President Barack Obama Ecstacy Pills Hit The Streets Of Texas


Last month we learned that a new brand of heroin has hit the streets of NYC which features a cartoon image of Edward Cullen on the packaging. This Twilight Heroin is believed to be branded as such in order to entice younger users. In that blogpost, I mentioned that back in the day I recall a bunch of ecstasy pills making the rounds in Detroit, MI that were shaped like Pokémon and Teletubbies characters. It turns out that these days, a new batch of ecstasy pills are making the rounds … police in Texas busted a guy with a bunch of ecstasy pills that were shaped like President Barack Obama, which is but one of the trendy forms of ecstasy pills that are all the rage these days:

President Barack Obama’s approval rating may be hovering in the 50 percent range, but that doesn’t mean America’s Commander-in-Chief isn’t catching on with new constituents. There is now a line of Ecstasy pills made in the image of the 44th president of the United States, according to Texas police who have snatched a batch off the streets. Ecstasy is known for a sense of elation, diminished feelings of fear and anxiety, and ability to induce a sense of intimacy with others. Perhaps a good Election Day strategy to get out the vote? A stash of the brightly colored tablets was found Monday during a south Texas traffic stop. Police in Palmview detained a driver after finding black tar heroin, cocaine, marijuana and several Ecstasy pills in the back of his car. The drugs look like a “vitamin for kids,” police spokesman Lenny Sanchez said. Police say that other Ecstasy pills they found were made to look like the cartoon characters Homer Simpson and the Smurfs. The 22-year-old driver is expected to face felony drug possession counts. Palmview is near the border with Mexico. No word on the driver’s political affiliation.

Dang … these pills really do look like children’s vitamins. I remember I used to LOVE eating Flintstones Chewable Vitamins … these ecstasy pills look just like them. As you can see in these photos, President Obama has been immortalized in pill form along with Homer J. Simpson, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Snoopy and more. It’s so crazy that this is the way that people prefer to take their drugs. I guess different strokes for different folks. Kids these days.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • BriK

    That is just awesome! (and i am 100% not being sarcastic)

  • Illuman23

    “Kids these days” Pleeze.. People have been popping “Kid Friendly” E pills like this for at least 10 years!

  • aimie

    i think it is disgusting!!! as a mother of young kids this pisses me off to the core. now, i don’t expect my kids to find something like this in my home and have a problem, but if they are over a friends house with an older sibling or hell, even some parents…. they may just happen upon it and think it is something it is not. really, freaks me out. wth is the purpose of the cartoon characters anyway,

  • Kendra

    Mmmm..Those look yummers.. :)

  • I couldn’t care less what people do for fun on their own free time (as long as it’s not hurting anyone else), but it’s really irresponsible to manufacture something dangerous like this in such a way that it would look so attractive to a kid. If a child found these, of course they’d want to eat them! I doubt they taste great, but just one would probably screw a little kid up pretty bad. If people want to make these drugs, they could at least not make them look like freakin’ cartoon characters!!!

    On a lighter note, it makes me wonder if Obama might try one if he had the opportunity….LOL *sarcasm*

  • yousarocker

    Man, that is f’in CRAZY! Back in the day (early to mid 90’s) when we was was ravin’, our shit just had happy faces and Chanel logos stamped on ’em. Now your junk looks like the President? I’ve been outta the game too long! Kids nowadays! I’m tellin’ ya!!

  • Hey I totally reposted this on my public health website, totally a riot. I love your website! My site is about the other, younger side of public health and weird health information. I loved this article, I’m definitely going to keep an eye on your site!

  • maryjane

    well i do think there bad for kids, but the whole point of cartoon characters is for popularity of the pills. Ive had my share in these, and some are crazy. Usually white pills are the best, filled with speed. Ive had so many kinds and its all right to do them every now and then, but in moderation. Trippin Balls!!! Woot Woot

  • Kelly

    haha… I have actually taken those Snoopy Ones. Best I ever had.

  • Dominica

    Pink naked ladies, homer Simpson, ninja turtles, transformers, yellow pistols, blue and pink smurfs, and some other white ones are on the streets in mpls,mn. Where the hell do they come up with the characters? Hope people keep these “child appealing” pills out of their home!