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Ryan Gosling Goes Out In Public, Gets Attacked For Being Hot


Hottie actor Ryan Gosling stepped out for a night on the town here in SoCal last night and was immediately mobbed by rabid fans hounding him for hugs, photos and autographs almost as soon as he got off his motorcycle (one fan even attacked him before he got off his bike) … which, when you look as good as Ryan Gosling does, is pretty much a regular night on the town:

It must be very difficult for a hunk like Gosling to go out in public and NOT get assaulted by fans but … whattayagonnado? Homeboy is hot and such attacks on one’s person come with the territory. ‘Tis the price of fame and beauty, Ry. You just gotta deal with it. I mean, if you saw this beauteous hunk of man standing right in front of you … what would YOU do? Uh huh, that’s exactly what I thought ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Sienna Miller Is Pissed Her Action Figure Looks Nothing Like Her

"My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen."

In a new interview with accomplished actress Sienna Miller, the young ingenue is bemoaning the fact that the action figure based on her G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra character The Baroness looks nothing like her. Miller claims that her action figure is “cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen” and bears no resemblance to her whatsoever:

Sienna Miller is more than a bit miffed that a new doll of her looks ‘sort of posessed’. While most actresses might consider it an honour to have an action figure made in their image, Sienna moaned that the brunette GI Joe was cross-eyed, and had a big chin. The figurine has been made for her new action movie GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra. The 27-year-old stars as a femme fatale in a sexy black leather catsuit as The Baroness opposite Channing Tatum. But an annoyed Sienna moaned: ‘My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen. “Action figures are always a bit off, aren’t they? Oddly enough from side on it is definitely me but front on she looks sort of possessed.” But she added: “I’ve got very happy nieces and nephews when they get my doll for Christmas.”

HMMM … perhaps if the toy-makers wanted her action figure to be more recognizable as Sienna Miller it should’ve been packaged with a married man. I mean … ‘cuz then there’d be no doubt. Cue laughter. And we move on. After the jump, check out what some of the action figures created for the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra look like — including Cobra Commander (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) — whose doll-version gives some clue as to what he will look like in the film … More »

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Courteney Cox-Arquette Moves In To ‘Cougar Town’

On the prowl

Courteney Cox-Arquette is making her long-awaited return to network TV this Fall (her FX series Dirt doesn’t count so let’s just try and forget it ever happened) on a new ABC series called Cougar Town wherein she plays a “single mother exploring the dating scene after divorce”. Here are pics of Courteney and her hottie co-star Josh Hopkins filming new scenes for the series here in SoCal yesterday afternoon:

I gotta say … I love the thought of Courteney Cox-Arquette back on the small screen. Mebbe it’s seeing how amazing she was as Monica Gellar on Friends on a daily basis in re-runs but I think the world needs a lot more Cox-Arquette on TV! I love how the last pic looks SO MUCH like a Monica pose ;) To be honest, I can’t even hear the term “cougar” without rolling my eyes almost out of their sockets but I’m willing to give CCA a shot in this new role. If she keeps getting paired up with shirtless hunks like Mr. Hopkins here on a weekly basis, well, it’s the least I can do to try and support her return to network TV. I mean … who’s with me?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Are Back Together

Pug Dilton lives again!!

I’ve got great news for those of you who are still mourning the death of Pug Dilton. According to US Weekly magazine, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt, who broke up in June, are back together again and IN LURVE!

Less than two months after splitting, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are back together, has confirmed. “They are definitely happy again,” a source close to the couple — who called it quits in June after four months of dating — tells Us. A rep for Reinhardt has no comment. On Monday, Reinhardt, 23, posted on Twitter: “What an amazing weekend with my beautiful girlfriend. I love her so much!” The day before that, he wrote: “Laying in bed watching SportsCenter with my girl.”

You may recall that we heard that Paris went begging back to Doug in the hopes that he would take her back … not long after she hooked up with soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo after her break-up with Doug. Who knows, mebbe Pug Dilton have been back together for longer than we realized? I have to say, this is amazing news!! A communicable love like the one that Pug Dilton shares should not be inflicted on anyone else! They deserve each other and I truly hope they make it work and stay together forever!! Happy Day!! Pug Dilton lives again!!!

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

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Kevin Federline Throws His Weight Around Las Vegas

Begins filming his new reality TV series

Kevin Federline has made his way to Las Vegas, NV this weekend to begin filming his new reality TV series (the title of which is still unknown) and he brought along his ladyfriend Victoria Prince (who looked *thrilled* to be in his presence) and his burgeoning belly bump along with him. I understand that K-Fat rolled into the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to film his show for VH1 yesterday evening and chilled out at the HRH Beach Pool Club. Late last night, he made his way to the club Wasted Space to take the partying into the wee hours:

Kevin Federline has been living a relatively low-key life since splitting from Britney Spears — but the onetime rapper and backup dancer may be stepping back into the spotlight with a new reality show, a source tells PEOPLE. Federline, 31, was spotted at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Thursday where he’s in town to film scenes for the show’s pilot, a source says. The possible program, which has not been officially picked up, will focus on showcasing Federline’s life as a father of four. He has two sons with Spears — Jayden, 2 1/2, and Preston, 4 — as well as two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. “He has been through a lot over the years, but handled himself very well. He’s learned how to balance being a super single dad and the chaotic life of business, fame and fortune,” says a source. “He strives to be a good father.”

I hear that The Federline and his 15-person entourage were filmed by the VH1 cameras all night long as they put away bottle after bottle of Grey Goose vodka. At one point, Kevin jumped on stage with the Sin City Sinners in order to hype-up the crowd, bragging all the while that he was shitfaced. I also hear that altho K-Fed‘s crew were comped their bottles of booze, they left NO TIP at all for the cocktail waitresses that had to deal with their drunken bullshizz. The partying went on until 3AM when K-Fed and his crew sneaked out the back door and made their way to the Paradise Tower Mega Suite for the rest of their night/morning. It’s amazing that with all that money is he stealing from his ex-wife Britney Spears, he couldn’t even be bothered to leave a tip for the hard working staff at the Hard Rock Hotel. He just sucks. Period.

[Photo credit: Cody Bohr; Source]

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‘Who Gonna Check Me, Boo?’

The TV Guide

Lawdy, lawdy … the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered on Bravo TV last night and, for the most part, brought the LULz. While it wasn’t as jam-packed with the drama as I would’ve liked, it was really entertaining to watch … and provided one knock down, drag out fight that was pretty epic:

I was pretty shocked to learn that NeNe and Shereé have mended fences are now friends again … who both hate trashy-ass Kim. Good stuff. So now that Shereé doesn’t have NeNe to fight with, who’s she gonna mess with? Some fool party planner named Anthony, that’s who. If you saw the ep last night, you saw how this unprofessional idiot started gettin’ smart with Shereé — his client — on national television. Shereé, the self-proclaimed “boss bitch”, stood her ground and almost whooped the fool’s ass when he got in her face. People she almost called Pookie in Cleveland to come help her whip some ass … but, in the end, she took care of biz all on her own. After the jump, check out video from last night’s fight to see how it all went down … More »

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MC Hammer's cousin busted, J. Love wants 'Twilight', still no deal for Paula

Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Get Smoochy For ‘Valentine’s Day’

Taylor2 get close on their new movie set

While Rachelle Lefevre was bizzy getting fired from her Twilight job for a supposed “scheduling conflict” caused by her commitment to do another movie which will, apparently, conflict with the filming schedule for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse next month, her Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner was bizzy on the SoCal set of his non-Twilight film Valentine’s Day which is being directed by Garry Marshall and features an ensemble cast which includes Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper and others … and apparently caused no conflict with the Eclipse filming schedule. Here are new pics of Lautner running around a high school track here in SoCal yesterday afternoon for his role in the upcoming flick:

I understand that Taylor Lautner has been paired up with Taylor Swift in the film as lovers and that the pair will portray a Homecoming King and Queen … or something like that. By the looks of the photos of the two Taylors kissing while wearing matching plastic crowns on set, I’d say that determination is pretty accurate. After the jump, check out pics of Taylor2 smoochin’ on set … More »

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Emma Watson Descended From A Real Witch?

No wonder Hermione gets such high marks at Hogwart's

You ever wonder why Hermione Granger does so well at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Mebbe it’s because the actress who plays her in the movies, Emma Watson, is descended from a “real” witch. According to People magazine, it has been determined that Emma‘s family has an ancestor who was tried as a “real” witch back in the days of yore … which is terribly interesting only because, as we all know, Emma gained fame and fortune from playing a witch in the Harry Potter films:

You think Emma Watson won the coveted role of Harry Potter’s pal Hermione Granger just because of her talent and beauty? Actually, it turns out magic was always in her blood – the British actress can trace her roots back to a real-life woman accused of witchcraft in the 16th century. According to genealogist Anastasia Tyler of, the 19-year-old actress is a distant relative of Joan Playle of Essex County, England, who was convicted of witchcraft in 1592 and excommunicated from the Church of England. So that’s why the public finds Watson so enchanting … “It’s not every day we’re able to trace the branches of a family tree back to 16th-century witch trials,” Tyler says. “Combine that with a celebrity connection to Emma Watson and the fact that she plays a witch in Harry Potter: You couldn’t script it any better.” Most of Watson’s cast mates don’t have as storied a lineage – Daniel Radcliffe is descended from bakers, grocers and plumbers, and Rupert Grint includes a gunsmith among his forebears. Helena Bonham Carter, who plays villainous Bellatrix Lestrange, however, is of noble birth, and her great-grandfather, Herbert Henry Asquith, Earl of Oxford and Asquith, served as prime minister of the U.K. from 1908 to 1916.

This is a cute story only because of the coincidental nature of these two long-lost relatives. BUT, to clarify … “real” witches who were tried, convicted and oftentimes executed for witchcraft (during a dark period in human history referred to as the Burning Times) were usually no more than wise women who threatened the male patriarchy and were exterminated to get them out of the way. For example, midwives who took business away from male doctors were often accused of heresy and witchcraft so that they could be executed and done away with. While witchcraft or Wicca is a genuine and very old pagan religion (that predates Christianity and is still practiced today) that focuses on the worship of nature and the concept of a male/female deity duality, it is not really the same thing as using magic wands and flying brooms like we see in the movies. I think many people would be very surprised to learn that they prolly have witches in their family ancestry as well … which isn’t a bad thing at all. Pagan nature religions are the oldest forms of worship in human existence and will surely exist for all time. As they say, Life’s a Witch … and then you Fly! ;)


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Kristen Stewart Gets Wrapped In Red Leather

Project 'Runaways'

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen any photos from the set of the new film The Runaways which stars Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and others as the real life 70′s rock group of the same name. There are a few new photos of K. Stew on set with her mentor (the woman she portrays in the film) Joan Jett and a garishly red leather jumpsuit … check ‘em out HERE:

Twilight cutie Kristen Stewart showed off her latest 70s rock getup on the set of her film The Runaways on Thursday in Norwalk, Ca. Wearing a red leather jumpsuit, Kristen, 19, consulted her rock mentor and real-life Runaway, Joan Jett, as the two relaxed on set. These two are looking more and more alike every day! But since Kristen is playing Joan in The Runaways, we guess that’s a good thing. The Runaways hits theaters next year.

The film should get high marks for authenticity, this red number that Kristen is wearing looks exactly like the red jumpsuit that Joan wore in concert and on the cover of their album The Runaways Live in Japan:

Oh man … the 70′s were fun. While I am really excited to see this biopic film when it gets released next year, I’m also lookin’ forward to seeing what other fashion atrocities are resurrected from the dead in the film. Woot! Can’t wait!!


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