Courteney Cox-Arquette & Lisa Kudrow Are Friends Forever


In early December we got our first look at Lisa Kudrow’s upcoming guest appearance on BFF Courteney Cox-Arquette’s hit ABC series Cougar Town and a couple weeks after we got to see the first video promo for the ep. Today we get to see a couple new promo photos from the set of Cougar Town and we learn a bit more about Kudrow’s appearance on the show. Be warned, the following report contains spoilers for the ep that has yet to air:

It seems Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow became companions for life after working together for almost 10 years on Friends. Because six years after the hit comedy show ended, the pair are still keen to work together … She guest stars as a nasty dermatologist who digs her claws into zany divorcee Jules Cobb’s (Cox) ex-husband. The episode airs in the U.S. on Wednesday. Cox and Kudrow starred as Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay for 10 seasons on NBC’s Friends. During a break from filming the episode last November, the duo – who are pals in real life, as evidenced by their unabashed banter – chatted about working opposite each other again. ‘I get to play a really mean person,’ teased Kudrow, ‘so that’s really fun.’ Last year, Cox guest-starred on Kudrow’s wry online improv series Web Therapy as a psychic looking to get her sixth sense back from Kudrow’s matter-of-fact therapist. Kudrow insisted she would have taken just about any role offered on Cougar Town, as long as it didn’t require any nudity. Cox, 45, however, has not had such an issue with stripping off on screen and has done so in the name of laughs on more than one occasion since Cougar Town debuted on ABC last September to more than 11million viewers. ‘I’ve turned a corner,’ Cox said jokingly. ‘Now that I’m this age, I’ve decided to go as nude as possible.’ ‘You look great,’ Kudrow told her. ‘No, Lisa, I’m lit well,’ Cox retorted. ‘Well, I could be on the surface of the sun, and it wouldn’t look good,’ Kudrow quipped. Cox said there was an open invitation for all her Friends co-stars – Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston – to stop by Cougar Town. But she was most anxious for a visit from Kudrow, a Groundlings improv vet who starred in such films as Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion and Wonderland during her Friends tenure. ‘I really wanted Lisa to be on the show, if she would,’ said Cox. ‘First of all, she’s so unbelievably talented. I knew she’d go out there and play a really fun character, so it just kind of worked out perfectly for her to play a dermatologist that is very judgmental and not nice. She takes those risks… It was great.’

OOOOH, I love it!! I quite like the ex-husband character that actor Brian Van Holt plays on Cougar Town, I think his scenes with Kudrow will be a lot of fun. After the jump, check out a promo photo that features Cox-Arquette, Kudrow and Van Holt filming a seemingly integral scene for this new ep …

LOOOOVE IT!! This new ep of Cougar Town which features Lisa Kudrow airs on ABC this Wednesday night (tomorrow!!). I can’t wait!!!


  • nicole

    i cant wait for this episode. i love this show.

  • I LOVE Cougar Town. can’t wait for this epi!

  • Dee

    YAY!! I LOVE this show and I’m so excited to see them together again!

  • Neil

    I miss Regina Filange!

  • Hilda

    LMFAO @ Regina Filangie! I dont watch Cougar Town because I don’t know what channel it comes on on my tv but I would love to watch it…