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Photos From Rihanna’s Italian ‘Vogue’ Photospread

A whole lotta

Last Friday we got our first look at Rihanna on the cover of the new issue of Italian Vogue magazine and today we get to see her entire 12 photo spread inside the mag, courtesy of … here is the first batch:

Rihanna is featured in the magazine’s “Fashion Supplement” section … and there is more of this fabulosity to be had. After the jump, check out another batch of photos from this spread — if you DARE … More »

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Camila Alves Brings Her Baby Bump To The Beach

Bump Watch

Over the weekend we saw photos of Matthew McConaughey and his first born son Levi Alves enjoying a day at the beach together and today we get to see a couple more beachy pics but this time with mama Camila Alves and her burgeoning baby bump. Here are pics of Camila, Matthew and their 1 1/2 kids in Malibu, CA yesterday:

While none of them look all too happy, they still make a very cute family. I’m still amazed at how much Matthew has settled down since he started his family with Camila. Seeing him carry around his son is just the cutest thing … and it’s very nice seeing Camila growing another baby in her womb. All this baby makin’ going on … I wonder who’s next.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Whitney Houston Does ‘Ebony’ Magazine

She's back

Whitney Houston is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Ebony magazine, just in time for the release of her new album I Look To You which is available for sale TODAY! Here is our first look at her new Ebony cover:

Thus far, the Ebony website has not been updated with any info about this Whitney issue but her interview and/or photos should be released soon. As for this cover, well, all I can say is Damn, Whitney looks good. It’s great to see her on magazine covers again, rather than tabloid covers. Welcome back, Whit!!

[Source, thanks Marcus]

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The Spears Clan Congregates In Miami, FL

Brit, JL, Ma, Pa, the young'ns ... they're all here!!

After spending some time in NYC last week and a couple of quick pitstops in Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA this weekend, Britney Spears brought her young’ns to Miami, FL to meet up with some members of her family … including her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears … and her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who brought along her own young’n Maddie Briann. Here are photos of the Spears fam chillin by the pool at their hotel in Miami yesterday afternoon:

Yeah, dude … Brit Brit sure does love showing off her bangin’ bikini bod. Britney will be performing a couple concerts in the area this week so she clearly thought it would be fun to bring together members of her family for a little bonding time in Miami. After the jump, check out a few more photos of the Spears fam maxin’ and relaxin’ — you gotta see the cute pic of Britney, JL and Maddie Briann soakin’ in the pool together … More »

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Nine Inch Nails ‘Wave Goodbye’ To Toronto, Canada

The last international performance

Nine Inch Nails was the headlining act at the Virgin Festival in Toronto, Ontario last night at the Molson Amphitheater, which was the final international performance by the band before they end their Wave Goodbye Tour later this week. After completing their string of dates in NYC last week and a couple of dates in Chicago this past weekend, NIN made their way up to Toronto to play their final international date. Here are a couple pics from last night’s raucous performance:

Altho he was fighting off illness, Trent Reznor pulled out all the stops for last night’s performance and ended up destroying some of his equipment on stage during the performance of Terrible Lie … which hearkened back to the days when NIN would routinely destroy equipment on stage back in the day. After the jump, check out a few more photos from last night’s gig (including a pic of one of TR‘s destroyed keyboards), see the full setlist from last night’s show, find out what the festival caterers whipped up especially for the band and watch video of TR tearing shit up during Terrible LieMore »

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Part Of Your World

The TV Guide

Most of yesterday was nice and lazy but in the late afternoon, David and I met up with his good friend Ben who is visiting this week from NYC. We met up at Kate Mantilini’s for afternoon cocktails and got to hear all about the cabaret show he is directing here for Natalie Joy Johnson … which we are going to see tonight:

After drinks, David and I met up with Darion and his friend Alex for dinner in Century City … before Darion, David and I caught a showing of the new Hayao Miyazaki animated film Ponyo:

I am a huge fan of Miyazaki‘s films and Ponyo is right up there with the best of them. It’s a fantastical take on Hans Christian Andersen‘s classic tale The Little Mermaid but with much more flair and magical wonder. The main voices in the English version are that of Frankie Jonas (the littlest Jonas brother) as Sosuke and Noah Cyrus (Miley‘s little sister) as Ponyo … but that should NOT deter you from seeing the film. Other vocal performances are provided by Tina Fey, Cate Blanchett, Betty White, Liam Neesom, Matt Damon and Lily Tomlin! Such an amazing cast of voices! But the real draw is the beautiful animation and the wild storytelling … sure, Ponyo shows a world where it’s perfectly fine for a 5 year old boy to be left alone during a tsunami, with matches and a little fish-turned-girl who it is hoped he falls in love with to make her human AND save the world … but that’s what makes this film such an amazing fairy tale. The story is really kinda out there but you just have to go with it and get lost in the wonder. I loved it entirely!

Tonight, as I mentioned above, David and I are going to see Natalie Joy Johnson‘s cabaret show with Ben … should be fun. So much going on this week … it’s gonna be a good one!!

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Les News, 083109

Brown still loves Rihanna, 'Hung' goes gay, iPhone leaving AT&T next year?

The 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards Are Handed Out

'The Bold & The Beautiful' wins Best Daytime Drama for the first time ever!!!

Daytime television’s biggest night took place at The Orpheum Theatre here in Los Angeles, CA where the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards were handed out in a lavish ceremony hosted by actress/singer Vanessa Williams. The daytime drama The Bold & The Beautiful (one of my faves) took home the big prize of Best Daytime Drama for the first time in it’s 22 year history while Christian LeBlanc, from The Young & The Restless (another of my faves), took home the aware for Best Actor. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals at last night’s affair:

Yes, Stacy Haiduk (who plays Mary Jane Benson/Patty Williams a crazy woman who believes her dead cat is still alive after losing her mind a bit by changing her entire face in order to stalk and seduce Jack Abbott on Y&R) brought a stuffed cat with her as her date to the Daytime Emmys … but it’s okay cuz her crazy-ass character on the show made that stuffed cat a star! While there were a lot of awards handed out last night, the big enchilada went to The Bold & The Beautiful. After the jump, check out a few photos from the show itself and a few photos of some of the winners posing with their new Emmys in the press room after the awards were handed out — plus, read all about B&B‘s big win which was 22 years in the making … More »

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Preview ‘Dollhouse’ Season 2 On iTunes

"Whiskey ... you were number one"

The second season premiere of Dollhouse is less than a month away but today you can download a vid clip from iTunes that gives us our first look at the new season:

Now, I don’t necessarily think that the clip is all that spoilery but I’ve decided to keep the screencaps behind the cut anways. The video features Echo (Eliza Dushku) in close conversation with Dr. Saunders/Whiskey (Amy Acker) in close conversation — altering us to the fact that she will be featured, at least in some capacity, in the second season. After the jump, check out the screencaps and find the iTunes download link to get the clip for yourselves … More »

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Tom Lenk Joins The Broadway Cast Of ‘Rock Of Ages’

Hit me with your best shot

Amazing news for fans of the Buffyverse and Broadway … the best of both worlds are finally coming together! Tom Lenk, who portrayed the amazingly hilarious villain-turned-goodie Andrew Wells on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and briefly on Angel), is joining the cast of the rock musical Rock of Ages on Broadway! According to one of Tom‘s latest tweets, today is his first day of rehearsals with the cast … he tweets:

I have my first rehearsal for Rock of Ages today! So excited! Moved into my new place on Saturday, I can’t believe I live in NYC now!

Tom had to keep this news tight-lipped (not even his friends knew about this) and was not, apparently, able to talk about this new gig until today … as Entertainment Weekly claims the scoopage on his move to Broadway:

Tom Lenk, who starred as Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, will make his Broadway debut as Franz in the Tony-nominated musical Rock of Ages on Sept. 14. Lenk originated the supporting role, the son of a German developer who wants to demolish the Sunset Strip (including LA’s favorite rock club), in Los Angeles and Las Vegas productions. He phoned EW to give us the scoop and the often hilarious backstory. A UCLA theater grad with formal voice training, Lenk went to college with Rock of Ages‘ Tony-nominated director Kristin Hanggi. They’ve worked together before — on a production of Ann E. Wrecksick, an Annie spoof about bulimic orphans, in the basement of a Mexican restaurant in Silver Lake, Calif. the summer after his first season on Buffy. She knew he was also friends with Rock of Ages writer Chris D’Arienzo, and phoned Lenk to tell him that D’Arienzo had a role that might suit him. “In Ann E. Wrecksick, I had done a character of a German fashion designer. I’d also been doing this sketch for years about a German character who’s obsessed with Star Trek and Melrose Place, based on my time having been invited to appear as a random Buffy person at a Star Trek convention in Germany and a friend’s Hungarian husband who was obsessed with Melrose Place,” he says. “So they knew I did this German thing, and it happened to be perfect for the show.” Franz’s big moment, the song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” comes when he starts a relationship with Regina, who works in the Mayor’s office and protests his and his father’s plans. “I’m a little nervous. The way I performed it in LA and Vegas is not nearly as exhaustive as the version that’s happening now on stage. I would stand and sing, and then do some dancing. But now it’s dancing while I’m singing, so I have two weeks to become Beyoncé,” he says … He begins rehearsals today, but he won’t actually get to perform with the actors he’ll share the stage with until the afternoon before his evening debut. “Which makes me want to have a complete heart attack/throw up,” he admits. “I know I should be prepared for this. I do have a theater degree. I do theater all the time [at LA's Upright Cabaret]. I did a tour of Grease in Germany like 10 years ago, but I was an understudy for Doody and Eugene and I never went on. So I never got my big put-in rehearsal.” Clarification: He could have gone on once as Doody, but he’d booked a German Audi commercial that was coincidentally shooting in Austria on that same evening. During that commercial audition, Lenk, who speaks passable German and will use a thick accent in Rock of Ages, was asked if he skied. He lied and said yes. “I get to the set, and I’d missed something in the translation — it was ski-jumping. They let me freak out for awhile until they revealed that I had a stunt double,” he says. “I only booked the commercial because ski jumpers are like jockeys, they have to be tiny and lightweight. They already had the costume, and they needed somebody to fit it. I was too big even. It was crazy. I missed my big show, Grease das Musical, which is fine.”

This is ABSOLUTELY amazing news. Tom is one of my good friends and I couldn’t be more happy, more proud of him. I’ve seen his live performances a few times and I’m telling you, Broadway is in for a treat. I understand that Tom‘s first performance with Rock of Ages is on September 14 and, as luck would have it, I will be in NYC that whole week. You can bet your buns I’m gonna be there. Altho I got to see the show earlier this year, I can’t wait to see it again … and with Tom Lenk in a featured role? All I can say is, Woot!!!!! Much, much love and congrats goes out to Tom on this amazing news today … I’m sure he’ll be working his ass off for the next couple of weeks … and I can’t wait to see the fruits of his labor.


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