The Simpson-Wentzes Make Themselves At Home In NYC


Now that Ashlee Simpson has a semi-regular gig performing in Chicago on Broadway, she and hubby Pete Wentz have made themselves right at home in the Big Apple in the past few weeks. Here are a few really cute photos of Ashl33n out and about with their son Bronx Mowgli lookin’ like bonafide New York folk:

I think this move to NYC will be good for them. Ashlee can do her thang on Broadway, Pete can mind his club Angels and Kings and little Bronx can get a taste of arguable the greatest city in the world. If you follow Pete Wentz on Twitter, you know he refers to his son as “little dude” which is crazy cute … he and his family seem really happy these days. Now that that Melrose Place mess is a thing of the past, they can move forward away from SoCal and in the loving arms of the City that Never Sleeps.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • “little dude” thats so cute, I love a daddy and his baby, my brother calls his daughter little bit, too cute

  • heather

    cute photos of pete wearing his “little dude”!


    The black hair does not look favorable on Ashlee.

  • Bee

    Cute how pete and Bronx are making the same face in the first shot. But in the last pic it looks like that little blonde angel is cramping their gothy-emo-hipster style.

  • la princesa

    I looooooooooooove Ashlee’s coat! Where did she get that?

  • Gena the Therapist

    Adorable family.

  • robin

    @bee…i was thinking that too!

  • Sarah

    Pete Wentz is a grown man, I know, but any time I see him I think he looks too young to be a father.

  • ash

    Why does Bronx look like a grumpy old man? Lol, this baby never smiles or look happy. He’s a cutie pie, just not a smiling one. LOL!

  • cindy

    HAHAHAH…….to see the parents with BLACK hair and their song with BLONDE hair….are they just the nanny? hahahhaha