Another Creepover For Jude Law & Sienna Miller?


Another night, another seeming “creepover” (ie. a sleepover on the sly) for Hollywood’s newest lovebirds Jude Law and Sienna Miller. After a couple of overnight hookups last week, Jude and Sienna apparently continued their run of late night trysts this weekend. Sienna was snapped leaving Jude’s apartment the morning after with a large overnight bag in tow … Jude followed her out shortly thereafter lookin’ like a happy but smug s.o.b.

Altho the rain/snow had yet to really start falling in NYC, Sienna thought it best to bust out her trusty umbrella to stay dry during her long walk from the front door to her curbside car. I guess she also thought the umbrella would render her invisible to the assembled paparazzi as well. Jude, the cad, was all smiles as he emerged from his abode … lookin’ like the pimpmaster supreme. It’s prolly about time we gave Jude & Sienna a coupley name … any ideas?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I suck at the name game but I think they look good together! Judsie has a nice right to it thou:)

  • Lolly

    I think “Siennude” will just about sum it up…


    Yes, they definitely deserve each other.

  • Rebecca


  • Katherine

    Creepover! LOL

  • mighty.highdee


  • roxster

    Juenna? Lamiller? Her show just ended on broadway this weekend so it’ll be interesting to see if she finds a reason to keep hanging around. . .

  • /well, I like JuSie. I’ve been calling them that all along.

  • qw

    you pinky so stupid. whadayathink is in the bag?

  • erin

    I can’t stand either one of them but I like them together for the sole reason that as long as Sienna is creepin’ with Jude she isn’t moving in on anyone else’s man.

  • Sigh. They’re so icky and unethical.

  • Sarah


  • Leah

    I like Siennude too, its fitting for what they are doing!

  • schmee

    Is it wrong that I like Jude Law better when he’s being sleazy? Way hotter

  • Jazz

    Creepover -lmao! Run Jude, ruuuunnnnn!!!

  • Lisa

    I was going to say LawMiller but someone already did. I like the one someone here said – JuSie – FUNNY!

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  • sexy girl

    They might be easy on the eyes but both have zero morals.