Heidi Montag Claims Her Album Is As Good As ‘Thriller’


It’s been quite some time since we last seen or heard from either Heidi Montag or her hubby Spencer Pratt here on the blog and, as I understand it, a large number of y’all are happy about that fact. But this week, Montag released her debut album aptly titled Superficial and she gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly that is SO outside the bounds of sanity that I simply have to share it with all y’all. I plead your forgiveness and ask that you read this interview and enjoy it for the ridiculously delusional entertainment that it provides:

It’s taken three years, nearly $2 million, and one very questionable Miss Universe pageant performance, but Heidi Montag, star of the The Hills and wife of reality villain Spencer Pratt, finally released her debut album yesterday. Superficial, which Montag and Pratt are putting out on their own label, is an electro-pop collection of 12 tracks with party-friendly titles like “One More Drink” and “Hey Boy.” Montag chatted with EW about the album’s delay, her monetary issues, and why she thinks Superficial is as good as Thriller.

Entertainment Weekly: Why did it take three years to put this together?
HEIDI MONTAG: Well, I did it independently. If you look back at the superstars throughout history it used to take that long to put albums together. Now it’s more manufactured. I really wanted to take my time, and every song means so much to me. And every song was a true journey. I had to track down the songs myself, because it was just Spencer and I doing it independently. We really took our time with every single process, because we wanted it to be the highest quality possible. I wanted it to be back to the Thriller days, to that kind of sound. It’s timeless music, so whenever it comes out was the right timing.

EW: Do you think Superficial holds up against something like Thriller?
HM: I definitely do. I think people might not see it now, because it’s my first album coming out. But I’ve spent as much time–maybe more, even–than Thriller. Every detail was very important to me, because I take this very seriously. Most artists, it’s not their own money, but I’ve actually gone broke putting every dollar I’ve ever made and my heart and soul into this music. For me, I have a different appreciation, a different understanding, and a different love of my music and for my album than any other artist possibly could. Because this is my money. This is my gamble. This is my chance.

EW: You’ve gone broke?
HM: Yes. I definitely am. I am. I put every dollar I have into this.

EW: Do you know how much money you’ve spent?
HM: I’ve spent over a million, almost $2 million on this album. It’s cost as much or more than a Britney Spears album, because I wanted it to be that quality and to be able to get those people. My album would have cost a record label over $4 million.

The interview continues after the jump, read on to find out why Montag is not at all worried about getting her money back — bring on the LULz …

EW: What happens if you don’t earn your money back?
HM: That’s not even a possibility. I think within the first week we will definitely make our money back. The songs will make an impact in pop history. They are absolutely incredible and everybody involved is the best of the best. People just haven’t seen me as a pop star. I’m very excited for the world to see a whole new Heidi.

EW: “Body Language,” the song you performed on Miss Universe, isn’t on the album. Why?
HM: Because that was more 2009. We tried to give everybody pretty much new songs and songs that really went together. I think people got enough of “Body Language,” and I think they know where to get it if they want it. So I just wanted all new fresh, 2010.

EW: That performance got a lot of criticism too. Was that a reason it isn’t on the album?
HM: Oh, no. Not at all. For any musician there’s always going to be criticism, and you have to take it with a grain of salt. I think people were very harsh, forgetting that was my first performance. It takes practice to be the best. My next performance, I promise them it’s going to be a lot bigger, a lot better, a lot more light and love, and a lot more powerful. So I’m very excited for my next performance.

EW: Do you know when your next performance will be?
HM: Maybe the World Cup.

EW: You love to aim high!
HM: I do love to aim high. I’ve already been in talks with some of the people from the World Cup, so whatever is meant to happen will happen. I know this is going to be a very big year. And this is my first year officially in music. This is the first album, and I think the possibilities of where this is going to go is going to be infinite. I’m just excited to be part of the history of music.

EW: If the album doesn’t do as well as you hope, will you still pursue a music career?
HM: Definitely. I think it’s gonna do great. I have a million twitter followers and they’re all very excited. So that’s at least a million people right there. It also takes time. I don’t expect it to be instant. Maybe it’s the biggest album in a couple months? Maybe it’s the biggest album in a year? But I will never stop music. This is the first album of many to come. As long as I can keep affording it and keep doing it I will, because it’s my love and my passion.

To be honest, her ridiculous hyperbole isn’t even all that funny anymore. To claim that her album is as good or better than albums by Michael Jackson and Britney Spears is entirely laughable … to believe that her music will “make an impact in pop history” is, quite possibly, the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life. I’ve been able to preview this album and, I gotta say, Montag’s music makes the ¢rap that Ke$ha has put out sound like a musical masterpiece. There is absolutely nothing inventive or provocative about Montag’s music … it’s not even catchy in that terrible Tardy for the Party way that would even give it a rat’s ass’s chance in Hell of becoming even a minor hit. This interview is just … yeah … prolly the very last we may ever hear from Heidi Montag here on the blog. OY!


  • Meagan

    She needs to fall off the face of the earth already.

  • GM

    I like Ke$ha! I wouldn’t call it crap!

  • nicole

    after seeing the cover of people magazine – the one with her new face…i will never ever..everrrr..take her seriously. (not that i did to begin with)

  • Devo

    “That was more 2009.” Is it just me, or did anyone picture her saying,”That was sooooo 2009!!”

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She says this crap to drum up attention for her album. Unfortch for her that doesn’t translate to album sales. I really hope they are broke and we don’t have to hear from them anymore. I can’t wait to see her on VH1 in ten years on the show “where are they now” and she and Spencer are living in some small town hustling the church folk for money as Spencer is the pastor. “Give us your money and Jesus will set you free”, I can hear it now!

  • Crystal

    I thought we said no more of this hooker ever on your amazing blog. I vomited just reading the headline. I couldn’t go on any further.

    • @Crystal — I never said that before … but I’m saying it now, blech.

  • Crystal

    I still love you though. And I forgive you :)

  • Cait

    Trent, have you heard any of the songs on the album ? I’m wondering if it’s any worse than Paris Hilton’s album.

    • @Cait — Yes, I’ve been able to preview the album and every song sounds exactly the same and is terrible.

  • Meredith

    Aren’t we tired of people being famous for being famous? All we have to do is not speak of them and they will go away. I promise. Let’s try it!

  • LuvQueenBritney

    Trent is right, its complete garbage!

  • Her album would be successful… if someone else sang all of the vocals, and the producers didn’t overuse autotune. If she did indeed go broke putting out this album (which I don’t buy at all, I smell a publicity stunt) she seriously wasted her money.

  • This chick is a freaking disaster & I find this article hilarious. She really thinks that she’ll make her $ back in a week & that all of her followers will buy it…guess again! I really would like them to vanish from pop culture.

  • Ama

    I like how she is saying about how much money she has spent on this album, and how confident she is that she will get that much back. When other people around the world can barely afford to pay their bills and get food for their family.

    Annoying.She better appreciate her time in the lime light when she has it, because eventually people are going to get tired of her blabbing on about her so called problems and what she thinks is important, or they will just get tired of her eventually.

    She has not seen reality since being on that ‘reality’ show. Bleh.

  • Roze

    The whole album consists of canned beats and auto-tune. I listened to 30 seconds of each song, and it all sounds the same to me. Uninspired and no originality.

  • Landy

    I can’t wait to get a 45 rpm and blast it on my Close ‘N Play. Too bad she wasted so much of her own money on a failed venture.

  • Jill

    Go AWAY already! Both her and he stupid husband. They are both sooooo pathetic I am so embarrased for them.

  • CB

    Wait. If it’s taken three years to put this album out, wouldn’t the songs be sooooo 2007? Just sayin’.

  • Meg

    It’s nice to know that anyone can make dying animal sounds, slap it on a disc and sell it as “music” these days. All it takes is money.
    Where have all of the smart people gone? All of the good people who are real role models? And why isn’t intellect pursued more than a f%*$-ing career as a socialite/tablo-whore?

  • Denise

    Since she had all that plastic surgery – did she get her chin done?

  • Margie

    I’m sure some of the money was spent on her face and how she looks NO WHERE near what she did before the Spencer incident.

    This girl = estupid.

  • Meg

    She said she did. Apparently people said she had a Jay Leno chin???? I’m calling BS on that hand of cards. Someone needs to slap her with the cd she just made.

  • Sara

    OMG… I just listened to the clips on her YouTube page… that whole album is horrible. If everyone hates you so much, and everyone knows you can’t sing, and no one will sign you, that should be a clue that maybe you shouldn’t release an album. That couple is delusional! I feel sorry for the million people that are following her on Twitter and are saying how excited they are to buy her album… ugh.

  • Irma

    PLEASE, someone prevent her from ruining the World Cup…

  • Zsófi

    OMG! Why do such bitches never get slapped in the face???
    She is more annoying than Miss Paris Hilton herself.

  • Carl

    See, I actually like the music…not for her voice, but because the music itself is fun. It’s great to listen to while doing cardio, just my personal opinion. I prefer Heidi without Spencer, I think she has made some sad choices but I don’t hate her..and I wonder if people would like her more if she dumped him? On a side note, Trent I thought you were friends with them? I remember posts you made about how nice they were in person, etc. and you loved her song “fashion”..what happened?

    • @Carl — Yes, they are very nice in person but even I am tired of this public persona they put on. I never said I liked any of her songs.

  • krissy

    I think she could make a popular cd….if people actually liked her. Personality will take you a long way. However, in Heidi’s case people are so repulsed by her, even if she could make a Thriller-quality cd, it wouldn’t be successful. Interviews like this just seal her fate.


    Heidi looks like a horse and she is a whore. So therefore, she’s a whoooooooooooorse.

  • Jordan

    This is RIDICULOUS. She is a reality TV star. No, not even a star. She was on a reality TV show and everyone hated her. To say that this album will be better than Michael Jackson’s or Britney Spears is absurd- those two are legends, and she literally has done nothing.

  • All the plastic surgery has made her look like Dolph Lundgren from Rocky 4. Seriously, check out the resemblance: http://bit.ly/8B1wt0 The album is definitely going to flunk.

  • Lauren

    @kathb…I just wanted to take a moment in defense of Mr. Lundgren lol…that is a beautiful Swede, I have loved him in all his movies not matter how good or bad lol….let’s not compare him to that trainwreck :)

  • Yeah, you’re right @Lauren. Dolph was better looking. He’s an Oscar winner next to her.

  • smp_7328

    Talk about delusions of grandeur! Total.Dumbass.

  • debho

    @CB…I thought the same thing. Wouldn’t the songs be so 3 years ago if it took her so long to make it? Also, would she really have a million people following her on Twitter? Or is she delusional again? I am seriously embarrassed for her.

  • ash

    Thanks for posting this anyway, Trent.
    I really needed to laugh today haha

  • Amanda

    Is this girl for real? Honey, if it costs you 2 million dollars to make 12 songs that sound the same, then it’s clearly a crap album. And did she really refer to herself as a musician??? I think I’m going to throw up.

  • Cee

    I wish they would be swollowed up by a giant hole and never be found.

  • PixiesBassline

    She may be a whole list of pathetic things.. but the bitch has confidence. Fuck – she makes me SICK.

  • Daphne

    Come on people.. this HAS to be a joke! She cant be that much of a braindead slut…. can she?

    …If so there really is no more hope for mankind which is such a depressing thought…

  • Meg

    OH MYLANTA. So now there was a kidnapping plot today??????? Apparently cops were called to their place and it was a circus, according to neighbors, because they called in a kidnapping plot. SERIOUSLY. Who let them off the island they were on when they did that other reality show?? Should have left them there.

  • Lilliah

    Trent, I want to give you a virtual hug for calling out the krap that is Kesha.

  • Lilliah
  • Susie

    “Thriller?” As in MJ’s Thriller?

    Is she stupid or just on crack?
    She’ll never be as great as MJ is.

  • Catherine

    I like villians, and I don’t mind these two at all. I think Heidi’s gorgeous, before AND after her surgeries. And Spence cracks me up. I <3 Lauren, but that doesn't mean I can't <3 Speidi too.

  • Claire

    Who the eff is kesha? No, nvm. I dont think i even need to know. This heidi chick is a lunatic.

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  • Laure

    Trent, please please please tell me this waste of space doesn’t have millions of followers on twitter?
    It CAN’T be true ??!!
    or maybe it’s for the unintentional lols she brings her followers…?

  • Ummmmm thank GOD MJ is DEAD – if he wasn’t he’d die from laughing about this ridiculous comment!

  • JenT

    Does anyone else think that the cover for this album looks like a photo from “America’s Next Top Model”? Not one of the good ones either, one of the ones that the judges rip apart and send the person home after.

  • Laura

    I agree. Montag is totally not smiling with her eyes.

  • Miss Nimbus

    ” prolly the very last we may ever hear from Heidi Montag here on the blog.” HELLALUJAH…… She is the biggest fucken joke of the century and Spencer has done a MARVELOUS job in brain washing her…….

  • Anna

    it’s just funny that her heart and soul and everything she’s got comes out as a song titled “HEY BOY” or “ONE MORE DRINK” :)) LOL!! how lame can one person be????

  • Zsófi

    Poor girl! She should have taken the pictures AFTER plastic surgery.

  • Jaecstasy

    Why would she even dare compare her album to Thriller? She’s definitely got life fucked up, seriously.

  • Daphne


    Totally agree with you.. and is it you me our is has her butt been freakishly photoshopped? Someone should tell her that that ‘booty’ that ‘s been put on her doesn’t suit her tanorexic frame!

  • beyondblonde

    She was probably forced to use her own money to make the album because no one else is dumb enough to invest their money in her

  • Ali_Di

    Trent, I just made my mother listen to 30 secs of one of Heidi’s songs (via People Magazine’s website), and showed her the album cover. “If it weren’t for the synthesizer & echo chamber all you would hear is a husky whisper”, “She looks like a transvestite… wait that’s insulting to transvestites.” And I agree. While I have enjoyed a Speidi-free Pink, I have enjoyed reading, and sharing this post with others. Now I want Al Roker to interview her at the end of the year and tell her how much crap this is. Unlike any other previous mediocre pop star in the past, Heidi Montag possesses no singing talents what so ever. I really hope that the World Cup avoids her like the plague.

  • ashley

    Her songs that was relased before the cd is really bad… hope people don’t like her.

  • nae


  • Gayle

    How Insulting to Michael Jackson for someone like this piece of Trash to call he so called album as good as Thriller.. Is she Insane… Well, Ok that was dumb of me.. Her and Hubby need to go away off of this Earth.


  • i cant wait until she dies from her fucking surguries the fucking cockbreath bitch go ahead and email me you slimy whore

  • you stinken fucking phomy slut

  • your no different then the salahis slime, dick head baloon fuck and other wannnabees slimeball shit out there including the talentless kardashian pigs oink oink oink

  • i never watch the tv show insider because they only monitor slime balls, but a year ago they had some duck face fuck who had 37 lip surguries done and she was terminally ill from it i cant wait until heidi montag scumbag turns up in an interview in the next year or two with the same problems

  • N

    Bahahahaha. Didn’t it only sell like 1,000 copies in the first week of release? I love it so much. I know it’s horrible and I’m going to hell, but it brings me great joy to see her and Spencer fail at things they do while they talk about how great they are.

  • sexy boy

    I like how she drivin she is! Maybe she will shock us all and have us think twice. However I don’t like how she was almost was saying that she in some way works harder then micheal jackson did or britney spears did/does. She is not to their level of popularity and talent yet, BUT I don’t think what she said was that bad, she just needs to stop making it sound like she works any harder then micheal jackson and britney spears because she doesn’t. I also wish she wasn’t copying britney’s style, because it IS britney’s style and because of that it looks good and works really well. Not saying she cant be sexy but she looks almost more like a wannabe then an actual pop star. Real pop stars are ppl like britney spears and christina aguilera and micheal jackson and beyonce knowles and jennifer lopez and rihanna and chris brown and jay sean. They are sexy and beautiful/handsome and all kind of have the same exact style, but they find ways to make it their own, and heidi just hasn’t made her OWN style.