Adam Lambert Pays A Visit To ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’


Great news, Glambert fans … the rumors that he will appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show are true! Adam Lambert tweeted that it was “def true” that he would be appearing on the show and today People magazine gives us our first look at Adam with her Oprahness on the ep that will air on January 19:

It’s hardly like Adam Lambert to be anything but upfront, so the recent mystery about his possible appearing with Oprah Winfrey on her show was a bit baffling. But baffle no more. While the American Idol sensation addressed the rumors and Twittered last Thursday, “Oprah: def true,” word from the Winfrey camp reached PEOPLE to say that the 27-year-old and the media queen taped their interview Wednesday at the Harpo Studios in Chicago. The show will air Tuesday, Jan. 19. In the course of their sit-down, Lambert touched upon Simon Cowell’s announced departure from Idol and its possible ramifications for the show, what life was like for him both pre-Idol and after, and his controversial performance at the American Music Awards. The singer also performed “Whataya Want from Me” from his new album For Your Entertainment.

I understand that UK singing phenom Susan Boyle will be appearing on the show with Glambert so it looks like Oprah will have her hands full with these reality TV stars. I’m sure Adam and Oprah will talk about his performance on the American Music Awards back in November but I’m not sure why … it’s been talked to death, he’s already said everything he can about it … do people still care? I guess we’ll find out next Tuesday when this ep airs. Will YOU be tuning in?


  • Tasha

    Yep, I’ll be tuning in. I’m a hopeless Glambertholic. I may need an intervention….

  • I can’t wait to see it, I think it will be


    Dave, WGB


    I like Adam! I think he’s cool.

  • Jason

    Scream!!!! I am so excited! I will be watching on Tuesday.

  • Mel

    I bet Adam Lambert will get along famously with Oprah, when he was on Leno he was completely charming, what a sweetheart. And I cannot get his song What Do You Want From outta my head. LOL I sing the chorus under my breath at work when people are pissing me off.

  • Herb

    I shall not be tuning in. I like Adam, but Oprah makes my skin crawl.

  • what has been going on with oprahs hair these past weeks? very cowardly lion

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  • luvuadam

    are there any screencaps from the show