • speaking of Angela, my friend reminded me the other day that Snookie almost left the show too? So who knows, in an alternate universe Angela might have been the one that got popped in the kisser?

  • Erica

    I hope they are all going to be back for this summer! I have a house in Belmar this summer, does anyone know where they are going to be this year? I wanna pump my fist with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerseyhater

    @Erica: If you’re going to be in Belmar, just go to any of those stinky bars down there and you can pump your fist with any guidoretardo. Mission accomplished.

  • N

    I called this. I know they’d end up in an “everyone for yourself” kinda situation. Although, really, I hoped they’d all hold out together and ALL be replaced.

  • LV

    Girl, don’t nobody with common decency care about Jersey Shore. You fail.

  • tweety

    I mean HONESTLY are these kids serious? Yeah Jersey Shore was popular but who do they think they ARE? You are just the kids from the JERSEY SHORE. Your not freakin George Clooney or Julia Roberts back in the 90’s. You should feel so lucky and blessed to even have a second oppurtunity and that this MTV show even wants you back…they STARTED you were is the loyalty? JWOW and Ronnie are the smart ones they signed on..if the other kids don’t they will just go kick rocks because good luck findin anything else. You are still nobodys. Funny though how sammi and Ronnie will work out together since he was seen kissing other chicks on TMZ…ouuchh.. Anyways can’t wait til next season :) (: :) (:

  • Jerry Curl

    F*CK MTV. MAKE THAT MONEY KIDS. Screw the networks, all networks they make billions of dollars, there not hurting for any money. Milk EM for all there worth. I’m all for regular everyday people making BIG BUCKS and securing there financial future. Why Should * REAL CELEBRITIES*!?!?! make all of the money. At least they won’t be exploited for free. Screw all Networks and all Superficial celebrities!!!