Taylors Swift & Lautner Reunite To Film Movie Scenes, Grab Fro-gurt


Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were spotted lookin’ all cozy and stuff in a fancy Porsche yesterday afternoon/evening here in SoCal but it turns out that the couple were bizzy filming new scenes for the movie they are co-starring in together, Valentine’s Day. Here are a few photos:

As you may recall, we’ve previously seen photos of Taylor2 filming scenes for Valentine’s Day so this is old hat for these two. BUT after filming was finished, the couple sneaked away together to enjoy a sweet frozen yogurt date together. After the jump, check out a few photos of their cute date last night …

AWWWW so cute, right? Taylor2 make the best couple. I understand that Swift’s mama Andrea (along with a security detail) accompanied these lovebirds on their yogurt date … which makes the whole thing even more sickeningly cute. I’m so happy to see these two together again … whether it be for work or for play, Taylor2 are my new fave celeb couple.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily]

  • shortie

    i heard this whole relationship was a coverup for his sexual identity which has been in question lately. does anyone think hes gay?

  • Katie

    @shortie – nope, don’t think he’s gay at all.
    I love them together. I hope it’s real and not just for publicity?

  • shortie

    i know i really hope hes not gay. it kills the fantasy! and seeing these pics of them together i dont know anymore whether its for publicity or whether he really likes her.

    personally i liked him with selena gomez way more. they geniunely looked happy together. with her he looks so serious.

  • Lana

    He’s definitely not gay…
    And I don’t know why people have such a difficult time accepting celebrity couples. It’s not like we have a shot in hell so why not be happy for the two? I think they are so precious together! <3

  • shortie

    with taylor swift he looks so serious i mean. with selena he was always laughing and smiling. like him and selena = bella and jacob and him and taylor swift = edward and bella HAHA

  • g

    Gah. I can’t stand Taylor Swift. But my God! They are freaking cute!

  • robin

    i totally have those tights she’s wearing…

  • lara

    young love, too cute
    ps i wish i had a ferrari like that at sixteen!

  • Jenna

    I love them!

  • Ria

    Meh, I liked him better when he was with Selena. And he knows how to rock that Porsche!


    I hate the way Taylor Swift dresses! She dresses like an old lady most of the time. I mean, she’s only 19 (almost 20) and yet her fashion senses make her look way older…

  • You know what I’d love to see? Taylor Swift bringing Taylor to the Grammy Awards. :D


  • shortie

    LOL why is her mom chaperoning? shes not 12. shes an adult for god sakes

  • patricia903

    I think it would be strange to date someone with the same name as myself lol.

    And @CHASE, what does she need to dress slutty in to dress like a “young” person?

  • Lisa

    I love Taylor’s outfits! I’m 25 and I dress like that!

    Cute young couple! Taylor L. not smiling is prob due to all the attention he’s getting now.

  • Diana

    It’s refreshing seeing a younger female celebrity not flaunting everything all of the time. And maybe it’s just me, but I’m totally missing how she dresses like an old lady. A lot of cardigans, loafers, etc. are in style right now. What’s wrong with rocking those looks? Women can’t always be dressed in mini skirts and heels.

  • Teeshah

    man, he has gone a long way since shark boy and lava girl!!

  • jen

    he’s 17. cool it.

  • Dani

    They both seem like sweet, grounded people and I am happy for them. Whether they are a real couple or just friends, I think they are adorable!

    Also, why does it always come down to sexual identity? Who cares if he is or isn’t gay? I don’t know why people are always speculating and starting rumors about him or any celebrity for that matter. Ultimately it’s no one’s business but his own.

  • of course he has a porsche, what a douche. i fucking hate his fake laugh and his fake heterosexuality. just come out and go away dude!

  • twilight fan

    wow…. they really look good together!!! i hope they make a film together….. @SHORTIE – i really dont think that taylor lautner is really gay…. @KATIE – i hope too it’s for real coz for me they’re meant for other… right? hehe…. :)

  • huge_twilight_fan

    Taylor is so gay! I just blew a load on his chin. Taylor Swift watched

  • Alex

    He must be raking in the $
    driving a porsche at 17

  • senko

    at least he worked hard for it…

  • Bernie

    He is gay. He’s supposed to be coming out next week before he does SNL. He’s got an upcoming interview in Advocate where he talks about his responsibility as a gay role model for teens.

  • D

    The last time they went out, he was driving some other fancy car. He is likely renting them when they go out.

    Agree he looks serious around her. If he really likes her, he needs to lighten up.

  • taylena

    does anyone else think taylena is a better couple??
    i mean i luvv taylor swift and taylor lautner but they just don’t go and i think taylor looks serious because he wants to be more mature around taylor swift.