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Mickey Rourke Lurves His Dog

And he ain't afraid to show it

Mickey Rourke famously decreed from the Golden Globes award stage earlier this year when he won the Best Actor trophy that, “Sometimes when a man’s alone, all you got is your dog” … which is never more evident than when Rourke is traveling with his beloved pets. Sadly, Mickey lost his loyal companion Loki last month but he seems to be doing okay with his other pooch Jaws shown here in these new photos snapped this week at LAX Airport:

These photos are just too damn cute. You can actually FEEL the love that Mickey has for Jaws … it’s really too adorable. I love that life has given Mickey Rourke a second chance and I love that he’s got a very loyal companion to share it with. I’m not a dog person, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I can understand the love that a person can have for their pooch. These photos of Mickey and Jaws really brightened up my day, I hope they brighten up yours as well :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Tori Amos ‘Abnormally Attracted To’ Promo Images

And so it begins

The insanely informative Tori Amos fansite Undented has been updated with a batch of new promo photos for Tori‘s new album Abnormally Attracted to Sin:

While it does look a bit like Tori is doing the sniff test to make sure that she didn’t forget to wear her deodorant, I’m still very excited at any and all new info about the new album. After the jump, check out a couple more promo pics from the Abnormally Attracted to Sin era … More »

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Lily Allen Arrives In Los Angeles

Makes a beeline for In-N-Out Burger

Lily Allen has arrived in Southern California to begin her latest US tour in support of her new album It’s Not Me, It’s You and upon touching down at LAX Airport this week, she went directly to the closest In-N-Out Burger joint in sight to fill up on, among other things, their delicious milkshakes … behold:

Having partaken (partook?) in the wonderful milkshakes at In-N-Out myself on numerous occasions, I can’t say that I blame her one bit. Think melted ice cream that you suck thru a straw. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I’m very happy to see that Lily arrived here in the States safe and sound cuz Darion and I are going to see her at The Wiltern this Thursday night … and I’m very excited. I’ve never seen her in concert before so I’m really looking forward to the show. Perhaps I’ll see if Darion is up for grabbing a bite to eat at In-N-Out on our way to the show … we could even pick up a shake or 5 for Lily ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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Is Britney Spears Fraternizing With One Of Her Backup Dancers?

I sincerely hope so!!! Well, at least a little bit.

Star magazine is reporting this week that Britney Spears has started up a romantic affiliation with 21 year old back-up dancer Chase Benz. Altho, I’ve tried to stay away from seeing too many photos from Britney‘s current tour The Circus starring Britney Spears (so as not to spoil the fun before David and I see the show live for ourselves), I have taken notice of the usually shirtless Mr. Benz on stage with our dear Britney. Could it be that the two are enjoying more than a platonic work relationship?

There’s a new man in Britney Spears’ life and insiders tell Star exclusively that their relationship has grown from flirtation to full-out fireworks! Meet Chase Benz, 21, a chiseled dancer that Britney gets to bump and grind every night onstage during her Circus comeback tour. Turns out the Tennesseean has got Britney’s pulse racing offstage as well! “Brit really loves the way Chase looks, and she has a thing for Southern boys with loads of charm,” says a source. “She’s totally into him. And being on tour again, plus having a sexy new guy to get close to, has put Brit in a great frame of mind.” The best part: Chase is a stand-up guy, his grandmother tells Star. “He’s a true gentleman and has a big heart,” Elsie Mann says of Chase, who got his showbiz start in Christian music and calls Jesus “a huge part of my life” on his MySpace page. “She’s lucky to have him in her show — and Chase just adores her!”

HMMM … while I think Britney hookin’ up with this hottie would be a boon for her, I highly doubt that any such romantic canoodling is going on. I still contend that a guy like Britney‘s agent Jason Trawick would be a much better romantic partner for her, I can see the appeal of gettin’ cozy with a hot young buck like Chase. He sure is easy on the eyes … BUT, if it’s one thing we should’ve learned from the Kevin Federline fiasco it’s that Britney Spears would be wise to NOT get romantically involved with the help. OY!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Madonna Finally Goes On The Record About Her Adoption Plans

Contends she is following "standard procedures" for the adoption of Mercy James

First we saw photos of Madonna with her daughter Lourdes Maria in Malawi, then we saw photos of Maddy with her adopted son David Banda. Today we get to see that Madge‘s eldest son, Rocco John, is also in Malawi with his mother and siblings on the family trip to A.) adopt a new child into the family and B.) reunited David with his biological father for a quick visit. Madonna, thru her longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg, has finally gone on the record concerning her desire to adopt Mercy James as her daughter and contends that she is following all the standard procedures in place to adopt a Malawian child. Here are a few pics of Madonna and her sons (you will note that Rocco is now sporting a mohawk) in Malawi this week and the latest on her bid to adopt Mercy James:

Madonna said Tuesday that she was following standard procedures in her adoption of a Malawian girl, her first response to accusations that that she is using her fame to speed the process. The pop superstar also took her 3-year-old adopted son, David, to visit the orphanage in Mchinji, a village near the Zambian border, where he once lived. She brought him Monday to meet his biological father for the first time since he left Malawi in 2006.

“Madonna is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with David’s Malawian roots,” said Liz Rosenberg in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Madonna took David, her 12-year-old daughter Lourdes and 8-year-old son Rocco to the orphanage with a security detail including uniformed Malawian police officers and plain-clothed guards from a private security firm. The entourage used two Toyota Land Cruisers to block a horde of journalists and more than 200 curious children. There were scuffles with the journalists, including cameramen and TV crews, as they tried to enter the brick-walled orphanage. Inside, the orphanage’s director Lucy Chipeta brought Madonna and her children to see the room and crib used by David. “It was an emotional moment,” she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “I am happy she brought her other children to see his roots.” Madonna confirmed she is trying to adopt a girl named Chifundo “Mercy” James who is about 4 years old. A Malawian judge held a closed-door hearing Monday on Madonna’s application to adopt the girl but delayed ruling on the matter until Friday. The girl’s 18-year-old mother was unmarried and died soon after she gave birth, according to the child’s uncle, John Ngalande. Her father is believed to be alive but has little contact with his daughter, he said. A coalition of non-governmental organizations called the Human Rights Consultative Committee has criticized Madonna’s adoption attempts, saying that adoption should be the last resort and that children need to be taken care of by their own family. “Mercy James is a child who has her extended close family members alive and we urge Madonna to assist the child from right here,” a statement from the coalition said. But others have said that the adoption would give enormous opportunities to the child that she would be unable to achieve in the impoverished country, where 14 percent of adults are infected with the virus that causes AIDS. The U.N. estimates that half of the 1 million Malawian children who have lost one or both parents have been orphaned by AIDS. Malawian law is fuzzy on foreign adoptions. Regulations stipulate only that prospective parents undergo an 18- to 24-month assessment period in Malawi, a rule bent when Madonna was allowed to take David to London. Madonna may also face legal challenges as a single mother; she and Guy Ritchie recently divorced. Madonna first traveled to Malawi in 2006 while filming a documentary on the devastating poverty and AIDS crisis. Her Raising Malawi organization, founded in 2006, raises funds to provide food, shelter, education and health care for children.

It sounds like we really won’t get any new information until the postponed case goes before the court this Friday. In the meantime, it sounds like Madonna and her children are having a lovely time in Malawi. I imagine it was a very emotional moment for Madonna to return to the orphanage where David lived before she adopted him. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how some people can be so critical of her adoption of David and her proposed adoption of Mercy James. In an ideal world, these children would be able to grow up happy and healthy in the care of their mothers … but since that isn’t the case, I think being adopted into a family with the means to provide for an extremely advantageous life is a blessing. But, I shant get into the whole matter all over again. We will soon know what the court’s ruling is and that will settle the case once and for all. And so … we wait.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

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The TV Guide

So let me tell you about my exciting day yesterday … I went to Target. The end. Hahahaha … after the exciting weekend I just enjoyed with Prince and friends, I was due for a pretty regular, boring night. The highlight for me was my trip to Target to get some supplies for the abode, a trip to McDonald’s (where I ordered Chicken McNuggets and got a stupid Big Mac) and then a night in front of the tele with the Gossip Girl gang and 24‘s Jack Bauer. Ta da!! While I Target, I was perusing the impulse buy options at the check-out when I found this item trying to entice me:

I’m usually pretty good at taking a pass on the impulse buy options but when an item comes complete with a spork, well, I had to get it. I have yet to eat the peaches but, again, I really only bought it for the prize inside (which is how I used to shop for breakfast cereal when I was a kid). Yeah, that was my day.

This afternoon, David and I have an appointment and then … no plans for after. Mebbe a movie, mebbe not … which is just fine with me.


Les News, 033109

First Lady not pregs, 'Star Trek' prequel gets a sequel, no more 'Hannah Montana' movies

Whitney Port Hates The ‘Twilight’ Movie

"I haven't read the books, but ... I thought the movie was really bad."

Oh snap! Whitney Port, star of MTV‘s reality TV series The City, has gone on the record with MTV News to reveal that she thinks the Twilight movie is “really bad”. Despite the fact that she hasn’t read the books, Whitney says that neither the movie nor the actors impressed her very much. She even went so far as to call actress Kristen Stewart (who plays Twilight protagonist Bella Swan) “one-dimensional”Oh, no she didn’t! Read below to find out what other blasphemies Whitney deigned to utter about the vampire flick:

It seems like these days everyone has caught “Twilight” fever — even celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Ryan Reynolds admit to being fans of the teen vampire saga. But, there’s one celebrity who isn’t buying into it — and she knows a thing or two about drama. Former “The Hills” and now “The City” star Whitney Port admitted to MTV News that, despite seeing the movie, she has yet to figure out just what the big deal is surrounding “Twilight.” “I haven’t read the books, but I saw the movie,” she said. “I thought the movie was really bad. I love whatever his name is … Robert [Pattinson]. I think he’s so good-looking and handsome. I haven’t met him.” Although Whitney has love for Robert, she has more lukewarm feelings for his “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart. “She’s OK. She seems so serious, like she’s so one-dimensional,” she said. “I think [Stewart and Pattinson] have good chemistry … I just didn’t think the acting was so good.” With all that in mind, it seems that everyone in Hollywood — no matter how they feel about “Twilight” — has auditioned for a part in one of the upcoming sequels. It begs the question: Is Whitney looking to audition? “I’m not really so much of an actress. I didn’t do this to do acting,” she said.

LMAO!!!! Clearly, Whitney is not courting the rabid Twilight fanbase with her comments … I mean, even if you really didn’t like the film is it really smart to say so? I suppose the girl deserves credit for her honesty but if I were her, I’d watch my back. Twilighters are a fervently devoted group of folks … she’d be wise to steer clear of any Twilight fan for the foreseeable future. Whitney‘s comments are even more telling when you hear them come from her mouth. After the jump, watch video of Whitney‘s anti-Twilight comments for yourself … More »

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Dustin Milligan Is Getting Axed From ‘90210’

"There was just a feeling that the character had run its course."

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that 90210 heartthrob and main character Ethan Ward (played by actor Dustin Milligan) is being written off the show for the second season next Fall … coincidentally, right around the time that a new actor named Matt Lanter signs on to become a series regular for the new season (Lanter plays badboy Liam who catches bad girl Naomi‘s eye). It should also be noted that the series is under new direction by Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair (who ran things on Gilmore Girls), taking over for the previous show runners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs. It sounds like 90210 is going to go thru a big revamp in the second season … and Dustin Milligan is the first casualty of that revamp:

90210′s new boss lady, Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair, recently told me that the soap’s second season would be “significantly” different than the first, and, man, she wasn’t kidding. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dustin Milligan, who plays affable jock (and one half of 90210′s central super couple) Ethan, won’t be returning to the show in the fall — at least not full time. Reps for The CW and producer Paramount declined comment, but a 90210 insider confirms that Milligan’s contract option is not being picked up for next season. The source adds that the door is being left open for the actor to briefly appear in the fall to wrap up Ethan’s story. All indications are that Milligan’s exit was strictly a creative decision. “Everyone loves Dustin,” maintains the insider. “There was just a feeling that the character had run its course.” (Curiously, the news comes just days after Milligan’s newbie co-star, Matt Lanter — a.k.a. bad boy Liam — confirmed that he was being promoted to a series regular next season.) The departure of one the show’s most high profile leading men is the clearest indication yet that Sinclair’s ongoing reboot of the reboot will be anything but minor. Viewers will get their first taste of the Gilmore Girl alum’s new vision when 90210 returns from its winter hiatus this Tuesday with a hilariously campy outing that features the primetime soap trifecta: stalkers, street-racing, and scenery-chewing! Looking ahead to season 2, Sinclair said last month that she wants to “reconceive things visually. There are opportunities to embrace California culture visually in terms of fashion and style; I want it to be more contemporary. “If Gossip Girl is about youth in New York,” she elaborated, “I want to [make 90210] about youth in L.A. and Beverly Hills.” The writer-producer also plans to rely less on 90210 vets such as Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, and Tori Spelling to boost ratings. “The show tried to be a lot of things to a lot of people in its first season,” she conceded. “I think the center lies with the generation of kids that are in high school now. I’m not interested in casting people for stunt value.” Sinclair, who replaces original show-runners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs, said the show will benefit from having a singular vision. “The advantage of having one person — me — [in charge] is that scripts, what happens on the set, casting… it all speaks in one voice.”

While this news is sad I can’t say that it’s entirely surprising. The character of Ethan Ward was painted into a corner by making him too sweet and too nice. When it comes to prime time dramas, the nice guy does finish last … and then gets cut from the show. This revamping of the show reminds me of what happened with Melrose Place back in the 90′s. The show started out with everyone loving one another and everyone being nice and sweet to one another … and then all hell broke loose. The characters were reworked to make them bitchy, Heather Locklear was brought on to be the Queen B and the popularity of the show hit the stratosphere. It sounds like this Sinclair lady is trying to do the same thing with 90210 … we’ll see if she’s successful. I’m concerned that the show is planning to “rely less” on the BH, 90210 alums Garth, Doherty and Spelling … especially since the series doesn’t rely on them much at all. The characters that those actresses play add to the appeal of the show for me. In fact, I know many people who only watch the show when they know that the old schoolers will appear on the show. In any event, I’ll miss Dustin Milligan but I’m sure he’ll find new work elsewhere. I was able to preview the new ep that airs tonight and I noticed significant changes to the tone of the show. Will it work in the long run … I guess we’ll find out. What do y’all think … do any of you watch the show regularly? If so, what do you make of these changes?


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The Count & Countess de Lesseps Are Dunzo!

Luann gets dis-Count-ed

Ruh-roh! Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo TV might be surprised to learn today that the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has decided to split with her Count hubby after she found out that he has taken up with an Ethiopian woman behind her back. You know, while watching the reality series on TV from week to week I always thought it was interesting that Count Alexandre de Lesseps was “away on biz” all of the time … and I guess now we know what kind of biz he was away doing. Sad but true, the Count and Countess de Lesseps are reportedly dunzo:

THE countess is now count-less. Friends of “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Countess Luann de Lesseps say the former model has split with Count de Lesseps. A close pal said, “They decided to separate. She got wind he was seeing somebody and he didn’t answer her when she called. He finally sent her an e-mail saying he was with an Ethiopian woman in Geneva and he was serious with her.” The revelation came as a shock to the countess, who celebrated her 16th anniversary with her husband on March 16. “Luann was blindsided. She was just devastated,” the close friend told Page Six. “They have basically lived apart for many years — he lives in Europe and comes and goes as he pleases, but she never thought this would happen. “It has been very rough for her and the children [Victoria and Noel], but she’s taking the high road and will remain friends with him,” the source added. “She has no intention of making it bitter or becoming angry. She’s just trying to come to terms with [the separation and impending divorce]. She feels this is the ultimate test for her to handle this with dignity and grace.” Luann — whose book, “Class With the Countess,” comes out next month — has told friends that, no matter what, “I will always be the countess.” A rep for Luann said, “It is obviously a very difficult time for the countess and count, but they plan to remain friends and their primary focus will be to do what is best for their two children.” Meanwhile, the rep adds that an unidentified man the countess was reported being seen with over the weekend is “just a friend — that’s it.”

If you can’t count on your Count to remain true to your wedding vows than who can you count on? I have to say, I’m not really that surprised to hear news of discord between the Count and Countess. As I said, I found it very suspicious that the Count was always away traipsing around the world doing “Count work” or whatever. What do Counts do, anyway? Apparently, they gallivant around the globe behind their wives backs while she’s occupied with her reality television program. I suspect that the couple will keep up appearances for the sake of the reality show (after all, everyone is watching). I cannot wait for the next season of The Real Housewives of New York City (even tho the current season is still airing). I’m very curious to hear what the other housewives have to say about this juicy bit of news. You know, from what I’ve seen of the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps on TV there ain’t much that I think anyone can learn from her to make themselves a better, classier person. Perhaps instead of worrying herself with trying to teach etiquette and class to the commoners, she should instead focus on taking care of things in her own home.


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