James Franco Is Busted . . .


Early last month we learned that actor James Franco would be joining the cast of the daytime drama General Hospital and shortly after the first batch of promo pics of his appearance on the show was released, he made his debut on the show. Today we get to see a fun mug shot photo of Franco’s GH character that is used on the show as part of his storyline:

James Franco is busted! Well, sort of. The Port Charles Police Department has released a the mug shot of artist Franco (played by occasional movie star James Franco), who is accused of a serious crime in the fictional city featured on ABC’s hit soap General Hospital. Viewers still have a lot to learn about Franco, who has slept with Maxie Jones in an attempt to get closer to someone else in Port Charles. Reps for the show confirm that the mystery surrounding Franco’s graffiti tag CO77X will be revealed in an upcoming episode, airing Dec. 11. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, weeknights on SOAPnet.

Unfortch, I have not been able to watch Franco on General Hospital but I am hearing from fans of the show that he is a welcome addition to the cast. Interestingly (and confusingly) enough, James Franco plays a character named Franco on the show and his storyline is full of mob intrigue and drama … which totally sounds fun. I gotta say, even tho he’s supposed to look all gruff and mean in this mug shot photo, I still think James Franco looks good :) Whatta ya say, General Hospital fans … is James Franco doing well on the show? Are we really missing out by not watching?


  • aimie

    his first day he had a big part after that it has been people talking about him… trying to figure out what he wants… dancing around the subject of him, but not alot of franco he is on maybe 1 or 2 segments ever other day. not as much of him as i thought… but i think he’s doing great and am intrigued by what his angle is.

  • if you’re tuning in JUST TO SEE Franco, then yeah it’s a little disappointing because he’s really not on all that much. He only filmed 3 days, squeezed 10 episodes a day in, and he’s scheduled to be on through January. But, his storyline takes up a majority of the show! I’ve been watching on and off for a few years now, and I’m really enjoying it! Of course, it helps that my two favorite characters are involved, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • Linda

    I’ve been watching GH for about 20 years and yes James Franco is a welcome addition. His storyline is one of the most interesting in years. He’s doing a phenomenal job and I will be sad to see his stint as “Franco” over. Tune in watch GH it’s great.

  • nisha

    god i was sos chocked when i saw the mug shot.james franco is one of the actors that i love and think do a great job.he deffo looks good though.thanks for posting

  • Havent watched GH since junior high, but I miss it, I think I’ll watch a lil before work.

  • krissy

    I think that is just so awesome that he is doing this. He seems like he wants a challenge, not an ego stroke. Playing a bad mob guy would be a fun role.

  • Liza

    I watched two or three episodes before Thanksgiving break – my husband (who is in the Army so he was able to get the whole week off – YAY!) was like, “Oh NO! Don’t get sucked back in!” LOL, James Franco did a good job and I WAS getting sucked back into the storyline. Then the holidays happened and I completely forgot it was on. Now I’m going to have to try to catch the episodes on SoapNet. LOL!

  • You have NO idea how happy it makes me to see the words “Port Charles” here xD.

  • shelley

    there is an article written by him in the wall street journal talking about his role and explaining that this is for him performance art and he will be doing something else with the footage once his role is over

  • I’m an AMC watcher but I watch GH just for him and he’s great on it!

  • anne

    you should for sure watch the first episode he was featured in. he was so great, real “soapy”! and his scenes with maxie jones were hot (he got shirtless!)

    definitely into this storyline and am anxious to see where it goes!