Celebs Line Up To Present 2010 Golden Globe Awards


The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will take place LIVE this Sunday January 17th and today we are hearing of a new batch of celebs who have been selected to act as presenters during the big show. In addition to folks like Cher, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christina Aguilera, today we are hearing that Ashton Kutcher, Zoe Saldana, Kate Hudson and Amy Adams have been lined up to present awards at the Golden Globes this Sunday night:

Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher, Zoe Saldana and Amy Adams will appear on the Golden Globes. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the Globes, says the four actors will serve as presenters at Sunday’s ceremony. Ricky Gervais will host the 67th annual awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The show will air live on NBC (8 p.m. EST). Other presenters include Cameron Diaz, Josh Brolin, Christina Aguilera, Colin Farrell, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Sophia Loren and Cher.

I am really excited for the GGs this year … it is the first big awards show of Awards Season and will give us an idea of how things may play out in other awards shows leading up to the big enchilada, The Academy Awards. The laid back nature of the Golden Globes usually results in some unscripted yet very entertaining moments and the cavalcade of fashions on the red carpet usually tends to be better than most other carpets. To prepare for this year’s awards show, you can click HERE for a full list of this year’s Golden Globe nominees. Considering the folks listed here (and others) will be the ones handing out the trophies, it might be a good idea to pick your faves in case they end up winning :)


  • Too bad Dame Elizabeth Taylor won’t be presenting at the GG’s this year… she was so good last time:
    ” :) Gladiator :)”
    (horrible vid, but audio is fine)
    Ahh, memories :)


    I freakin’ love Zoe Saldana! I think she deserves an Oscar because to have a career after Crossroads is immense achievement in my book. : )

  • Meghan

    So excited that Ricky Gervais is hosting!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    AHHHHH Cher!!! Anything with Cher in it makes me excited!!

  • krissy

    I love awards shows, mostly for the gowns.

  • People are saying Hurt Locker was an upset. No. A Serious Man would have been an upset. Hurt Locker deserved Best Picture and it’s just an added bonus that it beat out the most expensive movie ever made.