Colin Farrell Plays Best Man At Brother Eamon’s Wedding


Congratulations are in order for Eamon Farrell and Steven Mannion who were wed in a ceremony in Dublin, Ireland this weekend. Eamon is older brother to actor Colin Farrell, who was on hand to be the Best Man at the nuptials. Here are photos of the newlyweds (who were actually legally married in Canada over the Summer but were remarried in this civil union ceremony in Ireland over the weekend) alongside Colin and his eldest son James as they made their way out of the festivities at Krystle nightclub last night:

The wedding celebrations of Colin Farrell’s gay brother were a family affair last night at Krystle nightclub on Harcourt Street in Dublin. Farrell’s brother Eamon was marking his marriage to his longtime partner, Irish artist Steven Mannion. Colin was in Dublin for the party, bringing his five-year-old son James with him. Colin’s father, Eamon Sr., his mother Rita, and his sisters, Claudine and Catherine, were also at the bash, along with other high-profile Dublin socialites. James is Colin Farrell’s first son, whom he had with former girlfriend, American model Kim Bordenave … Although this is a time of celebration for the Farrell family, the clan has had other issues to contend with recently, too. The newlywed Eamon has expressed disappointment that he and Steven could celebrate in Ireland but they could not formally wed here. The Irish Civil Partnership Bill brought in earlier this year gives gay people many of the same rights as hetersexuals, but does not legislate for marriage. As a result Eamon and Steven got married in Vancouver, Canada, over the summer, where same-sex marriage is legal. “We have to get married abroad,” he complained in an interview at the time. “It’s absolutely terrible. We have to go somewhere legal, which narrows it down to about five countries. “Who wants a civil union? It’s just so legal. I want to be able to get married.” Farrell was best man at his brother’s summer wedding.

While I understand the couple’s frustration at having to A) travel to another country in order to be legally wed and B) settle for a “civil union” instead of an actual marriage in their homeland, I hope they are able to take comfort in the fact that they are lovingly committed to one another no matter what anyone has to say about it. I LOVE that Colin has been so involved in this happy time in his older brother’s life … I’m sure it meant a lot to Eamon to have his family included in his nuptials to Steven. Much love and congrats goes out to the happy couple. May they live a long, happy and prosperous life together :)

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Steph

    I love happy stories!

  • roxster

    blondie looks like hes rockin a bumpit lol

  • Sean R

    I feel I must correct the impression that Irish legislation has been implemented. It has not. The Civil Partnership Bill (2009) has NOT given us anything yet, as the legislation has not been passed (tho’ I imagine the debate will resume in Parliament in the Spring … as it stands Mr Farrell’s foreign union with his partner receives zero recognition under Irish law.

    Also puzzled by the venue for the reception. Most Irish gays wouldn’t get into Krystle, as it is a high priced club that attracts the celeb types… way outta my league… but not a gay venue as far as I know. Bit odd as a choice, but might be to ensure security, etc.