Tina & Matthew Knowles Are Dunzo!


Some break-up news to pass along today … Beyoncé‘s parents, Tina and Matthew Knowles, are officially going splitsville now that Tina has filed for divorce. I understand that things have not been good between Tina and Matthew for some time now (and I imagine that the paternity suit slapped on Matthew back in October didn’t help matters very much) so I guess it was time to make it official. Beyoncé‘s folks are dunzo!

Beyonce Knowles’ mom — the original costume designer for Destiny’s Child — has filed for divorce from her husband Mathew Knowles. Tina Knowles filed divorce papers in Harris County, Texas last month, in an attempt to end their 29-year marriage. Back in October, Mathew was hit with a paternity lawsuit from a woman who’s not his wife — no word if that affected Tina’s decision to pull the plug. Mathew has been Beyonce’s manager for years, so there could be a ton of cash up for grabs in the split. The couple has two children together: Beyonce and Beyonce’s younger sister.

Yikes! As far as big break-ups go … this one is a doozy. Not so much because of the break-up itself but because of the money that is involved. The Knowles’ together are hugely responsible for all the financial success that Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé herself have and still enjoy. I imagine they are very rich … together. But, if Tina is divorcing from Matthew due to infidelitous behavior, she might come out on the better end of this divorce. It totally sucks that something like this has to happen around the holidays but, well, these things happen. Here’s hoping it all works out in everyone’s best interests.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Tina will come out a victor anyways because she will have her daughters respect and support unlike her cheating ass husband! People, if you want to cheat then be single. I just don’t get it!

  • JHop

    “The couple has two children together: Beyonce and Beyonce’s younger sister.”

    Ouch! Solange, do you need some butter for that BURN?

    • @JHop — LOL. At least they didn’t say “Beyonce and the other one”

  • Ally

    ahaha i was just going to say something about the “beyonce’s younger sister”
    that’s such a low blow… lolz

  • ash

    HAHAHA beyonce’s younger sister. Lol


    I heard Beyonce’s dad is like Jamie Spears in terms of pimping out his daughter.

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  • J

    LOL @ JHop. Thats so funny cause Solange totally thinks she is worthy of being this diva who spits the dummy when people compare her or call her Beyonces sister. She wouldn’t even be where she is (thats an artist who can’t sell records) if it wasn’t Beyonce so why not embrace it the loser.
    ANyway, i don’t blame her from divorcing such a luncatic. He is such a snake-oilsman and no doubt Beyonce will stick with her Daddy. WHen it comes to awards season, Beyonce runs to mum for dresses. But Beyonce will stick with her Father because he’s the one who buys her the nominations and the awards. Oh not only that, he’s the bully who harrasses peeople into giving songs to Beyonce. Ensures her name (and his) is listed as producer and song-writer for that extra credit and by credit i mean $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    I tolerate some of her music and the ones i do are good songs, but i hate her as a person and mainly because of her father. Some may say what i’m saying is bullshiz, but there is no denying the greed they contain within their name.

  • Jessica

    Does it really matter? They have been married to 30 years, with two successful children and a grandchild. They have enough money and success individually to divide amongst them. Come on? Beyonce loves both parents. She can’t fault her father for being a husband to her mom, because he seems to of been a dayum good Daddy.

    I am a child of divorce. I realize that life goes on. As long they work their divorce out without including their girls in the fight things will be fine. This is the chance you take when you marry. Mrs. Knowls is a strong independant woman woman who has run a successfull hair salon and taken care of family for years. She is a strong black woman, there is no way she is going to let her husband take all the money. She is rich enough to battle him toe to toe without having to involve her daughters or the public. This is life, no need to even speculate they will be fine.

    A life loved, with so hardship and success is a great life. That family has had a great life even inspite of the father cheating and the daughter getting pregnant. I must say that any woman who marry’s a man and quits her job or dosn’t work is vulnerable. Mrs. Knowles is a smart cookie. She never quit her job, even when he was making $100K as an IBM sales rep. As long as you make your own money you can always leave your husband if he betrays you. You don’t have to take it. I admire her for not being a victum and going on with her life. Some women make themselves victims. They have to many kids that they can’t take care of on their own and have to stay in a loveless marriage with a man who mistreats them. So kudos to Mrs. Knowles not missing a beat, and moving on. I must say, she looks great for her age. She will not have a problem finding another Man. I think she should date white men. She is beautiful, successful and moving and shaking. There are many white, rich middle aged divorced eligible men who would love to date her.

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