First Look: Rihanna, ‘Rude Boy’


Boy, Rihanna is really churning out the singles these days … after releasing Russian Roulette, Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova) and Hard in just a couple months time, she’s already prepping the release of another single — Rude Boy. Here is our first look at the single artwork for Ri Ri’s newest single from her latest album Rated R:

As you can see, Rihanna’s penchant for wearing as little clothing as possible is still in full effect in this artwork cover. Nekkidness really seems to be the overarching theme of her album this time around, I suppose she is really taking the Rated R title seriously. I’m of the mind that she is working thru something with all of this imagery, clearly she needs to express herself in this way. I’m really looking forward to the time when she’s finished with this way of self-expression, when she puts her clothes back on and moves forward in a more creative way.


  • JHop

    Hell. if I had that body, I’d never wear clothes either.

  • Didi

    haha i totally agree! this whole celeb nudity is so overdone, it’s not “proving” anything

  • debho

    Yeah, put some clothes on. And is that a ciggie hanging from her mouth? I guess she’ll churn out every song from this album as a single just as she did the last. Nothing wrong with that, but it seemed that every other week she’d release another single. Too much in your face. JMO


    Beyonce busted a lot of singles out as well with her Sasha Fierce thing. It just happens. For some reason, a lot of artists can’t be lucky to have one single promote a full album and, with album sales these days, an artist needs to pop out a lot of singles just to make the overall album stay afloat. In my opinion, ‘Fire Bomb’ is the best single on the album and it will save the album just like ‘Irreplaceable’ did for that one Beyonce album.

  • Caelyn

    I agree, she HAS to release Fire Bomb as a single!!

  • Amanda

    I hate it when artists put out too many singles at once. Overexposure is not good!

  • nicole

    someone take this girl shopping cause apprently shes lost all her clothes.
    but anyways,this is one song that shouldnt have been a single. the album doesnt have alot of strong singles to being with,…but its seems funny thier avoiding the ones that will actually do something.
    and rihannas gotta be careful going the beyonce route. rihanna is easy to get sick of, and whoring the album out with singles will just people to move on faster. putting out a shit load singles didnt save beyonce, that one single (single ladies) did.
    rihanna & her camp need to learn that fast, cause after then tons of singles that got over played from GGGB, people are already getting ready to move on.

  • mikey

    I like the imagery and look of the promo’s of Rated R. I don’t think its just about being shock people but like being a different Rihanna to what people “you thought you knew me, well her is all of me” and like a liberation thing, where no clothes is being set free, with nothing to hide.

    I am Rihanna…hear me Roar

  • Shoot, if I looked that good, I wouldn’t wear clothes either!

  • ash

    yes, Fire Bomb from her album is actually the greatest Rihanna track in a long time. It will do GREAT on radio. THATS a song she should release. Besides, Rude Boy is a summer song, not a winter song. Anyhow….

  • Jordan

    I find it sad that she has released all these singles in just a few months and I think I have only heard her on the radio once in the last 6 months

  • Sooz

    I am not a fan of her music, nor do I think she is all that unique looking, but I think these pics are eye-catching and edgy. There is nothing wrong with nudity! She’s not eve showing anything, so what if she wants to do her pics this way.

  • J

    Mmmm i find your statement about moving forward in a more creative way a bit confusing. Rated R isn’t any normal pop or R&B record. It may not be something thats going to be remembered in 20 years as some outstanding record. But it was definitely greater that most pop albums release in 2009 and of recent. It’s fresh and different and i think she has grown a lot with her maturity and has a lot more creative control. It may seem her style in just a bit more hardcore you could say that Good Girl Gone Bad – but the music itself, is definitely a great step forward creatively. ANd being her first record with a lot of input in writing, she has done well.

  • Lilliah

    Well, I think when Trent said “puts her clothes back on and moves forward”, he was referring to exactly that- not the album, just the constantly nekkid/outward expression thing. I agree with what I *believe* he’s saying- yeah, there ain’t nothing wrong with this, but for a lot of people, it gets old fast (well, I’m also a heterosexual woman, so maybe that’s part of the reason why ;) She’s totally hot, yeah, but after a while.. I think she seems like a great girl and I’d never really hate on her, but I can’t help but feel really tired of the constant pouty face and the whole “i’m so hard” persona. But, I also tend to think people who try to act “hard” just look cheesy and contrived- I’d prefer to see her smiling and happy any day. At least sometimes. And yeah, I’m still talking about photo shoots, videos, etc. Edgy is the new ..played out

  • jessi

    ok her new songs are dark and annoying but, she looks fantastic in that photo. props

  • @chase what’s Beyonce got to do with Rihanna not wearing any clothes?

  • amanda

    lol @Here I Go Again. I like Rude Boy… Although it sounds like it was writen by with the fact that the lyrics are so repetitive.
    “What I want-want-want is what you want-want-want/ Give it to me baby like boom-boom-boom/Nah Nahhhhhh-ahhhhhhh”

  • Joezz

    Who wrote this sh*t? Rated R has a 76 on Metacritic and is praised for its creative leap by most major critics. What do you want Rihanna to do? Smile and make nice like a puppet making more poptart crap? I’m glad she’s taking some risks and pushing the envelope. That takes guts, maturity, and artistry. Whatever she’s doing, keep doing it.

  • Miss Nimbus

    *yawn* Sorry but I’m sick of seeing this girls flesh….

  • hi rhianna
    i have listened to all ur songs and this one is the best RUDE BOY…… i hope one day if i see you could chang my life.i think your the best singer in the whole world, i hope you have a good long term relatiomship with your new boyfriend.i hope you get this message because im your biggest number one fan.

  • Marisa

    love rhianna so bad assssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!