Julie Benz Joins The Cast Of ‘Desperate Housewives’


Great news for fans of actress Julie Benz of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dexter fame … I’m happy to pass along the news that she’s got a new job these days. Now, this report will come as a bit of spoiler for those of you who have yet to see the shocking season 4 finale ep of Dexter (which aired last month on Showtime) but it is happy news for Benz supporters (like me). Let’s just say that Julie will not be appearing in season 5 of Dexter … which is fine because, according to Entertainment Weekly, she scored a new role on the ABC hit drama Desperate Housewives:

Julie Benz has bounced back from her shocking Dexter departure with a major role on Desperate Housewives. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Benz — whose character, Rita, succumbed to the most horrific bubble bath in television history in last month’s Dexter finale — has been cast in the recurring role of Debbie, a stripper with a heart of gold and a Masters degree in education. When Susan offers her the chance to transition into a more legitimate career, Deb jumps at it. Benz is booked for at least three episodes, the first of which is scheduled to air in February.

Yay!! This is amazing news, I’m very pleased to know that Julie scored a new gig so quickly. As some of you may recall, I was able to speak directly with Julie Benz about the circumstances that occurred in the season 4 finale of Dexter (a conversation that you can listen to in full HERE) and she mentioned that it was her hope that her next job would be on a comedy. Desperate Housewives is technically a drama but I suppose it’s a funny drama. It’s a shame that Julie will only be on DH for 3 eps because her addition to the show is enough to make me start watching … perhaps her stint will turn into something more, therefore winning at least one new viewer. We shall see.


  • Ali

    Jeez man, this is the THIRD post in which you spoil Dexter for a bunch of people. I am still only at season 3 but thanks to you I now know the “surprising end” of season 4.

    • @Ali — Yeah, sorry … I cannot censor information that I want to pass along to people for those who don’t watch a show as it airs on the off chance that they may watch the show sometime in the future. I am not intentionally trying to spoil the surprise for you or everyone else who doesn’t watch any show.

  • The show aired a month ago! If you haven’t caught up by now that is NOT Trent’s fault. Geez! I never found out who shot JR when it aired 20 years ago….. is it Trent (or anyone else’s) fault if you tell me now?

    A day after…. yes that is a spoiler. But a month after a show aired. Gimme a break.

  • Lol

    Who the heck did she play on Buffy? I don’t remember seeing this woman even once.

    • @Lol — Julie Benz played Darla, the Master’s #1 vampire during Season One. She was killed but then appeared in other seasons (in flashback scenes) when it was revealed that she was the vampire who make Angel a vampire. She was resurrected as a human on ‘Angel’ but then was made into a vampire again, she teamed up with Drucilla (the vampire who made Spike a vampire) and they caused a bit of trouble. Darla is a very important character in the Buffyverse.

  • laura

    Ummmm DARLA.

  • Jo

    I agree that DH is a drama and should be labeled as such…but isn’t it in the comedy category for the award shows?

  • Chivonne

    Thanks bunches Trent :/
    I wasn’t sure if it was completely true but I take it that it is.

  • Mellonhead

    I, for one, am glad Rita isoff Dexter. The character was needy, clingy, vapid, dependent and, and dumb as dirt (really, did Dexter show ANY signs of heroin use, such as tracks on his arm…duh). I mean, who interrupts a man at a crime scene because her car stalled…ever hear of AAA roadside service? And that breath-y Marilyn Monroe, Happy Birthday Mr. President voice…yuk.

  • JeniLee

    i hated Rita’s character….I’ve wanted her gone the whole series. haha. I do love Julie Benz though!

  • Adam


  • Kendra

    I was reading posts on that EW article where people were super mad about the spoiler. Come on, people! It’s been a month! I don’t have Showtime, so I catch up online! There’s no reason for people to get mad..If they don’t want to know, they need to lock themselves in their houses and not watch tv or read anything online or in print..

    Aaaanywho, I watch Desperate Housewives and hope she takes the place of Drea de Matteo’s character..I’m not feeling it..Julie Benz will fit in perfectly on Wisteria Lane!

  • ryan

    Though I have yet to see a single episode of “Desperate Housewives”… good for Julie! I’ve been a Benz fan since she played Marcie in “Jawbreaker” and have followed her career since, so, after her “departure (?)” from “Dexter”, it is nice to know she’s still gonna be busy with other projects. Guess I have A LOT of catching up to do if I wanna watch her episodes once they air.

  • Lisa

    She played Darla? Man…. I need to get a better look at her face. I haven’t seen Dexter, but I probably will have to now because everyone seems to rave so much about it!

  • John Blair

    Thanks Trent for ruining the end of a season which has yet to be aired in the UK. Let me send ya some flowers and a box of Milk Tray. Jeez.

  • Lola001

    @ people complaining about Trent ruining the end of the season – he’s not forcing you to read his blog. Deal with it.

    I might have to start watching DH if Julie sticks around! I’m such a fan since seeing her on Dexter and I’m glad she has a new opportunity so soon after!

  • claire

    omfg! i first saw Julie Benz in BtVS and i can definately say that therell be another viewer for DH!