‘Skins’ Season 4 Releases The First Promo Photos


British TV is preparing the way for the return of their amazing series Skins which will debut its 4th season next month. As you may recall, an entirely new cast of players was announced around this time last year for the show’s 3rd season … a move that was not initially well-received. The original cast of Skins (which included Dev Patel who went on to star in Slumdog Millionaire and Nicholas Holt who went on to star in A Single Man) was so beloved that any notion of a new cast was frowned upon. IMHO, the new cast only added to the show’s richness and provided just as much entertainment. The “new” Skins players were featured in an issue of Nylon magazine earlier this year and the show itself got enough attention that MTV is planning a US version for airing here in America (an idea I vehemently oppose). In any regard, a new season of Skins is nearly upon us … here is the first group promo pic from the new season:

I cannot believe it’s been almost an entire year since the last season aired in the UK. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the series online on You Tube as it aired overseas but now, because of You Tube’s new policy of restricting international video, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch along so easily this time around. I understand that this upcoming 4th season of Skins will be the last to feature this cast of young players (the original cast were only featured in 2 seasons as well) and that an entirely new cast will be featured in season 5. I love this show so much. BBC America airs Skins in its full, uncensored version here in the US but they do so months after it debuts in the UK. After the jump, check out individual promo photos of the Skins cast in all their neon-colored glory …

No lie, Skins is one of my fave shows right now. I’m actually rewatching the first 3 seasons to gear up for season 4. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to gain access to the new eps as soon as they air in the UK cuz I really don’t want to wait months for the eps to air on BBC America. If you are a fan of Skins, I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am for the upcoming 4th season … if you’re not familiar with the show, I strongly urge you seek and check it out. It’s an amazingly well written, well acted and very entertaining series. Any Skins fans out there? What do you think of these new promo photos?




    if its starts airing again try to down from eztv.. its bittorrent.. they put it up a day after airing in the UK.

    omg. i just can’t wait.
    a short series by the same producers called misfits is awesome as well. rather more fantasy/sci-fi but fun nevertheless.

    oh and i adore luke (freddie). and merv (thomas) and mike (sid skins 1&2) on twitter are hilarious as well..

    happy new year. xo

  • Joan

    YESSSSS!!!! TRENT, lets have a SKINS PARTY!!!!!!

  • Joan

    I totally agree, The US version of SKINS will totally suck!

  • nisha

    love naomi and emily they are the reason i watched it first but its good.haven’t seen the previous seasons though.thanks for posting

  • Suzi


    I was just thinking about this yesterday, the new year ALWAYS = Skins for me!

    I suppose I better dig out my dvd and watch the last episode of the last series, since I left it out of my re-watching marathon in the summer (the ending kinda sucked), I need reminded of what actually happened!

  • Lulu

    EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!!!!! I am SOOOO stinking excited for this!!!

    I agree with all your sentiments.. the initial horror of a new cast, but I fell in love with them just as much. And I’m not even going to bother with the MTV Skins. Ugh.
    So so so stinking excited :)

  • Christina

    If you figure out a way to watch it, please let us know! I’m obsessed and don’t want to wait for BBC America either!

    • @Christina and anyone else who is interested — Shoot me an email at pinkisthenewblog @gmail.com and I’ll kept you informed if I figure out a way to watch the eps ;)

  • pmow

    The eps can be seen right after airing through normal channels. BitTorrent as someone mentioned, and newsgroups are the two easiest ways to get it.
    Usenet guide is at http://www.mantup.com.
    There are numerous bittorrent guides out there, including setting up a feed so that it automatically downloads the new episodes as they come out.


  • Josephine

    Skins party!!! lol. When I was studying abroad in London and I went to a skins party. It was FANTASTIC! Gez I love this show! Season 1 and 2 was better than 3 in my opinion but I still adore the show.

  • apples


    Though I cannot for the life of me get past episode 3 of season 3 because I miss the old cast too much.

    I usually watch on surfthechannel.com. Pop ups always happen, but with firefox they don’t show up, thankfully

  • GABY

    Trent thanks for reporting on SKINS.,…im sooo excited about the new season…FYI you can watch the episodes on CASTtv.com, they usually have the episodes on there two days after they air it in the UK.

  • Paul From Toronto

    Are there any gay characters amongst the new cast?? Loved Maxie in the first two seasons.

  • smash

    TRENT: sidereel.com is your new best friend!!! its how i watched the entire series of skins after your recommendation here in the US, and I also catch up and discover many new shows on it, sidereel seems to have it all. YOUR WELCOME!!!

  • Katie

    Paul – yep, two of the girls.

  • sam

    I LOVE Skins! Actually Trent you’re the reason I started watching Skins. I saw your post about the third series last year with the new cast so I watched the first series and FELL IN LOVE!! Skins is AMAZING!!

  • Paul From Toronto

    @Katie – Thanks!

  • shauna

    ohhh i cant wait to get my weekly dose of freddie again, yum

  • Steph in Hong Kong

    OH EM GEE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE SKINS! Cannot actually wait for Season 4! Also met Jack O’Connell (Cook) and Luke Pasqualino (Freddie) when I was out in Bristol… Such amazing guys!

  • Jenn

    Sidereel and greatstufftv are the ways that I watched skins last series. They’re the best sites I’ve used to catch up shows. Excited for a new series to start, I was just wondering when it was going to start up again when I found your post :-)

  • Rina

    Its almost always up on Megavideo.com around 11 or 12 the night its aired :)

  • Daniel

    Even though last season wasn’t my favorite, I still want to see season 4. Trent, bittorrent is your friend. Downloading episodes of TV shows isn’t really illegal. In fact, it’s very iffy territory if it’s from the UK> Downloading music and movies is illegal but honestly TV shows are posted free online through all sources like hulu.com and abc. You will not get busted for dl a tv show.

  • presh

    AWESOME!!!!! So stoked for this!!!!

  • Shazz

    a US version of skins?
    Where every fuck is turned into a beep?
    And every kind of nudity is completely blurry..
    wow.. must be fun to watch.
    i prefer all things british
    I love skins, dont let mtv mess it up.

  • gemini2691

    theres a five minute trailer avaliable on the skins e4 website, its been on there for about a month now, so this news is a bit old sorry :)

    • @gemini2691 — What are you talking about, the photos were released the day I posted them.

  • kwithanh

    I LOVE skins!! So excited for season 4. I watch all the new episodes on Surfthechannel.com the next day, but beware, some friends have actually gotten viruses from the site…

  • kwithanh

    Also, in that first picture, Effy looks A LOT like Michelle from series 1 & 2. She’s missing her trademark smoky eyes!

  • Kash

    i love skins so muchbut i can’t figure
    out how to watch the first 3 seasons online again
    please help a girl out!

  • ilda

    love skins!! I think at first I was turned off by the having a new cast since I grew super attached to the old cast and wanted to see everything tied up nice and neat but I have grown fond of the new cast. I am loving their promo photos!! Freddie is by far a super hottie haha

  • Resa

    Skins is pretty much my favourite show :)
    If you’re worried about watching it as soon as the eps become available, but don’t want to be bothered by downloading, I highly recommend surfthechannel.com — just search skins under television, and it’ll provide you with some links that’ll stream the episode for free. (Sorry if you’ve read this tip before… I was honestly just too lazy to read all the comments. Don’t blame you if you don’t read this one even, ha).
    Slaasshh totally off-topic from what I’ve written – but whoaa change in katie’s hair? I’m not entirely decided, but I’m thinking for the better… hmmm.

  • Niki

    Skins is such an amazing show!!!! If you go on alluc.org then to TV shows it has a collection of all the sites where the new episodes are posted that night after they air in the UK usually posted 10pm est. Hopefully this is helpful. I watched all of season 3 this way.

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  • meh

    haha there’s always a way to watch, if there’s a big enough audience.

  • Msz Kat

    HUGE SKINS FAN HERE!!!!!!!!! u rock for posting these pics im always on ure site and i never saw this!!!!


  • MichaelScorpio

    Became entranced by the charactors,culture and material.Its educational being we here in America are often clueless as to where many of our expressions orginated from( the U.K.)Warning! ,when MTV gets their hands on anything its stipped of its elements that make it so attractive.These young actors are miles ahead of what we have here.The program is immpecable across the board.The depthness is not to be borrowed.However the drawback will be Americans trying to generate the lifestyle,culture here which will misguilded.If we desire to idolize this material it will be our undoing big time and the seeds have been planted and have taken root.MTV is a RED flag that it will be corrupted and distorted.Has anyone discerned the Briish invasion through the media has taken flight.The documentories and educational promos are laying claim to the American entertainment industry being birthed by BBC!This is spiritually not good and yet we are becoming aware of the breakdown of our culture is rooted in British World Domination Mentality.There is a new bubble of thinking developing here that is going to intoxicate our youth. Skins Parties have surfaced Which was geared originaly to raise our level of awareness and the detriments of drug abuse,sexual promiscuity,lifes nature and the human conditon!.Hope I was fair and balanced in my view of The BBC and the awesome quality they possess in what they do and that Living Life in the most favorable way humanly possible.Thanks to their innovating thinkiking. Love Michael Scorpio