Michael Lohan Gets A New Tattoo


Michael Lohan, estranged father of Lindsay Lohan, went and got himself a brand new tattoo on his arm over the weekend to match the one that his latest girlfriend Kate Major got done on her arm. Clearly taking inspiration from the garish designs made famous by tacky fashion designer Christian Audigier, Daddy Lohan went and got himself a flaming heart on his arm … behold:

Michael Lohan took a break from recording phone calls with his daughter and (allegedly) kicking his lady friend in the baby maker to get a tattoo on Saturday with Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend. Only a few days in and 2010 has already gone to hell. Lindsay’s dad and Kate Major went into a tattoo parlor and got matching tats (see above) to mark their … hell, we don’t know what they were thinking. At least it doesn’t say WORLD’S GREATEST DAD.

LOL! Everything about this scenario screams Michael Lohan. The man seems desperate to stay hip, cool and “young” and spends a lot of his time grasping a straws in order to try and regain his long lost youth. That he is getting matching (and might I had fugly) tattoos with Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriends is just … sooooo perfect for Michael Lohan. To be honest, I feel almost sorry for this sad, tragic man. Well, almost. I’m sure Lohan can’t *wait* to show off his bitchin’ new ink when next he manages to attract a stray photog or two. Just … sad.


  • Margie

    This couldn’t be scripted any better. The level of crazy is just awesome.

  • Meredith

    @Trent—Question: Why is this guy in the news? His daughter is an “actress/singer/model”, but WHY are we talking about her dad? Other than providing the DNA for Lindsay, why is this man being covered by the press???? I just don’t get it.

    • @Meredith — For me, he makes a great cautionary tale. Highlighting his lameness might inspire others to be better people.

  • Shan

    What a lame tat!! Way to pick em right off the wall!