Taylors Swift & Lautner Step Out For Sushi


Earlier this week, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner hooked back up to film some new scenes for their upcoming film Valentine’s Day and then afterward, the couple (accompanied by mama Andrea Swift) slipped off to grab some frozen yogurt together. This weekend, Taylor2 were in full effect once more as they were snapped out on a quiet date together … again. The pair were joined by Mama Swift (again) but this time, instead of yogurt, they enjoyed a sushi meal at Yamashiro in Hollywood, CA:

Now, I have no idea why Mama Swift wants to be all up in Taylor2’s biz all the time but she really needs to step off and let Nature take its course. It’s clear that Taylor2 enjoy a very special relationship and they need time to let it grow and mature … which is why Mama Swift needs to beat it. Long live Taylor2!!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Kendra

    Awww..Her little headband is so pretty!

  • ausettofegypt

    Umm how old is Taylor Swift, almost 20? Come on mom, let your daughter have a nite out.


    She actually looks cute and I like her outfit! <3

  • aimie

    i think because taylor is 20 is why she’s going. lol. taylor 20 taylor 17?!?!?! now when he’s 18 if she’s still there that’s a little weird. lol

  • Chris

    Maybe Mama Swift is keeping her daughter’s hands off the jailbait. How else could Taylor resist the temptation?

  • Mandy

    Aww, I just LOVE these two together.

  • gaga

    lol chris that is so true!! taylor is still underage ie 17 but when he is 18 im sure the mom will stay out of it -im sure the mom doesent like being the third wheel in dates- her daughter is old enough to go on dates herself

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