Prince Releases A New Song Titled ‘Purple And Gold’


Great news for Prince fans today … his Purple Majesty has written a new song entitled Purple and Gold. Great news for the Minnesota Vikings football team today … the team has had a new theme song entitled Purple and Gold written for them. Yes, that’s right folks … Prince, who hails from the great State of Minnesota, has written this new song for his beloved Minnesota Vikings. Who knew he was a big football fan?

Prince released a new song about the Minnesota Vikings. Prince said he hadn’t seen the Vikings play in a very long time, until he went to the game against the Dallas Cowboys last week. “I saw the future,” said Prince. He said he went home that night, wrote the song, “Purple and Gold,” and said the song came easy and fast. The Vikings love it and plan to put it on their website. The new song by Prince was released just ahead of the NFC Championship game against the New Orleans Saints.

HMMM … I guess Prince really is a huge Vikings fan after all. Here is a pic of him at the game mentioned above where he “saw the future”:

To be honest, the song doesn’t really sound like a typical sports anthem … it is very Prince. Check out the lyrics and listen to a clip of the song after the jump …

Purple and Gold

the veil of the sky draws open
the roar of the chariots touch down
we r the ones who have now come again
and walk upon water like solid ground
as we approach the throne we won’t bow down
this time we won’t b denied

raise every voice and let it b known
in the name of the purple and gold

we come in the name of the purple and gold
all of the odds r in r favor
no prediction 2 bold
we r the truth if the truth can b told
long reign the purple and gold

the eyes say ready 4 battle
no need 4 sword in hand
we r all amped up like a rock n roll band
ready 2 celebrate every score
ready 2 fight the elegant war
ready 2 hear the crowd roar

that’s what we came 4
and so much more
in the name of the purple and gold

r spirits may b tired
r bodies may b worn
but since this day is r destiny
r history – that’s y we must b
4ever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings’ horn
in the name of the purple and gold


The song is … interesting. I mean, I love me some Prince but I’m not sure if this song really works for me as a sports anthem. It sounds more like a spiritual church song, to be honest. What do y’all think … do we like?


  • madfanmn

    The Vikings are a football team, not hockey.

  • Elizabeth

    The Vikings are a football team… was the hockey thing a joke?

  • Raquel

    Wow…that was interesting. I agree Trent, the song reminded me of something you’d hear in some churches. But for the Vikings? Given that this is from Prince, I would have expected something more up-tempo and a little less….whatever you want to call it. Nonetheless, it gave me a good laugh for today. Thanks for sharing and have fun in Detroit! :)

  • teri

    I’m from Minnesota and a HUGE Vikings fan. Miami here we come!!!!!! SKOL VIKINGS!

  • lisaasil

    I picture a movie from the 50’s and a high school gym filled with eager teenagers at a pep rally cheering their football team to a Friday night victory. NFL team theme songs are more like “We are the Bears…the shufflin’ crew…” Thumbs down unless it gets rocked out more for the final version.

  • teri

    Ok I posted my first comment before I actually heard the song…CHEESY! It doesn’t exactly fit the atmosphere at games that’s for sure. Glad Prince is supprting the home town team though. :)

  • Roze

    At least it’s better than T-Pain’s Miami Dolphin’s song.. :o

  • Beth

    Still not as awesome as the Super Bowl Shuffle (which I really hope they put on iTunes someday…).

  • Roze
    • @Roze — I think T-Pain’s song for the Miami Dolphins is an upbeat, fun sports song. It’s not great but it’s fun. I don’t think Prince’s song is fun at all.

  • Linnea1928

    Go Vikes!!! Woot!

  • Dee

    Oh that was not good. Not even a little bit.

  • Denise

    Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    AH! Prince and the Vikes! Loves it. I canNOT wait for the game!

  • Lisa

    Wow… didn’t know that Prince was a football (or Vikings) fan.

  • PixiesBassline


  • joeygirl1215

    WHO DAT. the vikes can have prince we will take brad and angelina.

  • shannon

    @Beth: Nothing can ever be as awesome as the “Super Bowl Shuffle!” Having said that,

  • arizona03

    As somebody born and raised in MN, I am HORRIFIED by this song…Prince, you were the one thing we could be proud of! Why ruin that?? :(

  • Tasha

    I’m actually a little surprised by just how much this song sucked. He’s crazy into being a Jehovah’s Witness, so I guess that explains the church vibe to it.

  • kat

    GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cinner

    I love LOVE the Vikings and Brett Favre and have watched every one of their games this season and Prince has been at ALL the home games. I don’t ever remember him being so attentive in previous seasons. It’s obvious this particular Vikings team has had some type of effect on him and that he really likes them :) GO FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Can we get him to write a song for Indy now? Geaux SAINTS!

  • Sal

    Prince released the purple and gold song just before last season’s NFC Championship game against the New Orleans Saints.

    Well the Vikings are opening the season this weekend against the Super Bowl champion Saints. I wonder if Mr. Prince will re-release or at least mix it… Love that song and love the Vikings.