Victoria Beckham Flies To The UK To Attend Grandfather-In-Law’s Funeral


Sad news for the Beckham family to pass along today … it turns out that David Beckham’s grandfather, Joe West, passed away last week requiring Victoria Beckham to leave her children here in the US so that she can lend her support to hubby Becks at the funeral. When last we saw photos of VB here on the blog, she seemed to be having a blast with her sons at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure over the weekend. Now she has the sad duty of attending her grandfather-in-law’s funeral. Here are pics of VB making her way thru the airport on her way to the UK to meet up with Becks (who is already home in London) and a photo of Posh and Becks with his grandparents on the day Becks received the OBE from Queen Elizabeth, II:

Victoria Beckham made a typically glamourous entrance in London this morning after arriving on a flight from Los Angeles. Wearing a silver lamé halterneck vest and matching cardigan from her fashion range, wet-look black leggings and a £415 pair of blue Yves Saint Laurent Trib Two platform heels, Posh looked more like she was going to a disco rather than boarding a 10 hour flight. Meanwhile, while Victoria, 35, was flying over the Atlantic last night, her husband David, 34, looked sombre as he dined out in London with a friend. The England player is currently grieving the loss of his grandfather Joe West – father of his mother Sandra – who died last Wednesday following a serious illness. David had just landed in South Africa for the team draws of the 2010 World Cup when he was informed of Joe’s passing at the age of 83. Speaking at the event, he paid tribute to his beloved granddad: ‘It’s what Grandad would have wanted. My grandad was very proud of me being a part of this bid to bring the World Cup to England. If I had decided to go home, I know what he was like – a strong person from the East End of London – he would have shouted at me for leaving because he was passionate about his country.’ Following his trip to Cape Town, David jetted back to England, where he has been comforting his mother, 59, and grandmother Peggy, 79. Wearing a brown checked jacket and jeans, David looked deep in thought last night as he left the Cipriani restaurant in Mayfair, where he had been dining with best friend David Gardner. Victoria is expected to reunite with David at Claridges Hotel today, ahead of the private funeral service on Wednesday.

It is always sad to lose someone so dear, my thoughts and prayers go out to Becks and his entire family. It’s unclear just how long the Beckhams will remain in the UK (considering both Posh and Becks have biz to take care of there all the time) but I’m sure they’ll be home here in SoCal soon enough, what with the Xmas holiday quickly approaching. Deepest condolences, again, go out to the Beckham and West families.

[Photo credit: X17, Splash News; Source]

  • bam!

    T’is sad but much credit to him for continuing on with his obligations he’d made for the England bid even after hearing the news.

    Actually surprised the kids aren’t going to the UK with her since they usually spend Xmas in the UK each year & Becks is heading off to join up with Milan almost immediately after (perhaps school hasn’t finished yet or something…or maybe they just want a warmer Xmas in California for a change!)

    • @bam! — Actually, the kids may be making their way to the UK for the holidays, I just assumed they’d be in SoCal. We shall see in the days to come, I guess.

  • jennie

    The only question i have is what the hell is on her head in that 2nd pic.. wtf i dont think that could be a good look on anyone

  • Meghan

    @Jennie. English women are known for the unusual hats they wear to formal events. Check out any pictures from an English wedding or funeral and you will see what I mean.

  • Bee

    @jennie – VB is wearing what’s known as a ‘fascinator’. It’s very popular as an alternate to wearing a hat to weddings etc.

  • bam!

    On the hat point…she was going to Buckingham Palace for Beck’s investiture (him getting his OBE), it’s pretty much demanded/expected that hats are worn, formal occassion & all that so out come the full on formal wear.