‘Balloon Boy’ Dad, Richard Heene, Goes To Jail Today


Last month we learned that Richard Heene, the moronic “mastermind” of the infamous Balloon Boy Hoax that gripped the nation last October, was sentenced to spend 90 days in jail for his conviction of that crime. It turns out that he will only have to serve 1/3 of that sentence (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he will be released even sooner) but he will have to spend some time in jail … because today is the day he surrenders himself for incarceration:

Richard Heene won’t have to worry about the “shower situation” in lockdown — TMZ has learned dude will get to shower alone. Heene has roughly an hour to check himself into Larimer County Detention Center — where he will begin his 30-day sentence for being a hoax-running, resource-abusing d-bag. We’re told Balloon Dad has quite a schedule when he arrives at the jail — starting with a 72 hour evaluation where authorities will decide where to put the guy. Heene will also be issued his orange uniform. As for the food — Heene will eat breakfast at 6:15 AM every morning. Lights out is at 10:30 PM. At least he’ll be eating like true royalty — his first meal is turkey a la king with rice. Bon appetit.

Blah. Heene made an appearance on Larry King Live last night (a show that has really sunk to new lows these days, Tila Tequila is scheduled to appear on the show this Tuesday) to declare to the world that the Balloon Boy incident was not a hoax after all. Whatever his lame-ass story is, he has been convicted of his crimes and now will be begin to repay society for what he took from it. Good riddance, I saw. I’m guessing he will be released before his measly 30 days are up but one hopes he will learn the err of his ways while he cools his heels in jail for whatever stretch of time he ends up serving.


  • Anna

    Oh man, that haircut is bad. It’s like boy band circa 1991.

    What this guy and his wife did was just awful. Having a 6 year old child myself, I actually cried when I watched that balloon flying through the air on tv, thinking the little boy was in there. It was heartbreaking.

    I hope Richard enjoys his time in jail!

  • Amanda

    I actually watched a bit of him on Larry King and he is definitely a BAD liar. Enjoy your time in jail buddy and I hope this is the last we hear of him.

  • debho

    Nah, he’s too arrogant to see the error of his ways. This stint in jail will probably just give him time to think up his next hair-brained scheme. I can only imagine what the other inmates will think of him. lol

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