David Beckham Strips, Shows Off A New Tattoo


‘Twas a bizzy day for David Beckham yesterday, not only did he strip off as much clothing as possible during yesterday’s AC Milan vs. Juventus soccer match in Turnin, Italy to show off both his new Jesus tattoo (on top) and his black undies (on the bottom) but he also helped his European soccer team win their game 3-0 … bizzy, bizzy, bizzy. First off, let’s get to the good stuff. Tattoo aficionado Becks got himself another tattoo recently and chose yesterday’s game to show it off … behold, Becks’s new tattoo of the religious painting The Man Of Sorrows by artist Matthew R. Brooks:

He’s confident enough with a football at his feet but it looks as if David Beckham is just a bit religiously-confused when it comes to his tattoos. The superstar footballer revealed a new black and white tattoo of The Man Of Sorrows by artist Matthew R. Brooks as he celebrated AC Milan’s 3-0 victory over Juventus at the Olympic Stadium in Turin. It’s the fourth image depicting Christian iconography that Beckham, 34, has had etched into his body – adding what can only be described as a multi-faith collection. The England star, who looked in great shape despite a two-month break before his return to AC Milan, already has a crucifix on the back of his neck, just above a guardian angel located between his shoulder blades and an angel on his right shoulder. His arms have since been covered with more black ink work, including stars, Japanese-influenced imagery and pin-up girl-esque women … In his autobiography Both Feet On The Ground, Beckham said of his tattoos: ‘Mine are all about the people in my life, my wife and sons, who I want to have with me always. ‘When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about Victoria and the boys. They’re part of me.’

And now he’s got another tattoo to add as part of him. Generally, I like tattoos but it really seems like Becks is going way overboard with all these tats. Pretty soon he’s gonna run out of space on his body to get inked. But anyways … yes, Becks and his AC Milan teammates managed to pull off a win against Juventus so he was doing more than just showing off his new tattoo:

But for me the highlight of the game was when Becks decided to change his tiny soccer shorts while out on the field, stripping down to his black Emporio Armani undies right there on the soccer pitch for all the world to see. After the jump, your turn to see his strip show …

Woot!! I love this … it’s a shame Becks doesn’t change up his soccer shorts during games like this more often … that would ensure that I (and most likely many other folks) would tune in more frequently to watch him play. Congrats to Becks on his new tattoo and congrats to AC Milan on their win. What do y’all think of Becks’s new ink … do we like?

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  • Shellslove

    uuuggghhhh…he is SO freakin SEXY!! ya know, for all the posts about him, to be honest – I never noticed this before! I kinda skip over the Beckhams (except to check out Posh’s alien wardrobe – love it!) I generally don’t have much interest…but without the shirt?! wow, just WOW! Religiously confused or not, who cares! the tats make him even more delicious – amen!

  • nae

    i personally LOVE the tats & encourage him to keep getting them! yummy!!!

  • Shazz

    He’s got like, the lamest tattoo’s ever..
    Maybe its just cos i’m atheist.. but really.. gosh.
    Waste of money.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    WOWZA!! He is so damn hot! I can’t ever get enough! I really enjoy that Tatoo he got. I think it looks good.

  • nicole

    i love tattoos…but usually i would consider this too much. but becks pulls them off, he suits tattoos. so i say get a few more, as long as he shows them off ;)

  • Kendra

    I love my men tattooed..Especially Beckham..It just works on him! He’s hot..He’s talented..He’s a seemingly great father and husband..He’s a snazzy dresser..He’s PERFECTION!!

  • Meghan

    I love tattooed men and I personally have six of them, but Becks it’s time to cool it.

  • Amanda

    I read somewhere that the many tattoos are part of his OCD. He’s addicted to the pain of the needle or something like that.

  • Irma

    @Amanda, I have heard similar things about his OCD. That’s personally what keeps me from getting one; I feel I would just want more and more.

  • siena x

    he’s so f***ing hot.
    can’t wait to see him in SA this summer :D *crosses fingers*

  • Leah

    Meghan, how did you manage to collect 6 tattooed men? That’s pretty impressive! =)

  • Miss Nimbus

    SO.DAMND.HOT.HOT.HOT – am overheating now….. *swoon*

  • Truthyisalways

    I think it’s way over the top, and unappetizing. I read a quote by him about how he needed to vaccuum the carpet so the carpet pile went just exactly a certain way, so I can see the OCD thing, but this ain’t no way to deal with it. Yickers.

  • I like his six pack.I don’t care about his ink, just gimme his body. I want to kill his wife and rape him. But that’s maybe just me, no?