‘Iron Man 2’ Releases First Movie Trailer


It’s out!! The first movie trailer for the MUCH anticipated sequel film Iron Man 2 has been unleashed to the Internets!!! Here are a few screencaps:

Previously we’ve seen movie posters featuring Iron Man & War Machine, Tony Stark and the film’s main bad guy Whiplash … and NOW we get to see the first trailer!! It’s awesome, y’all!! Check it out in full after the jump …

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!! FANTASTIC!!! From just this first look, you can already tell that Iron Man 2 is going to have the same look, feel and flavor of the first Iron Man film … which is AMAZING NEWS! Damn, there are so many great films coming out next year … how will we ever be able to stand the wait until they are released? Iron Man 2 opens in May, can you wait that long? What do y’all think of this trailer?


  • Jennifer

    we miss you terrance howard!

  • Illise

    Cant wait to see it i just loved the first one

  • Pixie

    Mickey Rourke is awesome! So stoked for him!

  • tory

    I gotta say.. I havent seen the 1st one but damn that second one looks gooooood

    • @tory — You should see the first one, it’s got the same feel … very funny, lots of action, great movie.

  • Amanda

    Fucking love it! :D

  • becky

    I agree I hate that terrance howard is not in this film he was so good in Iron Man the other guy is too skinny for that part he may be a nice guy but not for the part but this preview is so good——- love the music——— love RDJ!!!

  • dana j

    is it too late to get terrance howard to come in and film some scenes??? i don’t know, loved the 1st movie but them running the “tony stark is Iron Man everyone knows now” thing….. I’ll still see it though.

    still miss terrance howard. *pops in hustle and flow in rememberance”

  • I had my doubts about mickery rourke,but that trailer looked awesome, cant wait to see the film

  • J

    this made my day! can i just say, is this going to be the funnest movie ever? not funniest, FUNNEST?! i mean Robert suits this role like perfection. Iron Man is definitely Top 3 Comic Book films. And i like the first probably more than The Dark Knight even though i don’t like Batman. Dark Knight is good – but Heath made it. He was the reason i saw it and will always continue to watch it, but it is a great film nontheles. But Iron Man is just so badass and awesome.

    I hope this don’t turn into Spiderman though. 1 & 2 are pure awesome too and on my list, but as much as i still enjoyed 3 it was a mess and then just turned into critical disaster. Hope they keep the theme the same, but still rich and mix it up.

    CANNOT WAIT! harry potter and iron man 2. wow

  • Kendra

    Holy mother of poop! This is going to be such a great movie!! Personally, I can’t stand Terrance Howard so I’m glad he’s not back..And if they would have just gotten rid of Gwenyth Paltrow, the movie would be super perfect! I can’t wait!!

  • Danny

    It actually looks good, the stills I saw before made it look cheesy but this looks decent. I really hope they can pull off a good Captain America and Thor movie too so they can eventually do the Avengers film. If they can make Captain America look cool to a modern audience, it will seriously be a miracle.

  • Jerika

    I completely hated the first one. I honestly do not get what everybody thought was so great about it. Boring as heck, uninteresting.

  • shellslove

    Did you see RDJ on Letterman? Oh he is just so suave, I love it – he wins best dressed and most slick in my book. I can’t wait to see this movie!

    p.s. Trent – I couldn’t comment on your Dexter post b/c I was still in shock. As soon as I heard Harrison crying I swear my heart skipped a beat. Best ending EVER! I honestly turned to my fiance and was like ‘oh no, Rita! Trent is going to be so upset!!’ He was confused and Im pretty sure he now thinks I have an imaginary friend named Trent or I’m cheating on him ;) haha – I vote Julie Benz for Iron Man 3!

  • frisa

    Bloody Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing that with us!

  • Splick

    Did anyone else spot Nick Furry!?!

  • Jenny

    I have to say, I went into Iron Man 1 with no expectations. I had never been a fan before, I had never seen or read Iron Man. I wasn’t a RDJ fan. I must say, they have really worked their asses off to blow me away, and they succeeded. I have NO doubt that this will also be a giant success!

  • Selina

    LOL “You complete me!” *falls out of a plane*
    I can’t wait for this to come out! I’ll have to see it with my Dad since I saw the first one with him.

  • Jazz

    Yeah!!!!! I CANNOT wait!!!!

  • mickey is also looking great in his villain role it will be an awesome hit in 2010

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