adidas Originals Does ‘Star Wars’


A couple of months ago we learned that adidas Originals would be releasing a collection of shoes and apparel inspired by the iconic film series Star Wars. Today we get to check out some of these amazing designs, some of which are already available for sale or presale:

The collection for the first season is split into three packs — The Characters Pack, the Vehicles Pack and the Direct Pack. The products in each pack take inspiration from the respective aspect of the Star Wars lexicon from legendary characters and crafts to classic scenes and fuse them with iconic adidas Originals silhouettes. The pieces will begin to hit all adidas Originals stores and other select retailers in January. Also, look out for a very special web application announcing the adidas and Star Wars collaboration which will hit the internet within the next couple of weeks. Below is an overview of the products within each pack.

Characters Pack
This pack takes the most iconic moments and characters from the Star Wars saga and brings them to life across five sneakers, two short sleeve T-shirts and the Superstar Track Top.

Vehicles Pack
For this pack, we have taken inspiration from the well known vehicles and crafts from the Star Wars saga and translated them to our five most iconic adidas Originals sneakers and two key adidas Originals apparel models. Across these models we have paid homage to the distinguished features of airborne crafts and land based vehicles from both sides of the Force and executed them to appeal to both adidas and Star Wars fans alike.

Direct Pack
Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers appear in this pack as well as in the Characters pack. Also, the Women’s Game Mid silhouette that appears here is inspired by Princess Leia, featuring gold detailing paired with a modern high-top silhouette with matching apparel.

Above we see the shoes modeled after Luke Skywalker and Yoda and an awesome hoodie modeled after Darth Vader (a hoodie, I might add, is now available for sale for $100). I love me some shoes and I really love these AMAZING adidas Star Wars sneaks. After the jump, check out a whole slew of Star Wars-themed adidas kicks for your buying pleasure …

No lie, I want them all! I’m deffo gonna get the Darth Vader and Storm Trooper kicks … but I suspect I may be procuring at least one of the other designs (I really LOVE the AT-AT high tops). These are seriously cool as hell. While Xmas may be over, the gift giving can still continue … I know that I’ll be gifting myself very soon ;) Aren’t these rad?

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  • Kendra

    I’m OBSESSED with everything Adidas! I LOVE this idea..I think the Storm Trooper shoes are my favie! Now if I could just afford this stuff I’d be golden!

  • Trish

    The Storm Trooper shoes are my faves too. Think I may have to invest in a pair for my brother.

  • Joan

    YESSSSS! Must get the hi-tops, you must!!

  • the storm troopers get better looking kicks than darth vadar, pretty cool

  • ash

    I WANT!

  • ash

    I NEED!