Watch: Britney Spears, ‘3 (Director’s Cut)’


The director’s cut version of Britney Spears’s latest music video 3 has just made its way to the Internets and, people, it’s awesome! This version of the video is far superior to the first video that was released a few weeks ago. As you can see, there was an extra scene filmed for the video that wasn’t included in the original music video and this version has a lot more dancing on Britney’s part. Here are a few screencaps:

This new version of the video is HOT! I have no idea why this version was not released in the first place. After the jump, check it out for yourselves — you will love it …

It’s hot, right? Love it!!


  • alisaj29

    Why does she insiste on showing us her belly button??? She’s FAR from fat, but come on enough w/the belly button. And did she steal that white bathing suit from Mariah? LOL

  • Nichole

    Loved it! I thought it was much better than the first one.

  • maribella

    and just now, it’s unavailable. :(

  • criss

    She looks like she is having fun and seems very happy.

  • Ani


  • Lulu

    Can’t see it :(

  • Lisa

    Awww…. it’s unavailable =(

  • Janelle

    this one says director’s cut, not sure yet if it’s the same one!

  • Janelle

    Looks like it is. Hope this helps.

    • @Janelle — Thanks for the head’s up, I fixed the post. It’s working again … for now.


    WOW! I’m a little annoyed by some of the clips they edited out. To be honest, the director sucked. There was a little bit more dancing in this one (sort of) but the first one is much cleaner. Still, I love the white outfit, long hair, and dark lipstick part. I still wish there was more dancing. The floor shots were a bit awkward in my opinion.

  • Sara

    This one should have been released first – LOVE IT.

  • nicole

    still not a fan of the vid…shes not into it…and really….its a dancing song..with really no dancing. better then the first video..but thats not really hard to beat.


    Her little lip purse at exactly 3 minutes is so adorable! Still don’t like the song but the video’s fun.

  • frisa

    Not trying to dis on Britney but it would be nice to hear her actual voice and something that is not electronically altered.

  • Carolina

    perfection! love it!

  • Mrs. Cullen

    Love the video ….still find it kinda lame that they change the word SIN

  • Jenny

    WAYYYYY BETTA!!! Why didnt they use this one? Much sexier!

  • Paranel

    This version is a whole lot better. I think this should have been the video. Thanks for posting it.

  • danielle

    Um, it’s like watching a middle-aged woman dancing around in her tween-aged daughters hoochie clothes. Give it a rest Brit- she’s not fat, she just wears the most unflattering outfits. meh…

  • Smoo

    SO MUCH BETTER!!! OMFG HOT!!!! Thanks Trent!

  • A

    Oh my god, this one is WAY better. Why did she not use it?

  • whotheheckami

    I honestly didn’t see any more dancing than before.

  • Davidsask

    The video is now on Youtube as well!

  • bird

    seriously, with the recycled single ladies unitards?

  • Joan

    Yes, this is the hotness!


    Britney thinks she has her 19 year old body…I agree with Frisa what so wrong with Britney voice that they think she sounds better has a Robotic Chipmunk…Dave Grohl once said that he like Britney Spears song Toxic and wanted to know who sung the vocals.

  • Kendra

    She looks so hot in that black lace outfit that you put a screencap up of! I LOVE this song and liked this video much better than the first..It didn’t cut away as much..She’s so great!

  • Tina

    Britney is suppose to be a great dancer but dancers move there legs she just does a lot of arm movements.Also whats with her hair???You know there a problem when it looks bad in her videos.Its been years and her real hair is only 3″ long.

  • Bill

    This is an entertaining video for sure, but I always thought that Britney could dance. Not seeing so much of it here.

  • GB

    LOVES IT! and im not that big of a fan of the original!

  • Chivonne

    I want to know why it’s okay to watch them dance nearly naked but to hear her say “living in sin” is a no no. wtf

  • toast

    Well this is better than the first run of the video but is still lacking angles and zooming..the hair is..i don’t know..the hair is kinda weak.
    It is a fun pop dance track.
    This new vid has more asses
    The white outfit is blarg…get rid of smooshes your boobs

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  • Stephanie

    God bless pitch correction.

  • Rob

    I still think most of us could dance just as good as she does in this video.

  • Susie

    I haven’t seen the first video, so I have no frame of reference, but I quite enjoyed this video! I feel like in a lot of the close ups I’m seeing the old Britney, the Britney who was present and happy – and I like it!

    I don’t know if anyone’s talked about what she’s singing about in this song already or not, but I think she’s singing about her and her boys – since there now a little “threesome” family unit, and she’s talking about wanting someone (maybe Jason??) to join in and get down with “the three”. Anyway, just my interpretation.

  • Tracy

    That was about a BILLION times better than the original. The one originally released was piss poor. I don’t understand why they didn’t just release this one first.

  • nicole

    @susie – i sure as hell hope shes not singing about her & her boys in this song lol

  • Janice

    Did I just watch the same video as all of you?
    I liked the original better times infinity.

  • Bitbit

    @ Baroness, you posted, so that mean? You’re just as dumb in my opinion, and that was a long reply for someome who doesn’t give a f*ck! Moron! ha ha ha ha

    Anyway, her make-up made her look like Jessica Simpson in the rolling scene.

  • anyone else totally tired of the whole “look to the side, look back to the camera, nod” move that Britney does in EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO?

    this song bites…eesh.

  • Amy

    She looks good.. would love to see a making-of clip of this video! In the first couple of seconds she lifts her hair though and it really needed a wash.. strange they’d leave it like that for a video

  • Jenn

    I like seeing the close-up shots of Brtiney – reminds me of her in her younger, glory days. I miss the varied video themes and great dance choreography she had last time. Now its just lazy “dancing”, “act sexy for the money” if you ask me.

  • lin

    She looks pretty and hot. It’s a simple and clean video. Very glad she doesn’t try the Gaga thing. No weird and freaky costumes. Go Brit!

  • Meh

    Absolutely no sexual energy there at all. The video direction is pretty juvenile, and the costuming isn’t really flattering. I think this could have been much sexier and much more interesting with a little imagination at play.

  • Ugh no she didnt steal that from Mooriah because Britneys video was filmed before Mooriahs.

    I love the short do a LOT!

  • !

    @baroness: aside from all the other unkind things you said, you mentioned the simpson sisters. could you please point out ONE ashlee simpson video that could be described as having “empty headed sexuality”? Way to stereotype.

  • Gossip Boy

    I smell alot of haters, but whatever it’s a hairflip! I LOVE this vid…maybe they just release this vid to keep Britney relevant? You know since she finished her tour and all she’s been M.I.A. (besides her getting her “crush” and etc.) Just a thought…xoxo GB

  • say whaaat?

    meh – not that impressed. the unitard needs to go & her weave looks awful as always. & she doesn’t move her legs – just goofy arm movements. coulda been better.

  • FIRE!

  • desdemona

    she looks great but the video doesn’t have that much imagination…or really draw u in. that said, i still love brit!

  • Denise

    Brit’s lookin’ good again.

  • -ohmy-

    This video should have been the one released! I didn’t care for the white plunge neck leotard – something about that outfit wasn’t right but thought the rest of the time she looked great. It had a flashdance vibe and almost a lady gaga vibe at times… the dark lipstick, straight hair, white leotard (not the plunging one) – overall liked it! Surprisingly!

  • smp

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot better than the original one!

  • jamie-o

    teehee, she makes mommy-pooch look sexy. props for that!

  • rob

    Yeah, if this is the director’s cut why take out the word “SIN” and dub in “THIS”?
    She sleepwalks through the vid and the dancing is sloppy.

    Fun song; lame video (and I’d be embarrassed if I were the director that this is being touted as a ‘director’s cut’– especially when the director’s cut has been censored!)

  • todd

    1 – 2 – 3, this song makes my ears bleed…

  • kristin

    WAY BETTER! she looks amazing! I usually do like the director’s cuts better….being in a creative field myself, i know it’s frustrating being the expert in your field and creating a great piece of work then some big dog in the industry comes along and butchers it to his/her liking….*sigh*…but that’s just my life on a day to day basis…

  • T-Pain

    LOVED IT!!!! Way to go Brit, not alot of people come back from the places you have been and are able to continue to be amazing!!

  • katie

    loved it! but why can’t this girl just use her real damn hair. It’s been a long time since she shaved it off, she should have a full head of hair by now. Seriously. Still loving the video though, she looks like the old Britney :)

  • Nikki

    This one is WAAAYYYY better ! LOVEE ITT !

  • Are the lyrics “One-two-three, Peter-Paul-Mary”? Timely Puff-the-Magic-Dragon realness!