Mariah Carey Invades Aspen, CO For Xmas ’09


Mariah Carey has made her way to Aspen, CO in order to celebrate the holidays in the resort town she loves so dearly. Mimi makes an annual trek to Aspen each December to celebrate Xmas there and this year is no different:

I presume that hubby Nick Cannon tagged along to Aspen as well but he was not seen out and about with Mariah on her first day in town. There are 3 things you can be certain of in live … death, taxes and Mariah Carey in Aspen for the holidays. Here’s hoping she has a merry one!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She looks large and in charge!

  • Faye

    Only Mariah could pull off what look like 4-inch stilletto-heeled boots and a boobtastically low-cut top in the freezing snowy climate of Aspen . . . go Mariah! Don’t ever change :).

  • Splacer

    Here whole outfit looks REALLY uncomfortable.

  • Lisa

    Boy does she fluctuate…

  • Anna

    She has a knack for picking the most unflattering outfits.

  • Interesting


  • amy

    How does she manage to look trashy, even in the freezing whether??


    She is SO ghetto…

  • kittkatt357

    I wish the poor girl would stop wearing pants so tight that she can’t even stand up straight in them. It always looks as if she’s getting ready to cop a squat.

  • taylor

    Those shoes are ridiculous for that weather/climate. She’s a walking accident waiting to happen.

  • maribella

    i don’t know how that lady hasn’t caught pneumonia or something. she never covers her chest in cold weather! or any weather, for that matter…

  • luv mariah, but girl needs a scarf to cover the boobies

  • ash

    you KNOW the holidays are here, when u see Mariah in a winter wonderland with some scandalous fashion. Thats why we love her.

  • patches

    wow! that woman really needs to learn to dress appropriately for her size and weather, she looks ridiculous!!

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