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Victoria Beckham Does ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Magazine

"People never believed the solo singing career, and it wasn’t the real me"

Victoria Beckham, who we learned earlier today spent some time with her family at the LA Lakers game here in SoCal last night, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. In her coverstory interview, Vicki B. opens up about the anxiety she felt from the public’s expectations of her solo singing career, her new fashion line and more. To be honest, it’s one of the most candid interviews that I’ve ever read from VB. Here is our first look at her new HB magazine cover and some excerpts from her interview:

Victoria Beckham has revealed how she keeps her tiny figure in shape – she works out EVERY day. The fashion designer hits the gym seven days a week so that she doesn’t need airbrushing in magazine pictures. This may come as a surprise to some fans – photos of her posing for Armani with husband David Beckham were widely believed to have been enhanced. Victoria makes the admission about her intensive exercise regime while talking about her successful fashion line in fashion bible Harper’s Bazaar. ‘I didn’t want to rely on retouching,’ she said. ‘I wanted to look at those pictures in 20 years’ time and say, “Wow, look – after three kids – I didn’t look bad.”’ The hard work has undeniably had an impact on her figure. The toned and trim 35-year-old features over an extensive 16 pages of the December issue. Contrary to the expectations of some, Victoria’s designs have been acclaimed, but she reveals she was incredibly nervous when launching her range. ‘I felt beyond vulnerable,’ she said. ‘I’d never known nerves like it in my life. The night before, I got nodules in my throat. ‘I’d never felt such anxiety. I was very aware that people were expecting very short clothes, probably quite revealing, and I really went against that and showed the other side of me.’ Despite finding fame and fortune with the Spice Girls, Victoria also reveals that fashion is more suited to her personality than singing. ‘I just want to learn as much as I can,’ she said. ‘I was always pushed into the theatre and dance – it’s just taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do.’ And in a frank admission she dismisses her attempts at a solo career, which were panned by critics. ‘People never believed the solo singing career, and it wasn’t the real me – I was a little bit lost at the time. I don’t mind making mistakes. I just can’t live with anyone else’s mistakes. I’m a complete control freak. I’m not the easiest person to work with because I’m so passionate and being a working mum, it’s a balancing act.’ Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski, the special double-cover December issue sees Victoria wearing a range of outfits – from an Yves Saint Laurent leather bodysuit to her own figure-hugging silk gazar dress.

I kinda like hearing VB talk about her insecurities … it humanizes her a bit … which is no small task when the accompanying photos make her look like an unfeeling mannequin ;) After the jump, check out the alternate cover for this issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and a few photos from her photospread … More »

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Vanilla Ice Celebrates His 42nd Birthday In Las Vegas

Birthday Lurve

Robert Van Winkle, better known to the world as Vanilla Ice, is celebrating his 42nd birthday today but Mr. Ice Ice Baby got the party started a bit early when he partied hearty at the Studio 54 nightclub inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV last night. Here are a few photos of V. Ice celebrating his 42nd at Studio 54 last night:

I understand that Vanilla Ice performed at the club’s Nightmare on 54th Street Halloween Celebration and sang a few of his classic hits … from Ice, Ice Baby to Ninja Rap (from the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles II: The Secret of the Ooze) … before heading up to the VIP skybox to celebrate his birthday after midnight. I love that Ice took time out of his bizzy beer commercial shootin’ schedule to party with the folks in Sin City. Happy Birthday, RVW!!

[Photo credit: Scott Harrison/Retna]

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The Dead Man’s Bones Spooktacular

The TV Guide

Last night my friend Josh and I attended a live performance by Dead Man’s Bones, the band made up of actor Ryan Gosling and his partner Zach Shields, at the Echo in Silverlake, CA. I’ve been really looking forward to this show for weeks now and last night was the night:

Dead Man’s Bones was joined on stage by the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir and because of the spooky nature of their music, the kiddies were all dressed up in costumes … as was much of the audience. After the jump, check out some of the photos that I snapped at the show last night … More »

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Les News, 103109

Colin's got a new baby, Rock Hall keeps celebratin', 'Nightmare' to be "deeper"

PITNB Readers, 103109

A Pink Skeleton, Some Bridesmaids & Robin Thicke

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Tiffany sends in a cute pic of her little 8 month old pink skeleton Eva who is all ready for her first night of trick or treating — Danielle sends in a pic of her Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West Hallowe’en costume — Jessica sends in a pic with her three bridesmaids Megan, Sarah and Janice at her recent wedding reception in Canmore, Alberta — Vanessa sends in a pic with hottie Robin Thicke who she met recently in Chicago, IL — my dear friend Sashie sends in a photo with her beautiful baby boy Jasper, who David and I finally got to meet back in September, all dressed up as a cute little dragon in his pre-Hallowe’en costume:

LOVE these photos … thank you all so much for sending them in!! Remember, I hoping that all will take fun pics of your Hallowe’en costumes today so that you can send them in for sharing here on the blog. Send your fun photos to pinkisthenewblog @ and I will post as many of them as I can! Thank you all so much for continuing to send in your awesome photos … keep ‘em coming!!


Production On ‘Sex And The City 2’ Moves To Morocco

'Sex' on holiday

Thus far we’ve seen photos from the NYC set of the sequel film Sex and the City 2 but just this week production of the film has moved out of New York … and to Morocco! It looks like the SaTC ladies will be taking a holiday … or flashing back to one. Here are pics of Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) and Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda Hobbes) on location in Morocco this week:

Carrie Bradshaw is swapping Sex And The City for another city… and her new location couldn’t be any more different from New York. Leaving Manhattan behind for a few weeks, SATC stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon were spotted filming the sequel in the bustling centre of Marrakech, Morocco today. In keeping with the Muslim country’s more modest dress code, Carrie has swapped her mini-skirts and strappy tops for a full-length skirt and a bolero over her shoulders. While Carrie has covered up for her Moroccan plotline, there’ll be no chance of her fading into the crowd with her distinctive style still evident. Carrie’s take on modest dressing sees her covering her shoulders, chest and legs in a full purple skirt, ‘J’Adore Dior’ T-shirt and a silver bolero. And as you’d expect, Carrie is still wearing her beloved heels. Meanwhile, her best pal Miranda has swapped her power dressing for a Death On The Nile-style white outfit and hat. The two women were spotted pavement pounding in their heels through old Marrakech’s main square Djemaa El Fna. Producers have remained tight-lipped about the plotlines and what exactly brings Carrie and co to Morocco. Some have speculated Carrie and new husband John Preston – aka Mr Big – travel to the north African country to adopt a child. Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Field told People magazine: ‘We’re shooting there for about six weeks. You’ll probably see belly dancers and Bedouins.’ As well as Marrakech, the SATC crew are expected to film in the Moroccan cities of Erfoud and Rabat.

Well, I’m happy to know that this time around they actually will film the location scenes on location … the Mexican resort scenes filmed for the first Sex and the City Movie were actually shot in Malibu, CA. I’m really trying to stay away from movie plot spoilers but this little bit of production location news is too interesting to not mention. Are any of y’all gonna dress up as the Sex and the City ladies for Hallowe’en tonight? If so, send me your pics (at pinkisthenewblog @ and I’ll be sure to post them on the blog!!

[Photo credit: Splash News, Source]

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Britney Spears & Jason Trawick Carry On With The Boys

Couple up

Yesterday we saw a few cute pics of Britney Spears‘s sons Sean Preston and Jayden James enjoying a day at the pumpkin patch with their father Kevin Federline but today we get to see pics of the kids back with Britney and her agent/beau Jason Trawick:

I suspect that the kiddies will be spending Hallowe’en night with their mother for trick or treating which means we may get to see what Britwick and the boys will dress up as. You may recall that Britney got all into the Hallowe’en spirit last year dressing up as a witch and dressing her boys as cute little animals. I can’t wait to see what they dress up as for Hallowe’en this year ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof Take Satyana To The Pumpkin Patch

Some bunny loves Hallowe'en

Here are a few ADORABLE photos of Alyson Hannigan and hubby Alexis Denisof taking their precious baby girl Satyana on her first visit to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon. As you can see, Satyana was dressed as a cute little pink bunny … I mean … there aren’t words for cuteness like this:

I’m not sure if Satyana will be wearing a different costume today for Hallowe’en but I’ll do my best to find out … after all, this will be Sati‘s first Hallowe’en and I know that her mom has got some fun stuff planned for the little darling today ;) Stay tuned …


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The Beckham Bunch Cheer On The LA Lakers

Family fun!

David and Victoria Beckham, along with their sons Romeo and Cruz, were spotted in prime court-side seats at the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game at the Staples Center last night rooting on their home team. It’s interesting that Vicki B. decided to tag along to last night’s game because she doesn’t usually accompany Becks to basketball games … which is why he sometimes gets into trubs for ogling the Laker Girls cheereleaders. With VB sitting right next to him last night, tho, Becks was on his best behavior:

David Beckham has become quite the fan of basketball since moving Stateside – but is he interested in the game or the scantily-clad cheerleaders? Posh Spice is taking no chances and made sure she was sat right next to David throughout an LA Lakers game yesterday. Victoria and David took sons Cruz and Romeo to the match, but all the boys seemed to be having much more fun than po-faced Posh. Posh, dressed in super-skinny black jeans, a black vest top and sky-scraper black and gold Christian Louboutin heels, looked thoroughly bored during the game. At one point, the basketball rolled off the court towards her but rather than picking it up and throwing it back to the players, Posh swept her feet up out of the way in horror! Cruz and Romeo seemed to be having a lot more fun – cheering the players on and getting absorbed in the spirit of the game. David also looked to be enjoying himself and didn’t appear to be distracted by the cheerleaders once. Whether that was because he’s learned his lesson or because Posh apparently kept an iron grip on his arm throughout most of the match is anyone’s guess.

LOL … atta girl … keepin’ an eye on Becks should be a joy not a chore ;) It’s nice to see the family all together again … not sure where the eldest Beckham boy, Brooklyn, was but methinks he decided to bail and hang with friends rather than hang out with his parents and kid brothers. I wonder if we’ll be able to see Les Beckhams and kids all dressed up for Hallowe’en? Any guesses on what they might dress up as?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Celebs Gettin’ Into The Hallowe’en Spirit

This is Hallowe'en

Happy Hallowe’en, y’all!! As some of you may be well aware, Hallowe’en is the pagan new year and is said to be the time of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest … meaning that ghosts and ghouls can cross over into the world of the living to either trick or treat us with spooky fun. Hollywood is never immune to the infectious pull of Hallowe’en each year … here are a few photos of some celebs all dressed up in Hallowe’en costumes this year:

I love that Ellen DeGeneres dressed up as Oprah Winfrey‘s O Magazine, Mickey Rourke dressed up as … well … I’m not sure what he dressed up as but it’s fun that he covered up his normally leathery tanned skin. The O’Connell brothers, Charlie and Jerry, dressed up as a shark and Shamu the whale respectively at the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times 17th annual Halloween Carnival held this week at Universal Studios … and Matthew McConaughey dressed up as the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon music video. See … it’s fun to dress up for Hallowe’en. I urge y’all to get in on the fun and dress up, too!! I am so excited for my costume! I wore a fun Incredible Hulk costume (see it HERE) to the Dead Man’s Bones concert last night but my main Hallowe’en costume will be revealed later on today (watch my Twitter). If YOU dress up today, I want you to snap pics and send them in to me via email (pinkisthenewblog @ and I’ll post as many of them on the blog as I can :) Have Fun! Happy Hallowe’en!!!


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