Rufus Wainwright Eulogizes His Mother Kate McGarrigle


Yesterday we learned the very sad news that Canadian folk legend Kate McGarrigle lost her battle with cancer at the age of 63 on Monday night and today we are hearing from her her son, Rufus Wainwright, on his mother’s passing. Rufus posted a short blogpost on his official website to add to the eulogies that have been written about his late mother in an attempt to enlighten the last 3 1/2 years of her life. Here is Rufus’s message about Kate in full:

When inevitably I read today in the papers that my mother lost her battle with cancer last night, I am filled with an immense desire to add that this battle, though lost, was tremendously fruitful during these last three and a half years of her life. She witnessed her daughter’s marriage, the creation of my first opera, the birth of her first grandchild Arcangelo, and gave the greatest performance of her life to a packed crowd at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Not to mention traveling to some of the world’s most incredible places with both my sister, her husband Brad, my boyfriend Jorn and myself. Yes, it was all too brief, but as I was saying to her sister Anna last night while sitting by her body after the struggle had ceased, there is never enough time and she, my amazing mother with whom everyone fell in love, went out there and bloody did it. I will miss you mother, my sweet and valiant explorer, lebwohl and adio. X

In 2008, Kate established the Kate McGarrigle Fund in association with McGill University Health Centre, the Jewish General Hospital through the MUHC Foundation, the Cedars Cancer Institute, and Cancer Research UK in order to raise money and awareness for the fight against this rare type of cancer. If you would like to make a donation in honour of Kate, please follow this link below and donate online or call the MUHC Foundation directly at +1-514-931-5656.

Kate McGarrigle Fund donation website:

I cannot imagine the pain of eulogizing one’s own mother (for which I continue to be grateful) but I can appreciate that Rufus felt it was important to explain how rich his mother’s life was before she succumbed to her illness. I have no doubt that Kate McGarrigle knew how much she was loved by her children and relished in their happiness and success. While we cannot know what her last moments on Earth were like, we can hope that she is now at peace and at rest.

[Source, thanks Lauren]

  • jay

    Trent you always handle these kind of things with dignity and class, showing respect for the families and friends of those lost. I appreciate that and it’s one of the reasons I read this blog…you know when and how to handle the intricacies of real life.

    My good wishes and thoughts go out the family; it’s tough enough in the private sector but in such a famous one it has to be difficult.

  • g

    Jay took the words out of my mouth. Thank you for posting with class. What beautiful words from a son to his mom.

  • Winona

    Beautiful tribute by Rufus… and ditto to what Jay said.

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