Lindsay Lohan Spends The Night With . . . Jason Segel?


It would seem that Lindsay Lohan has got a new man in her life … but it’s prolly not what you’re thinkin’. Lindsay was snapped making her way out of a man’s home early yesterday morning after she spent the ENTIRE night with him inside … but since that man was Jason Segel, I think it’s safe to assume that the duo were merely hanging out as friends and nothing more. Jason seemed pleased as punch that the paps were outside his home waiting to take pics … Lindsay seemed less enthused about their presence:

As you can see, Jason was carrying the Dracula puppet that was featured in his movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall … perhaps he put on a little puppet show for Lindsay to keep her entertained. L. Lo managed to keep relatively quiet about her night with Mr. Segel … she gave no indication on her official Twitter profile that she was hanging out with the funnyman. Mebbe she just wanted to keep their pj party private or mebbe she was embarrassed … but whatever the case may be, she apparently was in no mood to be braggin’ about her night. These two deffo make an odd couple … it’ll be interesting to see if they decide to spend any more time together in the future.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Polly

    I love Jason Segel. He was great in Freak and Geeks, and is great now in How I Met Your Mother. I hope Lohan doesn’t ruin him.

  • nicole

    what the hell…..odd combo…

  • Vanessa

    He’s too awesome for her :(

  • Lulu

    Agreed.. he is way too awesome for her.. Not a good match :(

  • Janelle

    :( i’m disappointed in jason.

  • adam

    Trent, it sounds like you think Lindsay would be “stooping” to Jason’s level. On the contrary, I think he can do much better.

  • Lisa

    Would that I could unread this post. I love that man! He could do FAR better.

  • Green Is Good

    I see Blowhan is sporting her usual booze bloat face.

    Please. Like she DIDN’T call the Pappz for this convenient photo op.


    I feel weird looking at him ever since I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and his penis was hanging out in every single scene. Ha.

  • roxster

    hes also wearing the shirt he wore in I Love You Man…..I read elsewhere he was seen out with her in LA and when other friends he knew walked in he went over to say and was like “please dont judge me for being with her”…….hes waaaaay above her so I really hope this isn’t anything.

  • Tracy

    Maybe SHE was embarrassed? WTF? He’s the one who should be absolutely embarrassed. She is so disgusting. He is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too good for her and I pray he did not touch her.

  • Yoka

    His name’s Segel

  • Krissy

    No! He is way too good for her! I am hoping that since he also writes that maybe they were working on a project…but that would be a shame and a waste of his talents as well.

  • maribella

    @krissy – maybe he’s being a nice guy and giving her something to help her get her career back on track? he seems that way to me.

    but i doubt it’s anything romantic, or he’d probably be hiding too.

  • erin

    Um, gross. He’s adorable and she’s… Lindsay Lohan. I’m with Lisa – I wish I could unread this post.

  • Edd

    Maybe it’s because she KNOWS what his penis looks like…

    She didn’t have to play the guessing game.

  • Jurt

    Pretty sick and twisted stuff to say about people just trying to live their lives. Great job bet you sleep well at night sickos

  • Em

    Her twitter says: haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It’s absurd! @least I’m laughing @the rediculous manifestations

    • @Em — For the record, I never thought these two are new “love interests” … but who has business meetings that last all night long?

  • joe

    jason segel is a pimp idk where whoever wrote this blog gets off putting him down a lil.. The dude is waayy outta lindsays league he could bang alot hotter chicks then her