Courtney Love Gets A Few New Tattoos


Last week we learned that Michael Lohan got himself a tacky new tattoo (which he was PROUD to show off to anyone who cared) and today we learn that Courtney Love, too, got herself some new ink recently. C. Love posted a series of photos on her official Twitter profile (yep, she’s back) to show off her new tats:

In fine Courtney Love fashion, she decided to share a bit more of herself in order to give her followers the full experience of the new tattoos that have been freshly inked onto her arm and breast. After the jump, check out a few more of C. Love’s personal photos — one of which includes a NSFW peek at one her nipples …

As far as cherry-blossom tattoos go, these look very nice. They even look good on Courtney. I could really do without the errant, yet intentional, nip slip but … whatev, it’s Courtney Love, whaddayagonnado? As you may recall, we learned last week that she is seriously planning a musical comeback later this year with her new album Nobody’s Daughter. I’m not sure we’re necessarily ready for her return to the stage but … it’s gotta be entertaining, right?


  • Kendra

    They look like random nipples or sores to me..The concept is cute but..Meh..

  • debho

    They look like those stick on tats.

  • Kattmow

    No suprise her kid got the fuck outta there

  • robin

    ive contemplated a cherry blossom branch tattoo before…these look absolutely awful. and what the hell is wrong with her lips?? eek.

  • tatiana

    Maybe she should work on repairing her relationship with her daughter instead of getting some stupid tattoos. She looks horrible.

  • Pheefs

    I think a cherry blossom branch tattoo would look really nice, Robin!

    but yeah, this looks like she broke out in flowers like you’d break out in hives

  • DJWhoop

    God does that woman need a shower

  • Gill

    Can’t believe I’m going to say this but I thinkt hey look pretty, never thought I would like anything C-Love related!

  • Miss Nimbus

    OK then.

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  • frisa

    I always wonder what would her life have been like if Kurt hadn’t killed himself.

  • PINK…has always been my favorite color !!!