Janet Jackson Hooks Up With A New Man


Back in July we learned the sad news that Janet Jackson had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri and today we learn that she has since moved on … with another man. JJ was spotted chillin’ with this handsome young buck in Paris, France this week … and the pair were lookin’ very cozy:

I understand that Janet and her new, as yet unidentified, man spent part of their day at the Decorative Arts Museum and part of their day shopping. No word when, where or how these two met but it looks like they have been getting to know one another very well. Is it serious? Only time will tell … but knowing Janet and her need for privacy, it may be a very long time before we learn more about this guy. And who knows, she might even be married to him long before we even find out about it.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Janet and Jermaine got back together a couple months ago. My guess is this is one of her gays… or maybe someone helping her with new material!

  • Larry

    @Patrick – Janet did a special on tv a few weeks ago where she clearly stated that her and Jermaine were over. I am glad she has found someone new to be be with, if that is what this is. Trent is right, we really won’t know until Ms. Jackson decides to tell us herself.

  • Tracy

    @Patrick – Janet and Jermaine may be firends but according to her recent TV special they are done as a couple, and have been for a while now.

  • Tracy

    Good for Janet. I hope she finds true love for once and for all.

  • Demarcus

    He’s really cute. I’m so happy that she’s getting her life back together after a horrible year. IK can’t wait for the new album!!!

  • Wow! If she gets tired of him… ummm well forget it. lol God bless them. I wish here the best.

  • mae

    Its time for her to find true love.

  • justice

    He look like a crack head…yall lying when yall say he cute. She could def. do betta…like me!!



  • Marie

    I’m surprised JD stayed as long as he did. Janet’s not an easy person to get along with. This guy does look like a crackhead. I hope he’s not, though.

  • Lois


  • Mike

    Wow, he looks exactly like Rene Elizondo!

  • wera

    At least he’s a whole lot better looking than Jermaine

  • Kelly

    Who cares if she has a new man that is her life and i don’t know why everyone got to be so damn nosey!!! Thats the problem everyone is worried about the celebrities and they probably have no room to be talking there life is probably 10x worse!! Janet do your damn thing and keep your head up, I know ur shy these damn peope have nothing better to do.



  • robin

    i think jd was good for her,he looked passed her outter beauty

  • Dats da problem now wit ppl their always have to say something neg. bout something every one is human every one make mistake, and if she choose to have another man so wat want ppl worry bout their relationship. She must be important to u guys if yall dont have nothing else to do dat my girl she will always be my girl on wat ever she do out her life iama big fan of hers and she will always have my support on watever damn get a life. leave her alone for christ sake…… luv u j stay strong and sweet… ur # 1 fan tasha….

  • This is Rene Elizondo…Janet’s second husband (after her annullment of marriage from James DeBarge of the musical group “DeBarge”). They were married for years and remained close friends after the split (after some healing took place that is). This is probably all very innocent as he was part of the family for years. After all, she just lost her brother who she was very close to. Rene appeared in her Nasty Girls video as a dancer and was featured as one of the vagabond, pop-locking, breakdancing characters. He hails from the greater Los Angeles area and is 45 years old. I know him from the neighborhood. I am glad to know that they are still friendly. Good for them!!

    • @Coach — Wait, are you sure? This guy looks young … it’d be very interesting if Janet is back with Rene.

  • who cares and she need to be love as well it dont matter how young or old. As long she is a happy wat u want her to be alone or u want her. when do any one fine true love? it could be when ever and it could be old or young. enjoy ur day and dont get caught up into some one else felationship. peace and happiness… tasha be safe…

  • Rachel

    Well he does look like Rene. He is NOT cute, and shopping does not mean they are in a relationship. It is sad that the woman can’t be seen with a friend without being married off to the person. This why she does not let the media in at all. I hope she is able to find someone to love her-the real her not just “JANET JACKSON!!” the megastar sex symbol. It must be difficult for her to trust anyone enough to let them in without bein let down. For all we know he could be a holiday charity friend of hers shopping for TOYS FOR TOTS.

  • RJ

    Agreeing with everyone else. He looks just like Rene….

  • Kimberly2

    Tone down the PINK it is BLINDING!!!!

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  • Jeff Schrembs

    Love…is addicting.
    It is great when it is “good” but when it goes bad…everything is…awful.
    Enjoy the “newness” of it all for all but “true love” is fleeting.
    Nuff said.

  • I just simply hope she gets back to her former “Nasty’s” producers (Terry Lewis and his crew) and start rocking the music sharts again….we lost our beloved MJ, we still need a REAL Jackson rocking out the sharts for us still….. My two cents….

  • don priscott

    can we please leave janet jackson alone let her live her life ,i mean come on who cares whos shes with so long as shes happy leave the lady alone she can make up her own mind who she wants to be with ,and if micheal was here he say the same , leave janet alone get on with your own lifes ,stop messing up hers ,you mess up micheals life now your on to her stop it stop it now

  • qupid

    I think Janet needs me to come and lay down the pipe cuzz all her dudes are busted

  • don priscott

    janet i just like to say you rocked the x factor little lady well done ,you would make micheal proud , you was all like your brother i see you in his footsteps .even now god bless you babe , djdonboy

  • Blackjack

    Janet always liked the Latino cats.

  • sugar james

    The guy does look a little like RENE ELIZONDO! She was at the top with RHYTHM NATION THAN & MARRIED FOR 16 YEARS. What do you think that might mean? If JD was really serious, why didn’t he marry her? Get the clue? ..I love her too..

  • Tonya

    Anybody is better than Jermanine Dupree. He looked like a toad. I think he’s ugly- always been ugly and arrogant. And I AM black! I hope she never gets married again and just dates who she wants.

  • Monica

    Even though its rumoed that Janet adn JD are over there would stil be a divorce to deal with…seeing that they got married not too long ago

  • Rene

    This guy looks like Brittney Spears Baby Daddy

  • Latoya

    Marie how do you know she’s not an easy person to live with? Have you ever lived with her? Or as usually you and some others are going off of hear say!! The fact is some relationships last for a season and after that their done! She states that they remain friends and hopefully that’s true. Also he does not look like a crack head and neither does she. It’s so funny that people have so much time to hate on someone and very little to congrad someone!! I wish them the best!! Everyone deserves a chance to be happy!!

  • tmf2004

    Guys this looks like the R&B singer John B…

  • That’s her true type right there. Janet is going back to the basics! Good for her! Get him cleaned up a bit, and he looks just fine! ;)

  • Ricky

    @ Patrick …” One of her ” gays ” …? What are you still living in the 80’s? Grow up !!!
    Whoever Janet is with is HER business and as long as she is happy that is all that matters !!!

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  • CKL

    It sorta looks like her ex….Rene Elizondo! He doesn’t have on his and he shaved his goatee. Check it out…it’s a possibility….

  • JonJames

    are people serious??? THAT IS NOT RENE ELIZONDO!!! he might looks a little like him, but that’s not him. I will never understand why some people have such negative things to say about people they don’t know. Live and let live. Janet is a grown, single woman, let her live her life and be happy with who she chooses to be happy with.

  • tenraGS

    Rene Elizondo seems to be everyones ID here. It does look like him.

  • Bri

    Oh Please Janet would NEVER get that loser Rene back. She is too CLASSY for a bum. Pipes boring

  • jj

    1.the guy sexy and attractive stop hating this man is not ugly.. 2. i wish this was jon b janet and him would make a perfect couple but he is married and know for a fact its not him. 3. it aint rene either last i checked rene looked busted and 5. the only ugly guy janet went out with was jd