Is Kellan Lutz About To Become A Barbarian?


Hollywood is planning to remake another movie from the 80’s and they have set their sights on possibly casting hunky hottie Kellan Lutz in the role of Conan the Barbarian, previously played by musclehead turned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But, Kellan’s casting as Conan is NOT a done deal just yet … there are at least two other actors vying for the role. Kellan, for his part, ain’t sweatin’ the casting at all … but he was snapped sweatin’ on the streets of SoCal as he took his pooch out for a walk:

It seems that there is still a long way for Millennium before deciding who will be cast in their upcoming film “Conan”. After being reported to have been considering Kellan Lutz or Jason Momoa to be the potential star for the movie, the studio and its partner Lionsgate Films allegedly have added another actor on their list. The news was first broken by Deadline Hollywood, which failed to reveal the name of the new contender and only mentioned “another unnamed but better established actor.” The unknown actor will be up against Lutz and Momoa to play the title character, Conan, who was previously portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982 “Conan the Barbarian”. Kellan Lutz received sudden rise of fame after playing Emmet Cullen in “Twilight”. He can next be seen in horror thriller “A Nightmare on Elm Street” which will be released on April 20 in the U.S. Meanwhile, Jason Momoa is a Hawaiian actor who previously starred in TV series “Baywatch” as Jason Ioane. He also appeared in drama-comedy series “The Game” before the show was canceled on May 20, 2009. “Conan” will center its story on iconic figure Conan the Cimmerian and his adventures across the continent of Hyboria. The film is scheduled to kick off production on March 15 in Bulgaria with Marcus Nispel set to direct.

MMMMM … I like photos of Kellan when he’s out jogging. It’s fun to see that much meat in motion (whoa, that sounded dirtier than it was supposed to). I can’t think of anyone better suited to play Conan the Barbarian than Kellan Lutz. Hello, if Schwarzenegger could play the role, I have no doubt that Lutz can play the same role. To be honest, I am a huge fan of the Conan films from the 80’s. Those films introduced me to the fabulousness of Grace Jones. It looks like movie remakes are here to stay … here’s hoping this one will be one of the better ones.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • xistngCA

    I would enjoy a good run with Kellan. Yum! Darn “L” “A” is covering up the ‘hood. ;)

  • virge

    He’s be perfect for Conan- it requires no skills or discernable talent whatsoever.


    If acting isn’t a key then yes, Kellan is perfect.

  • Ama

    His dog is so adorable(and of course, so is he)

    Hopefully he does get that role, I thought his acting in ‘stick it’ was good(though it was a more goofy role).

    I think if he gets a role that has more then a few lines, he will be able to improve his acting skills.

  • ksant

    while I love Kellan, I gotta say…Jason Momoa would be amazing…mmm…LOVE HIM!!!