Watch: Lisa Kudrow On ‘Cougar Town’


Earlier this month we got our first look at Lisa Kudrow’s guest appearance on the ABC hit sitcom Cougar Town (which stars Kudrow’s Friends compatriot Courteney Cox-Arquette) and today we get to see a preview clip from that special episode. Here are a few screencaps from the vid:

As was mentioned in the earlier post about Kudrow’s guest appearance, her character Dr. Evans is a hard-nosed beyotch who is no friend to Courteney’s character Jules on the show. Apparently, making these two characters the furthest thing from friends is meant to be funny. Hell, I love the show to death so I’m excited. After the jump, check out the preview video clip in full …

I love it when Jules whips out her guns. This show is comedy gold. While I’m a bit wary that the Friends alumni will be traipsing thru the show a little bit at a time, I am not at all worried that the writers and producers will make those guest appearances work on the show … and in the most un-Friends-like way possible. I’m likin’ what I’m seeing of the Kudrow. I can’t wait to see this ep in full.


  • MiKiE

    that girl on the left in the top with courtney… whats her name?! she’s off of Scrubs and is married to the director / writer of scrubs (not zach braff)

    anyways… SHE IS AWESOME i wanna see this show now just because i know she’s on it… (don’t get me wrong, i love courtney .. i have all ten seasons of friends) but having that chick on the show is just the cherry on top! must. watch. now.

  • Steph

    Trent, you got me watching it from episode… 3? And you’ve got me hooked!

    • @Steph – It’s funny and cute, right? I’m ashamed to admit it but … I have a wee crush on Courteney’s on-screen ex-husband. Dunno why ;)

  • aimie

    i can. not. wait!!! love this show!

  • JeniLee

    So pumped…I hope Jen and David end up on it at some point too! :)

  • Yay Phoebe and Monica together again. I wanna see a Matthew/Chandler guesting.


  • Jennifer

    I have a crush on him too! And my boyfriend calls me “jaybird” like he calls Jules haha

  • sarahdg

    @mikie – christa miller – played jordan dr. cox’s ex-wife. i saw her in the drew carey show before that.