Les News, 010110

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  • Kendra

    Oh my gosh..I LOVED The Babysitters Club books!! I don’t think I could get through them these days, but they brought me so many hours of entertainment when I was younger!

  • diana

    I’m 23 and I loved the baby-sitters club books. I read through like 120 and also read the little sister series with karen. I have an 8 year old sister who is now working through them. Woohoo!

  • Ashley

    Holy frack! I LOVE The Baby-Sitters Club! I still have all my books from when I was younger put up for my kids. I had about 90 percent of the books and read them so much the spines broke.
    I am so excited!!!

  • apples

    Baby Sitter’s Club. Damn, I own at least 30. Ahaha I think I’ve read the majority of them!

  • Catherine

    I read an article earlier today about the BSC’s revival, and it said something about how parents don’t have to worry about what their daughters are reading about in the series, that Stacey and Laine’s “crazy” night in New York is much more innocent than what Blair and Serena are up to on just another night in the UES.