Tim Burton To Tell The Tale Of Maleficent


Exciting news to pass along to Tim Burton fans today, it is being reported that he is planning to do a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of villain Maleficent. I mean … how awesome does that sound?! Here are the deets as reported by Ain’t It Cool News:

Hey folks, Harry here with the coolest whisper I’ve heard in a while. I was chatting to a fella I know tonight, and this person heard that Tim Burton is developing another classic Disney fairy tale in a quasi Live Actiony kinda way. It seems that Tim has a hankering for SLEEPING BEAUTY… but not really… You see, he’s going to tell the story from Maleficent’s point of view. In fact, it’ll be called MALEFICENT.

She was always the most interesting character in that story, but we never knew why she hated those three little fairy wenches… or what indignity she suffered at the hands of Aurora’s parents. Yeah, I’m on board… if only it ends with Maleficent with a sword in her heart in dragon form. Cuz that’ll rule. Think about how long this plotline was carried out over. She has quite a tale to tell. Let’s see where it pops up in Burton’s filmography. We’re hearing that DARK SHADOWS is stumbling a bit… Let’s see what Tim does next, he has some interesting choices before him.

This sounds like fantastic news. I’ve already been very impressed with Burton’s work with Disney thus far (I’m chomping at the bit to see his take on Alice in Wonderland) but for him to tell a classic Disney tale from the point of view of the villain, well, I am 1000% on board. The notion of this movie idea reminds me of the short story that Neil Gaiman wrote that tells the Snow White story from the point of view of the “evil queen”. Gaiman’s story is titled Snow, Glass, Apples and can be read in its entirety HERE. If Tim Burton is able to do for Sleeping Beauty what Gaiman did for Snow White with his short story then I have no doubt that Burton’s Maleficent will be a smash hit!


  • debho

    I’ve often thought that the evil (Disney) queens were totally misunderstood! rofl

  • Kendra

    Kinda like Wicked!! I love when people take a well known story and twist like this..And in the hands of Tim Burton, it’s going to be sawweeeett!! I wonder if Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Maleficent..And who is Johnny Depp going to play?? You KNOW he’s going to use those two somehow!

    • @Kendra — Yes, kinda like ‘Wicked’. LOL, you are so right … HBC and JD are bound to be cast in this Tim Burton film ;)

  • nicole

    Tim Burton is the perfect person for this. Cant wait.

  • LC

    This is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my fav Disney cartoon as a kid, this just made my day!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I can’t wait! Sounds really cool and what a way to do an old classic with a new twist!

  • CoCo

    AAAAHHHH!!!! This MADE my DAY! My favorite story has always been Sleeping Beauty, and add a Burton twist?! I think I can die a happy girl! :)

  • nette

    Woah. That sounds great, but I wish Burton was directing and Gregory Maguire was writing the script. He is the reigning king of revisionist tales.

  • Jen

    Trent, this is so strange…I was going through an old file at work and found a copy of Snow, Glass, Apples that I had printed and saved to read….it is sitting on my desk right now because I planned on reading it this afternoon!

  • Denise

    Love it! I actually played Maleficent when the Disney folks came down to New Orleans for the premiere of Hunchback of Notre Dame. They had auditions for dancers, and picked a few of us to play characters. We had a parade down Decatur St. in the French Quarter, and I stood on the top part of the Sleeping Beauty float and lip synched to Maleficent’s voice. It was so much fun:) BTW, the reason she was so furious at Aurora’s parents was because they didn’t invite her to the baby’s christening.

  • krissy

    I love this idea! I was always so frightened of her as a kid…especially when she said something about bringing along “all the powers of HELL!”…I thought that was sooooo bad when I was a kid!

  • Roxster

    this sounds awesome!

  • Monique

    This has always been one of my favorite disney stories. I can’t wait to see this! Super excited.

  • Kristy


    I’d be interested to hear the stories of Ursula the Sea Witch and the stepmother from Snow White also. =D

  • Autumn

    @CoCo: ME TOO!!!!!! That was my exact reaction! Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney princess and I think Maleficent is amazing. And from Tim Burton’s point of view? ohhhhhhhh it’s going to be SOOOO good!!!!!

  • Chuy

    Sounds like a RIPOFF of “Wicked”

    • @Chuy — How so? Thematically you mean? Cuz ‘Wicked’ was not the first anything to tell the tale from the villain’s point of view.

  • This does sound like a pretty awesome idea. I can’t wait to see how it translates to the big screen.

  • Diana

    I kinda hope HBC doesn’t get to play Maleficent even though I really like her. It would just be cool to have someone surprising and unexpected to play that character. Plus, I think there are other actresses out there who would fit the role much better.

  • aimie

    another movie for his wife to star, don’t get me wrong she’s a talented actress, but other than hp i haven’t seen her in anything but his movies?!?!

  • Kendra

    @aimie – Fight Club??? She was awesome in that..It’s where I first fell in love with her crazy black hair.. :)

  • moi

    in one of the original versions of the story the parents wanted to invite all the fairies to the christening, and i think there were like 13, but realized they only had 12 gold plates, and you can’t serve a fairy food on anything other than a solid gold plate! So they just didn’t invite one and hoped she wouldn’t notice. But she did notice and didn’t take it well :)

  • annie

    Great news! But, as I’m no big Disney fan, I just wanted to remind everyone that these stories were around for a long time before Disney got hold of them. One thing I feel these authors and directors are doing, (thankfully) is un-Disney-fy-ing them– looking back at the original story and taking it in a different direction. To see just how much Disney distorted the original tales, read the original Grimm translations of Cinderella or Snow White. Not really anything like the sweetness of the Disney re-writes.

  • Anna

    OH MYYYY GOD i just had a little stroke :D that’s amaaaazing i loveeeeee sleeping beauty and i LOVE Malificent. combination of sleeping beauty (kind of anyway) + Tim Burton would be absolutely wonderful. i do agree with annie though about the original stories but i’m a HUGE Disney fan. :D