Ryan Gosling Goes Tubing At The Sundance Film Festival


Hottie McHotster Ryan Gosling enjoyed an evening of tubing on the slopes at a part at the T-Mobile myTouch Diner at Village at the Yard in Park City, UT at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday. The event was thrown in celebration of Gosling’s new film with actress Michelle Williams and Ryan was THE FIRST guy to get in on the fun. Here are a few photos from the fun event and some deets about his new film Blue Valentine:

Ryan Gosling’s new film is so sexy he thinks it should be classed as an “erotic thriller”. The 29-year-old actor has revealed his upcoming movie ‘Blue Valentine’ – in which he stars alongside ‘Brokeback Mountain’ actress Michelle Williams – contains sex scenes which are as steamy as anything filmgoers have seen before. He said: “I’ve heard the film described as a portrait of love falling apart, but I think they should call it an ‘erotic thriller’. That sounds way more fun. Sex is a really important character in the film.” In the upcoming drama, the pair play a married couple who are trying to halt the breakdown of their relationship by remembering the early days of their romance. Although the movie does contain lovemaking scenes, the Canadian actor insists it is integral to the storyline and is not used gratuitously. He added: “Sex is a bone of contention in the present and a dialogue of their love in the past.” The movie is due for release later this year.

Sounds spicy, I’m sold. As you may recall, we saw a few photos of Gosling on the set of Blue Valentine last year … a few showed him lookin’ all bruised and beaten, another few showed him lookin’ all smoochy with Williams. I am ALL FOR any film that features Mr. Ryan Gosling. He is a great actor. Incidentally, while my friends and I were stuffing our faces with Jet’s Pizza last night, we were watching The Notebook on ABC Family. Ryan Gosling is sooooo dreamy. By the looks of these photos, he appears to be a lot of fun to play with, too!

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  • Lisa

    He is probably a pro at tubing! There is an awesome tubing place near where he grew up (close to me)

  • CoCo

    I saw this film yesterday at Sundance as well. It is definitely a downer, but RIGHT ON the money with the deconstruction of relationships. Side note, he was pretty close with a really cute, non-famous brunette during the screening. Holding hands… posing with his arm around her for snap happy people in the theater. I must say, I was a little jealous of her, but pretty happy to know that he likes the non-famous type! :)

  • CoCo

    Oh, also, during the Q&A someone asked him about his “giving tree” tattoo and why he got it. He said it represents a typical codepedant unhealthy relationship. He got some good laughs for that. :) Seeing him was the HIGHLIGHT of my Sundance experience this far, for sure!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Shawn

    @TRENT…How funny..We were also having Jet’s Pizza last night and watching The Notebook…weird coincidence–Now if you say that you had pepperoni and mushroom and greek salad then it would be downright creepy

    • @Shawn — No, we had double pepperoni but great minds do think alike :)

  • Amanda

    He’s a cutie

  • canadian_30

    I wonder who this nonfamous girlfriend is?

  • jessica

    So Sexy.

  • Steph

    The man gets sexier every single moment. I swear that every time I look at him he’s somehow become even more deliriously hot. How is this possible?!?! Not that I’m complaining : D

  • Smart and yummy = perfect combination.

  • Kim

    lol, Anytime someone mentions him I can’t help but think back to his Breaker High days.