Les News, 011910

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  • Margie

    Does SJP still have that Bitten line that was only available at Steve & Barry’s?

    Also, really Tebow? Ugh, he needs to go cry again.

  • b

    Heidi looks FREAKY!

  • CB

    Heidi looks like a 40-something divorcee. Maybe she can get a spot on Real Housewives of Orange County.

  • Missy

    The Tim Tebow headline is kinda misleading, considering the ad’s supposedly anti-abortion and not anti-marriage equality.

  • Kendra

    Heidi is freaky looking! What is she doing to herself?

  • debho

    I don’t believe the story about Madonna. For a start, the woman is over 50 so in all likelihood has gone through menopause. And secondly, a pregnancy just wouldn’t fit into her lifestyle. I can’t recall the last time I saw a pic of her with Mercy…or any of the kids for that matter. She is not a hands on mother and unless she pays someone to have a baby for her, I think that story is all bullshit.

  • Amanda

    Debho…actually, I see Madonna with her eldest daughter quite a bit.

    Jeff Conaway will be the next celebrity death because of addictions. So sad.

    We had such a nice break from Heidi and now she is everywhere again. Ugh! Go away you talentless, fake moron!!!

    Leno is just making himself look worse and worse. You should have done the stand up thing and retire and let Conan do his thing!

  • Heather

    They had Heidi Montag on GMA????? W-T-F are they thinking?

  • Kyleigh

    @Heather – you should watch the video, they dismiss her as “sad” at the end. They tried to get her to sing something, and first she said to buy the album. When pushed a little more, she said her jaw was still to delicate, so she would rather not. At this point, she is just Spencer’s living blow up doll!

  • Its just so amazing to hear everyone’s stories about Jimmy. There’s a really nice video that the band and some people put together, http://vimeo.com/8777801 .

    I haven’t really seen anything posted about Avenged here, but if you wanted to post it, a lot of fans would be grateful. This is amazing blog, and he was an idol to a lot of us. <3 Either way, thanks for posting some things about him here.

  • nae

    wtf GMA? heidi? really? le puke!

  • PixiesBassline

    I just watched the youtube vid of Josh Freese playing drums with NIN. FUCK YEAH!!!!!! That was awesome to get to see, since you never get to REALLY see the drummer in action. I loved that!!! I feel all frisky now. :-P

  • Chivonne

    omfg Heidi looks freakyyyyyyyy
    and lol @ her being on The Real Housewives. I thought the SAME thing

  • Lisa

    I’m surprised you didn’t make the story of Jay Leno telling his side of the story a major headline! I honestly feel like he is getting beat upon!

  • Kammie

    Gah, Benji made me cry again. :(


    I don’t understand why the gays bash Adam Lambert. I mean, he’s gay and he gets all this criticism from straight people and it seems like gay people are even more tough on him. First, it was because he can’t sing, he didn’t come out right away, he wears too much makeup, etc. Leave the man alone. Effing ridiculous.

  • Lindsay

    EEEEEE! Heidi doesn’t even look like Heidi anymore, just a crazy robot version of Paris Hilton.

  • Kristi

    Heidi looks like a mix of Faith Hill and Barbie.

  • Val 2.0

    Thank you for posting that video of Josh Freese. The man is a machine! I’ve been a fan of his since he started with the Vandals. Legend.

  • BLo

    I’m ready for a MacGrueber movie!

  • KP

    Haha, I think someone is holds a grudge over Mr. Tebow and the Gators… *coughbcsnationalchampionship2009cough*

  • Beth

    I looked through the Heidi thing, hoping for side-by-side shot of the Before and After. While I was disapointed to not find that, I did get to read the gem of a quote “My main message is that beauty comes from within.” I’m sorry, but are you a complete moron or do you simply not understand the English language? I’m fairly certain that when you have 10 cosmetic surgeries, you’re focused on the “beauty” anywhere but inside you.

  • Cinner

    Heidi way over did it. expecially with the freakishly circus/caricature boobs. They look completely ridiculous. As bad as Pam Anderson.